Germany Names European Championship Team

The German Swimming Federation has named their squad for the 2012 European Championships that will take place from May 21st to 27th in Debrecen, Hungary (as replacement for Antwerp, Belgium, who pulled out of hosting).

All of the big names will be in attendance at the pre-Olympic meet, including World Record holders Britta Steffen and Paul Biedermann, as well as other big names like Dorothea Brandt, the Deibler Brothers, and Marco di Carli.

Qualifications were available by way of three meets: the British Olympic Trials at the London Aquatic Centre, the International Meeting in Madgeburg the same weekend; or the Columbus Grand Prix in the United States (made specially for the case of Dimitri Colupaev, who trains in the US at USC, and was in the midst of his college season).

Women (14)

Sina Sutter (SG Essen)
Lisa Vitting (SG Essen)
Caroline Ruhnau (SG Essen)
Dorothea Brandt (SG Neukölln)
Britta Steffen (SG Neukölln),
Daniela Schreiber SV Halle / Saale)
Theresa Michalak (SV Halle / Saale)
Silke Lippok (SSG Pforzheim)
Jenny Mensing (SC 1911 Wiesbaden)
Isabelle Harle (SV Nikar Heidelberg)
Sarah Poewe (SG Bayer Wuppertal / Uerdingen / Dormagen)
Lisa Graf (SSG Leipzig)
Vanessa Grimberg (SB Schwaben Stuttgart)
Alexandra Wenk (SG Stadtwerke Münich)

Men (18)

Steffen Deibler (Hamburg SC)
Markus Deibler (Hamburg SC)
Yannick Lebherz (DSW 1912 Darmstadt)
Marco Koch (DSW 1912 Darmstadt)
Hendrik Feldwehr (SG Essen)
Jan David Schepers (SG Essen)
Benjamin Starke (SG Neukölln)
Tim Walburger (SG Neukölln)
Jan Wolfgarten (SV Würzburg 05)
Soren Meissner (SV Würzburg 05)
Christian vom Lehn (SG Bayer Wuppertal / Uerdingen / Dormagen)
Paul Biedermann (SV Halle / Saale)
Marco Di Carli (SG Frankfurt)
Helge Meeuw (SC Magdeburg) Christian Diener (PSV Cottbus 90)
Felix Wolf (Potsdamer SV)
Dimitri Colupaev (University of Southern California)
Philip Heintz (SV Mannheim).

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