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An Introduction Into Nutrition Philosophy

As a Dietitian, I am a person, not a diet.

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4 Tips For Swim Parents About Visiting Other Teams

If you’re going out of town, ask your coach for a recommendation of a team to train with. If your coach doesn’t have a connection, look up teams on USA Swimming’s website.


The Final Frontier PT 3: Coupling Motions

One of the reasons that I believe that the up kick on butterfly and freestyle kick (or down kick in backstroke) and powerful coupling motions are two of the last frontiers of fast swimming is that few coaches or swimmers really recognize how important they are or even what they are.

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Sarah Sjostrom – Queen Of All The Sprints

Sarah Sjostrom had a remarkable World Championships in Budapest. She broke the World Records in the 50m and 100m freestyles, winning gold and silver in the individual events.


5 Tips For Swim Parents About The Journey

Swim parents share in the excitement and disappointments of our children’s journey in swimming.


SwimMom Musings: Take Your Mark

For as long as I can remember, I have been a swim mom. Summer League, high school, USA Swimming: they have filled my family’s lives with such profound joy, cherished friendships, and life lessons about laughter and loss.


Budapest Lane Changes Hold No Explanatory Effect On Speed

It is often the case where studies are concerned that positive results get published but negative results do not.


A Look At The Stats From Budapest World Championships

Now that the World Championships in Budapest have come to a close, let’s take a look back at the numbers and see what’s interesting.


Degrees of Dominance (with Peaty, Ledecky, and Sjostrom)

The numbers support what the eye can see: Adam Peaty is historically-dominant in the men’s breaststrokes.


In Praise Of Katie Meili

And all this brings me back to Katie Meili, daughter of my old college friend. Being a sports guy, I never anticipated that Jenny Thompson or Katie Meili could achieve these things.

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USMS South Central LC Zone Championships

The USMS 2017 South Central LC Zone Chamionships meet was held at Texas A&M University on July 21-23 in a meet that saw dozens of new Zone Age Group records and one new USMS National Age Group Record.

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Video: The Secret To Breaststroke Breakouts

Breastroke pullouts. Arguably the simplest breakout a swimmer can learn. But could you have been doing them wrong this entire time?


Sippy Woodhead’s Tips For SwimSwam Parents

Legendary swimmer Cynthia “Sippy” Woodhead broke her first world record at age 14 and won a silver medal in the 1984 Olympics six years later. She now enjoys life on deck as a swim parent.


Things To Focus On During The Summer Season

Of course, not everyone can say they are spending their summer training for the national championship meet.

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SwimMom Musings: Long Goodbyes

Today is my birthday. My 14th Year as a swim mom and I’ll spend it at a meet.


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