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Video: Vertical Kicks And Backflips

This week is Partner Drills week, and today we review the Eiffel Tower drill. This drill is an underwater kicking drill designed for more skilled swimmers to work on all facets of their kicking.

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Rowdy Gaines Tips For New Open Water Swimmers (Video)

OWP Board of Advisors members and NBC Olympic Commentator Rowdy Gaines offers a few pieces of advice for those just jumping into to open water swimming.

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4 Parent Lessons From The Conference Meet

We learned big lessons as a family at our daughter’s conference meet—mostly that things don’t go as planned.


Why Do They Swim? (Part IV)

By Robert Sullivan, fourth in a series They swim because nothing lasts forever. High school kids do seem to realize…

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Video: Mermen Are Real!

After a busy week here at Phlex, sometimes we just gotta kick our tails up and unwind.

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Working The Stroke Recovery – Work When No One Is Working

Everyone works the bottom of their stroke, we reach, then push and propel ourselves forward. But we are dealing with two different elements while swimming, water and air.


Who’s Next? The Modern Elite Swimmer With A Business Mind

So my next question is, who is the next elite swimmer ready to take the lead?


A Lesson In Inflammation 101

You’ve probably heard me mention the word inflammation before or heard it from some other source since it’s a buzz word in the health and wellness industry lately. Let’s take a look at inflammation again from the ground up.


10 Things I’ve Learned From College Swimming (So Far)

Believe in yourself, believe in your team, believe in your coaches. If you don’t believe in yourself and the people around you then you will never be able to accomplish anything, individually or as a team.

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Finding Happiness, Even In Failure

As swimmers we function by setting goals. We set a goal, we miss it, and we try again. We achieve a goal, and then we set a new one. Failure is part of the process and I had failed repeatedly.


How To Improve Your Freestyle and Get a 6-Pack

Hip rotation is a crucial element of freestyle and backstroke, and it gives you great abs. We tried the FINIS Hydro Hip to aid us in our hip rotation endeavors.

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Anxiety, Depression & Swimming: How My Career Was Taken From Me

Eventually, I let the anxiety win. I met with my coach a month and a half before Olympic Trials, and decided to call it quits. The sport that I used to love so much was now my enemy.


10 Things I’ll Miss Most About Swimming

Nicole Lew, a senior at Clark University shares the 10 things that she’ll miss the most about swimming.


Ursinus Women, Swarthmore Men Take Centennial Conference Titles

2017 CENTENNIAL CONFERENCE SWIMMING CHAMPIONSHIPS February 17th-19th, 2017 Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, Pennsylvania Championship Central (including results) Article by…

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If You Would Only Wear A Swim Cap

Courtesy of Gail Morton I watch him dive into the pool and glide along in the water propelled by whatever…