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Predicting The ISL’s Play-In Match

Nicolo Martinenghi and the Aqua Centurions are in a great spot to finish sixth in the ISL regular season and avoid having to compete in the play-in match.

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Jackpots: Do They Matter?

Jackpots have proven not to alter the outcome of a match, which begs the question: Why are they here in the first place?


Ledecky’s Dominance In The 800 Free: Incomparable

Katie Ledecky swam a time of 8:13.64 in the 800 free at the San Antonio PSS, which happens to be both the 22nd fastest time of her career and of all-time.


Jackpots Not A Big Factor In London Roar’s Match 5 Win

Jackpots didn’t factor in as much as we’ve seen in other matches with the top three teams relatively balanced.

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What Would Happen If We Switched the New York Breakers & London Roar? (Part 2)

Analyzing the data on how things would be different if the clubs were flipped during the ISL’s opening weekend.


SwimSwam Rewind: 30 Years of NCAA Championship Swimming Evolution

Nearly everything has changed in the sport since 1989, other than the fact that Eddie Reese was winning team titles at Texas.


Mathematically Speaking: How Do Smith/Finke Records Compare To Dressel?

American records by Robert Finke (1650 free) and Kieran Smith (500 free) were earth-shattering – but were they as historic as Caeleb Dressel’s 50/100 frees?


Close Calls: Losing Tight Races Cost London Roar In ISL Final

In the super close races in Vegas, London had the fewest close wins and the most close losses.


ISL Final Projections: London Roar Heavy Favorites

After going through various point projections, the London Roar are clearly favored to come away with the win at the ISL finale in Vegas.


Could The London Roar Have Beaten Energy Standard?

The London Roar lost a close battle with Energy Standard in front of their home fans, but what could they have done to win the European derby?


Could The Cali Condors Have Beaten The LA Current?

The LA Current’s victory over the Cali Condors in College Park was a mild upset, and the results say it’s one Cali let slip through their fingers.


Projecting the 2019 ISL Championship Scoring After Group Matches

We’re four meets into the six-meet regular season of the International Swimming League. We use those four data points to project the Championship meet.

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Scoring Out an 8-Team ISL Meet Based On First Meets From Groups A & B

We went there: adding up the best swims from all 8 teams in a simulated International Swimming League combo match 1, including team scores and MVP ranks.


Comparing Indianapolis, Naples ISL: A Stats Grab Bag

With the second ISL meet in Naples wrapped up, I thought we’d return to some of the numbers I showed last week and see how Naples compared to Indianapolis.

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Disqualifications Shouldn’t Score Points

When I went through the first day of Naples, I had a discrepancy. My best understanding of the difference has to do with the disqualifications.