Barrier-Breaking Dressel Earns CSCAA’s Swimmer of Year Award For 2018


It’s been one of the finest single-meet performances in NCAA history for Florida’s Caeleb Dressel, and it’s no surprise he was honored with his third-straight CSCAA Swimmer of the Year award.

Watch Dressel receive his award here.

Dressel first won this award as a sophomore, when he and former Bolles School teammates Ryan Murphy and Joseph Schooling shared the award in a three-way tie. Dressel then took sole possession of the award last year.

But this year, the Florida senior has been on a whole new level. He broke three storied barriers in his three individual races, becoming the first man under 18 in the 50 free, the first under 43 in the 100 fly and the first under 40 in the 10 freestyle.

He also singlehandedly carried Florida’s 200 free relay to an NCAA title and pushed the 400 free relay to runner-up honors. In addition, his 200 medley relay was 3rd and his 400 medley relay 5th.

Here’s a chronological look at all of Dressel’s swims this week:

  • Day 2 prelims: 200 free relay split – 17.96
  • Day 2 prelims: 50 free – 18.11
  • Day 2 prelims: 100 free split – 40.27
  • Day 2 finals: 200 free relay leadoff – 17.81
  • Day 2 finals: 50 free – 17.63
  • Day 2 finals: 100 breast split – 50.62
  • Day 3 prelims: 100 fly – 44.37
  • Day 3 prelims: 200 medley relay free split – 17.30
  • Day 3 finals: 100 fly – 42.80
  • Day 3 finals: 200 medley relay free split – 17.37
  • Day 4 prelims: 100 free – 40.68
  • Day 4 prelims: 40 free relay split – 40.15
  • Day 4 finals: 100 free – 39.90
  • Day 4 finals: 400 free relay split – 40.25

He’ll finish this year’s meet with three individual titles and a relay title in the 200 free relay – a team event he practically won all by himself, thanks to a massive lead from his opening leg.

Colin Zeng Wins Diver of the Year

Tennessee’s Colin Zeng was named CSCAA Diver of the Year after putting up three top-4 finishes.

Watch Zheng receive his award here.

The former Ohio State Buckeye was a force in his first season in orange, winning the platform title, taking second on 3-meter and finishing 4th on 1-meter. His 52 points were the most of any diver and made up more than 40% of Tennessee’s total points. His big diving output pushed the Volunteers to 11th place overall.

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3 years ago


3 years ago

This guy really is something. And this is only the beginning for him. Amazing collegiate career, Caeleb!

3 years ago

Sad ESPN cut out before showing the bestowment of this honor. Perhaps my favorite thing about his college career is not the wins or the records broken, but showing how brightly you can come back from a non-stellar freshman year (if you can call 1st, 9th, 11th not-stellar). Hugo Gonzalez, Ryan Hoffer, and everyone else, there’s still plenty ahead for you.

Reply to  iLikePsych
3 years ago

Ryan was pretty stellar.

Hugo has some big races in store though…


3 years ago

How was Hoffer Stellar? 3 years ago he was 18.7 in the 50 and would’ve gotten 3rd this year had he repeated that and went 41.2 2 years ago. The only notable performance that came from him was his 100 fly. I thought he’d step up more

3 years ago

Will be interesting to see how quick Florida will rebuild since the majority of their points came from their Seniors. They normally rebuild very fast.

Steve Nolan
3 years ago

“He also singlehandedly carried Florida’s 200 free relay to an NCAA title”

Pretty sure he’d agree with that assessment more than anyone.

3 years ago


3 years ago

“man….I was just tired, im human” – Dressel on why he looked relieved today, while laughing

Reply to  pvdh
3 years ago

his humility is stunning at 20 years old . Inspiring , inspiring and inspiring

3 years ago

In My Book , Best swimmer 2017 – 2018 ( SC yards + Long course meters put together )

3 years ago

Depending on what he does at Pan Pacs + SCM, I think this could be the greatest year any swimmer has ever had. He will end up with 4 AR in SCY, could break 3-4 world records in LCM, plus 5 WRs or so in SCM (if he goes)

Reply to  pvdh
3 years ago

That’s a lot of ifs and buts. Just to set the scene, in terms of annus mirabilis candidates in my memory:

Thorpe 2001: 3 individual LCM world records (200, 400, 800 freestyle; 17 years later, only Sun Yang has beaten that 400 time in textile), 1 relay LCM world record (4×200), 2 other relay golds.

Phelps 2007: 4 individual LCM WRs (200 free, 200 fly, both IMs; 200 fly still the fastest ever textile 11 years later) and 1 relay (4×200) and 1 other individual World Champs Gold.

Phelps 2008: 4 individual LCM WRs (same 4 as above) and all 3 men’s relay WRs plus 1 other individual Olympic gold. Asterisked slightly due to the effect of… Read more »

Reply to  Togger
3 years ago

Short course records are child’s play for him. If he swims scm he’s going to annihilate them. The only questions are LCM. Imo, after this weekend? He’s got 3 on lock.

Reply to  Pvdh
3 years ago

Agree he could take some easily, but they’re also not hugely paid attention to, either in the US or elsewhere, and some are tougher than others (eg. the ones set by Lochte at his peak).

In terms of the best year ever, I think there’s also a couple of issues with counting anything he does this year as that:

1) Not everyone in the world can race him this year Long Course, which is where it traditionally matters for the history books. Without that “raced the entire world” element, any World Records may be seen through the same lens as the men’s 200 breast World Record, C1’s 100 free, McCevoy’s 100 textile or Thorpe’s 400, as being set… Read more »

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