Apple Replaces Conger, Grothe Finke On 2019 Worlds Roster


Zach Apple earned himself a 2019 Worlds relay spot in the 200 freestyle, avenging a Nationals DQ and bumping Jack Conger off that relay. Meanwhile Zane Grothe passed up Robert Finke for both the Pan Pacs silver medal and the 2019 Worlds spot in the 1500.

Conger is slated to make the Worlds team in the 100 fly. Finke, however, now gets bumped to the World University Games team for 2019.

There were no bumps on the women’s side, as most of the 200 freestylers weren’t able to better their Nationals times. Katie McLaughlin would have jumped into the mix instead of Melanie Margalis had she swum her 1:56.88 prelims time in the B final, but she added about a half-second and won’t make that relay at Worlds.

In addition, Townley Haas took over an individual 200 free entry – he was previously on the team as a relay-only swimmer. Moving into an individual role bumps him off the World University Games team, and shuffles the secondary meet lineups slightly. It should all be reflected in the embedded spreadsheet at the bottom of this page.

Worlds Qualifiers – Day 1 Pan Pacs Events

The following are the top 2 (or top 6 in relay events) based on combined results of Nationals Finals (denoted “Nats”) and Pan Pacs A and B Finals (denoted “Pan Pacs”). Athletes bumped from the team at Pan Pacs are crossed out.

The top 2 in every event earn individual swims at 2019 Worlds. 3rd and 4th in the relay events earn relay swims. 5th and 6th earn prelims relay swims, if roster space allows.


100 breast

  1. Lilly King, 1:05.36 (Nats)
  2. Katie Meili, 1:06.19 (Nats)

200 free

  1. Katie Ledecky, 1:54.60 (Nats)
  2. Allison Schmitt, 1:55.82 (Nats)
  3. Gabby Deloof, 1:56.55 (Nats)
  4. Leah Smith, 1:56.93 (Nats)
  5. Simone Manuel, 1:57.01 (Nats)
  6. Melanie Margalis, 1:57.32 (Nats)

400 IM

  1. Ally McHugh, 4:34.80 (Nats)
  2. Brooke Forde, 4:35.09 (Nats)

800 free

  1. Katie Ledecky, 8:09.13 (Pan Pacs)
  2. Leah Smith, 8:17.21 (Pan Pacs)


100 breast

  1. Michael Andrew, 59.38 (Nats)
  2. Andrew Wilson, 59.43 (Nats)

200 free

  1. Townley Haas, 1:45.56 (Pan Pacs)
  2. Andrew Seliskar, 1:45.70 (Nats)
  3. Blake Pieroni, 1:45.93 (Nats)
  4. Conor Dwyer, 1:46.08 (Nats)
  5. Jack Levant, 1:46.46 (Nats)
  6. Zach Apple, 1:46.78 (Pan Pacs)
  7. Jack Conger, 1:47.45 (Nats)

400 IM

  1. Chase Kalisz, 4:07.95 (Pan Pacs)
  2. Jay Litherland, 4:10.21 (Nats)

1500 free

  1. Jordan Wilimovsky, 14:46.93 (Pan Pacs)
  2. Zane Grothe, 14:48.40 (Pan Pacs)
  3. Robert Finke, 14:55.34 (Nats)

Full projected 2019 Rosters

As we did during Nationals, we’ll continue tracking projected rosters. Be aware that we’re updating these rosters as the meet progresses, so nothing here is official or finalized until the end of the meet. The italicized names are in line for spots based on Nationals results. As athletes lock in their roster spots, we’ll remove the italics from their names and events. Events in (parentheses) remain unofficial, pending Pan Pacs results.

Our embedded spreadsheet sometimes takes a few minutes after publishing to appear correctly on this page, even though we’ve already made the document public. If the sheet says permissions aren’t enabled, wait a few minutes for the embedded document to connect correctly.



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Ex Quaker
2 years ago

Finke technically has another shot in the 800 right?

PK Doesn't Like His Long Name
Reply to  Ex Quaker
2 years ago

Correct, he will have to finish at least 2nd amongst the Americans and at least beat Wilimovsky’s time from Nats.

Tea rex
Reply to  Ex Quaker
2 years ago

As I understand it, Finke will need to swim the fastest 800 among Americans at pan pacs AND nats. The 800 is still selected like the 50 strokes, right? The top time in the 800 gets a spot. The second spot goes to the top 1500-er (or 2nd best 1500-er if one person has the best 800 and 1500).

Seems silly to give the second 800 spot based on 1500 times, but this is from the org that selects 2019 works team based on 2018 times.

Reply to  Tea rex
2 years ago

@Tea Rex – 800 free will be the same as other individual Olympic times. Now that it’s an Olympic event, it will be treated a s top 2 among the two meets combined.

PK Doesn't Like His Long Name
2 years ago

The smallest of small notes-if Manuel, Margalis, and Levant are still going to remain in italics, Apple should remain as well. Obviously it’s super unlikely that we get 3+ new qualifiers for worlds for either gender, but I understand why you’re leaving them in that state.

2 years ago

Connor Hoppe eligible for World U’s in 100 breast?

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