All the Links You’ll Need to Follow the US World Championship Trials

SwimSwam Home Page

This will be the easiest spot to follow all of our coverage specifically for this meet, sponsored by Nike. There’s links in the right hand bar for live results, the pick ’em contest, etc. as well.


All morning sessions will begin at 9AM Eastern Time, and all evening sessions will begin at 6pm Eastern Time.

In time zones that’s:

California: 6AM/3PM
Rio de Janiero: 10AM/7PM
London: 2PM/11PM
Cape Town, SA: 3PM/Midnight
Helsinki: 4PM/1AM (next day)
Moscow: 5PM/2AM (next day)
Delhi, India: 6:30PM/3:30AM (next day)
Bali, Indonesia: 9PM/6AM (next day)
Sydney: 11PM/8AM (next day)
UTC: 13:00

Heats Begin at 9:00 a.m. Finals begin at 6:00 p.m.
Women’s Events Day 1 – Tuesday, June 25 Men’s Events
1 200 Butterfly 2
3 100 Freestyle 4
5 Women’s 800 Freestyle
Men’s 1500 Freestyle 6
7 4 x 100 Freestyle Relay 8
Day 2 – Wednesday, June 26
9 200 Freestyle 10
11 200 Breaststroke 12
13 200 Backstroke 14
15 50 Butterfly 16
Men’s 4 x 200 Freestyle Relay 17
Day 3 – Thursday, June 27
18 400 Individual Medley 19
20 100 Butterfly 21
22 50 Breaststroke 23
24 50 Backstroke 25
26 Women’s 4 x 200 Freestyle Relay
Day 4 – Friday, June 28
27 400 Freestyle 28
29 100 Breaststroke 30
31 100 Backstroke 32
33 4 x 100 Medley Relay 34
Day 5 – Saturday, June 29
35 Women’s 1500 Freestyle
36 200 Individual Medley 37
Men’s 800 Freestyle 38
39 50 Freestyle 40

Psych Sheets

The latest edition of the psych sheet is available here:


Full PDF documents of results can be seen here:

Live timing for the meet can be seen here:

Start lists are linked to here:


Live webcast of the entire meet:

Television Schedule (in Eastern U.S. Time)

Date                                      Time (ET)                              Network                       

Tuesday, June 25                   6-8 p.m.                                 Universal Sports Network
Wednesday, June 26              6-8:30 p.m.                             Universal Sports Network
Saturday, June 29                  1-2:30 p.m.                             NBC
Saturday, June 29                  11 p.m.-Midnight                    NBC Sports Network


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8 years ago

OUTSTANDING! Thanks for the comprehensive info!

8 years ago

This site just keeps getting better and better, by far the best swim site out there. Good job!!

8 years ago

Considering that the meeting will be broadcasted also by USA swimming on their own website, there is an excellent chance it’s not blocked for willing spectators abroad. I’m also thankful for including one of the major cities in the world on your list of time zones, i.e. Helsinki :).

Reply to  Braden Keith
8 years ago

Fab job as always – but it should be noted that you did leave out the time zone for Paris (Bobo) & Brussels (Jean Michel) haha

Reply to  SwimFanFinland
8 years ago

Good luck with the 1 am in Finland. 😉 Finals are at midnight for me, hope to be able to see some sessions live.

Reply to  Lennart van Haaften
8 years ago

Heh, thanks. A bit challenging but I have promised myself to follow at least one final session live. Heats are piece of cake.

Reply to  SwimFanFinland
8 years ago

At least the week after you’ll be able to follow the Danish long course championships at a much more civilised time 🙂

Reply to  SwimFanFinland
8 years ago

> there is an excellent chance it’s not blocked for willing spectators abroad

Works well and looks excellent! It’s even possible to choose your quality. This time I find nothing to complain about. Finally it feels that webcasting has moved to a present day.

jean Michel
8 years ago

Thanks Braden , we will figure out ourselves which time line we are in ( I am joking of course ) . Great job guys , ready here to follow all races as much as possible . 100 free tomorrow is allready a wonderfull way to start the Trials . Prediction : Romano below 54 and Nathan below 48 . On your marks ……… Ledecky , best time of the world on 800 free .

Reply to  jean Michel
8 years ago

you know Romano was 53+ last year so let’s see how fast she can go this year?

Reply to  jean Michel
8 years ago

47.8 on Adrian and 53.9 on Romano….

Reply to  pvk
8 years ago

I think Adrian has a pretty good shot at going a best time (ie under 47.5) after his swims in Santa Clara and throughout the year. It’s the best he’s ever looked in season.

Reply to  KeithM
8 years ago

Considering Adrian last years.. Don´t think he will show up his best time on Trials.. considering that he is pretty safe too..

8 years ago

It is kind of fun you put as Rio de Janeiro time considering that : Is Not brazil Capital City (And not the one we use as Timezone Standard) and not even brazil most important city also..

Reply to  Rafael Teixeira
8 years ago

I’m assuming Rio was picked because for a few weeks in 2016, it becomes by far the most important sporting city on the planet.

Reply to  Rafael Teixeira
8 years ago

With apologies to Sao Paulo, Rio is the iconic city of Brasil to outsiders. There’s a reason Brasil put forward Rio as the Olympic host candidate and not any other Brazilian city.

bobo gigi
8 years ago

Same hours as Cape Town for me here in France! Prelims at 3 PM and finals at midnight. Cool, not too late in the night. Definitely much easier when it’s held in the East part of USA with the 6 hours of time difference than in California with the 9 hours of time difference.
I’m ready for the show! These will be my first US championships without Michael Phelps! The first I have seriously followed were in 2002 with the legendary world record of Natalie Coughlin and the big races of MP.
In Indianapolis I don’t expect crazy times, we are in a post-olympic year, but there will be many close races with possible surprises. The only world… Read more »

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