Australia Announces Full 2012 London Olympic Roster

Swimming Australia has announced their full and complete 44-swimmer roster for the 2012 London Olympics. The lineup will consist of 21 men and 23 women for this year’s meet, and to the list below can be added open water qualifiers Ky Hurst and Melissa Gorman.

Queensland is again the most represented Australian state on this list, with 29 (roughly two-thirds) of the swimmers living there. That includes an impressive 9 from Michael Bohl’s squad at St. Peter’s, including defending medalists Stephanie Rice and Leisel Jones.

And if the youth movement in Australian Swimming wasn’t obvious enough, note how many of the swimmers on this lineup were not on the team in 2008. First-time Olympians are denoted with asterisks (*) below. Out of the 21 men, only 6 (Monk, Rickard, Targett, Sullivan, Stoeckel, and Sprenger) are returning from the Beijing squad. Those 6 will have a lot of pressure to lead the way into London.


Daniel Arnamnart (NSW)*
Nick D’Arcy (QLD)*
Tommaso D’Orsogna (ACT)*
Thomas Fraser-Holmes (QLD)*
Jayden Hadler (QLD)*
Mitch Larkin (QLD)*
Matson Lawson (VIC)*
James Magnussen (NSW)*
Cameron McEvoy (QLD)*
Ned McKendry (QLD)*
David McKeon (NSW)*
Kenrick Monk (QLD)
Ryan Napoleon (QLD)*
Brenton Rickard (QLD)
James Roberts (QLD)*
Christian Sprenger (QLD)
Hayden Stoeckel (SA)
Eamon Sullivan (NSW)
Matthew Targett (VIC)
Daniel Tranter (NSW)*
Chris Wright (QLD)*
Jarrod Poort* (Added in June with a FINA ‘B’ time)


Jessica Ashwood (NSW)*
Angie Bainbridge (ACT)
Bronte Barratt (QLD)
Bronte Campbell (QLD)
Cate Campbell (QLD)*
Alicia Coutts (ACT)
Brittany Elmslie (QLD)*
Blair Evans (WA)*
Sally Foster (ACT)
Samantha Hamill (QLD)
Belinda Hocking (ACT)
Leisel Jones (QLD)
Yolane Kukla (QLD)*
Meagen Nay (QLD)
Jade Neilsen (QLD)*
Kylie Palmer (QLD)
Leiston Pickett (QLD)*
Stephanie Rice (QLD)
Jessicah Schipper (QLD)
Melanie Schlanger (QLD)
Emily Seebohm (QLD)
Libby Trickett (QLD)
Tessa Wallace (QLD)*

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