Arizona to Fight Stanford, Cal, Texas in Deadly 2nd Semester Schedule

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September 30th, 2017 College, News, Pac-12

In their first season under head coach Augie Busch, the Arizona Wildcats will take on one of the toughest schedules in the NCAA.

Both men’s and women’s squads will take on Utah on Oct. 28th as well as a strong USC team on Nov. 4th. Prior to that, some of Arizona‘s best will join the Pac-12 elite in a special meet against Team USA in the USA Swimming College Challenge, hosted by USC October 21-22. Last year, the Big Ten conference took on national team members in an exciting two-day brawl.

The women will face Washington State for the first meet of the year, and they’ll also duel with UCLA in the fall.

The spring semester will be a true test for the Wildcats, as they head towards a gauntlet of Stanford, Cal, Texas, and Arizona State, all in a matter of two weeks’ time.

The Wildcats are in rebuilding mode after a significant number of transfers out of the program, and Busch will be looking to take the program in a new direction.

Below is the women’s schedule– UCLA and Washington State do not have men’s teams. The men’s Pac-12 and NCAA meets are also one week later than those (women’s champs) listed.

Scheduled Games

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Steve Nolan

We have a winner! This is officially the most linguistically tortured headline.

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