Bob Bowman Tops Champion’s Mojo Podcast’s Ten Best of 2019

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January 07th, 2020 Industry, News

You’ll find inspiration and motivation in the Champion’s Mojo Podcast, a weekly podcast for the swimming community, offering interviews with the most elite Swimmers and Coaches in the sport. With 45 episodes in 2019, Champion’s Mojo will continue to connect you to the most elite Swimming Champions in 2020.

Last year Champion’s Mojo interviewed multiple Swimming Olympic Champions,  Olympic Medalists, Olympic Coaches, World Champions, National Teamers, top broadcasters and best selling authors, who swim or swam competitively. This podcast shares conversations with Champions to motivate, inspire and educate listeners. 

Here’s the countdown of the Top 10 Interviews of 2019, judged by listeners. Click the hyperlink to listen.

Honorable Mentions: Zane Grothe, Ryan Held, Michael Andrew, Rowdy Gaines, Arthur Albiero, Margo Geer, Hannah Moore, Braden Holloway, Ginny King (Lilly’s Mom), Jeff Commings, Mark Bernardino, Ray Looze.

10) SUMMER SANDERS, Listen #18, Olympic Champion, 3-Time olympic medalist, broadcast personality, businesswoman and mother.

What you’ll hear: Sanders talks about embracing the imperfect moments in life and how this can benefit us.

Why it matters: With the daily stresses and pressure we all experience, you’ll hear how to make those tough days a little easier.

9) ELLA EASTIN, Listen #31, 12 time NCAA Titleist and the first woman to four-peat the grueling 400 IM, while helping Stanford win the NCAA overall title for the last three years of her career. National Teamer. 2020 Olympic Hopeful. 

What you’ll hear: “I just remember my heart hurting….I just physically felt hurt.  There was a bunch of chaos, the meet was delayed because of the controversy”…
Why it matters: Go deep into the mind of this tough champion and how she’s handled back-to-back major obstacles. You’ll learn skills that will help you with your own obstacles.

8) CODY MILLER, Listen #41 Olympic Gold Medalist, American Record Holder, YouTube Personality, National Teamer. 2020 Olympic Hopeful.

What you’ll hear: Insights about setbacks and developing a great mindset and practical advice for succeeding as a pro swimmer.

Why it matters: Essential advice for developing a personal brand and launching a career.

7) MADISYN COX, Listen #25: World Champion and Bronze Medalist, 10 Time NCAA All-American, US National Teamer, 2020 Olympic Hopeful. 

What you’ll hear: “Even in tough times, you still go in, you put your head down, you put in the work.” Madisyn’s mindset helped her through a tough, public doping trial where she was eventually exonerated.

Why it matters: When life throws unforeseen barriers at you, you need to keep your head down and surround yourself with friends.   

6) JACK BAUERLE, Listen #35: 2008 Olympic Head Women’s Coach,  40+years University of Georgia; seven NCAA team titles, coached many Olympians and All-Americans; US Coaching legend.

What you’ll hear: Relationships, the love of what he does and his swimmers are his long time passions. You’ll be surprised at Jack’s other passions in this inspiring interview.

Why it matters: This episode, “Nice Guys Finish First” shows how truly important the underestimated skill of being nice can take you all the way to the top.

5) MEL STEWART, Listen #6  Double Olympic Gold Medalist, World Record breaker, Businessman, Co-Founder of SwimSwam, Ambassador of the sport, Gold Medal Mel needs no introduction.

What you’ll hear:  An innovative mindset from one of the original professional swimmers, how SwimSwam was built, his vision of its’ future, advice to entrepreneurs, his routines for success & more. 

Why it matters:  Anyone looking to build something new or push through traditional roadblocks will love this authentic, thoughtful interview with an icon of the industry.

4) DAVID MARSH, Listen #29  2016 Olympic Head Women’s Coach, Founder/Coach of Team Elite, Former Head Men’s & Women’s coach at Auburn University, 12 NCAA Team Titles. Iconic Coach and Mentor of Coaches.

What you’ll hear: “The Culture is the centerpiece…that causes the result to repeat” and what swimmers and coaches need to do to be the best.

Why it matters: In this relaxed, candid interview you’ll be inspired to think outside the box, hearing stories from one of the most successful coaches in history. 

3) NATALIE COUGLIN, Listen #43: Queen Natalie! 12 time Olympic Medalist and World Champion, World Record Breaker, NCAA Star for Cal Berkeley, Business Woman, Vinter, Mom and Professional Swimmer.

What you’ll hear: Some of the best, least talked about advice for swimmers to do in their daily practices. Her own routines for success and the importance of mindfulness. 

Why it matters: In a world of interruption and distraction, this interview unearths some novel concepts for success. 

2) LEWIS PUGH, Listen #36 & 37: Lewis Pugh is an ice water endurance swimmer who has swum in 28 degree water (salt water freezes below 28) for 18 minutes in only a brief. He’s on a mission to save the oceans. THIS INTERVIEW is up for a Webby Award. 

What you’ll hear: “Swimming in sub 30 degrees is extremely painful…I can barely breathe, gasping for air. The water grips you like a vice. Every stroke is very difficult. Your mind is saying get out of here immediately, you are in a death zone! But you persuade your mind that you can do this, you just need to start swimming, but swimming fast.”

Why it matters: No pool water will EVER seem cold again. What this fellow human does will inspire you to find your purpose and get tough! 

1) BOB BOWMAN, Listen #45:  Coach of the Greatest Swimmer and Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps, Head Coach Arizona State University, Olympic Men’s Head Coach 2016.

What you’ll hear: Bob’s process to make success inevitable, his routine for his own performance and his goals for the future.

Why it matters: This engaging, energetic interview reveals that Bob Bowman is himself a champion. This is the Champions’s Mojo most inspirational interview of 2019

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