Aaron Shackell Swims 3:47.00 400 Free Tied-#3 17-18 All-Time, Breaks Meet Record



  • Jr World: 3:44.60 – Mack Horton (2014)
  • Meet: 3:50.82 – Norvin Clontz (2022)
  • Boys’ 13-14 NAG: 3:53.19 – Luka Mijatovic (2023)
  • Boys’ 15-16 NAG: 3:50.68 – Larsen Jensen (2002)
  • Boys’ 17-18 NAG: 3:46.08 – Larsen Jensen (2004)
  • 2024 U.S. Olympic Trials: 3:55.59


  1. Aaron Shackell (CSC), 3:47.00M
  2. Luke Whitlock (FAST), 3:51.77
  3. Luka Mijatovic (PLS), 3:52.01
  4. Nathan Szobota (NOVA), 3:53.51
  5. Sean Green (LIAC), 3:54.10
  6. Aiden Hammer (KING), 3:55.02
  7. Bobby DiNunzio (TIDE), 3:55.89
  8. Norvin Clontz (MAC), 3:56.95

Incoming Cal freshman Aaron Shackell swam a huge personal best on night 3 in Irvine winning hte 400 free in a 3:47.00. That time broke the Summer Juniors meet record as well as makes him tied for the third fastest 17-18 in the event all-time.

All-Time Top Boys 17-18 LCM 400 Free

  1. Larsen Jensen, 3:46.08, 2004
  2. Michael Phelps, 3:46.73, 2003
  3. Aaron Shackell 2023 /Klete Keller 2000, 3:47.00
  4. True Sweetser 3:47.94, 2016
  5. Andrew Abruzzo 3:48.58, 2018
  6. Townley Haas 3:48.69, 2015
  7. Grant Shoults 3:48.91, 2015
  8. Rex Maurer 3:48.97, 2023
  9. Trey Freeman 3:49.02, 2018

Shackell previously was the 10th fastest ever as he swam a 3:49.19 in prelims at US Nationals last month.

Shackell has made huge progress in the event over the last year. Last year at this meet, he swam a 3:55.38. Then in March he swam a 3:52.42 at Sectionals. Overall, he has dropped over eight seconds in the last year.

Shackell’s time tonight also broke the meet record of a 3:50.82 set by Norvin Clontz last summer. Clontz finished eighth tonight in the event.

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9 months ago

Have a great swim and your name gets associated with Klete Keller?

Fukuoka Gold
Reply to  Hmm
9 months ago

It’s unfortunate

9 months ago

What happened to Norvin Clontz??

Thamos Hailmen
9 months ago

Great swim! But not enough to be world class yet

9 months ago

Does anyone knows when he turns 19?

Reply to  Davide
9 months ago

sometime early fall so like a month or two

Reply to  jeff
9 months ago


9 months ago

Aaron is following in excellent footsteps by tying the legendary Klete Keller’s time! I wonder what ever happened of him.

Foreign Embassy
Reply to  Guy
9 months ago

F*** Klete Keller. He was part of the 1/6 insurrection and wore his Olympic jacket to it. He’s pleaded guilty and awaiting sentencing which could be 21-27 months in prison. 🤞🏼

Reply to  Foreign Embassy
9 months ago

I like my Olympians who weren’t insurrectionists!

Reply to  Guy
9 months ago

The replies clearly missed the sarcasm/satire here 😭

9 months ago

Definitely contending for the Paris team next year

9 months ago

The future of this event looks bright for the US congrats Aaron!

9 months ago

The fact that 3 dudes from the early 2000s still hold the top 3 spots in the NAG list shows how this event hasn’t been a strong spot for the US in awhile. Maybe Shackell can bring some much-needed strength to the US here.

Reply to  DirtSwimmer
9 months ago

super suits played a huge role in distance and middle distance freestyle but you aren’t wrong

Reply to  miself
9 months ago

Weren’t any super suits in 00′ 03′ 04′

Reply to  DirtSwimmer
9 months ago

I think there’s even more going on tbh, it’s that the 400 free progression is slower than in other events. For instance, the WR in 1995 (pre-Thorpe) in the 400 free was only 3.5 seconds faster than it is now, whereas the WR progressed 4.5 seconds in the 200 free in the same period, 1.5 second in the 100 free, etc. I think the 1500m shows a similar trend to the 400m, which may also highlight why there’s so many “old” records still on the books on those distances!

Reply to  Koen
9 months ago

This makes me wonder if there is going to be some fundamental breakthrough in how it is swum kind of like how turns and underwaters have made for big drops in the sprints (more in short course).

Reply to  Koen
9 months ago

Compare it to the 400 IM WR progression where it’s dropped 10 seconds since 94. Wow

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