28 Olympians & 2 World Champions Attend ISL Meetings in London

There were 30 athletes in attendance at the athletes’ meetings at this week’s ISL summit in London, England.

With growing interest in both the ISL and the growing momentum behind an athletes’ association, it’s important to recognize the names of athletes who were involved in conversations. All 30 in the group are Olympians except for 2: American Michael Andrew, who at 19 has already been a professional swimmer for 5 years and who was the 2016 World Champion in the 100 IM; and Kendyl Stewart, who is fresh off 3 relay World Championships and a 100 fly silver in Hangzhou.

While some of the world’s biggest names were absent (especially Americans like Katie Ledecky, Simone Manuel, and Caeleb Dressel), the group still represented a significant number of World Records, international medals, and Olympic experience. A handful of the group (5-time Olympian Peter Manko, World Record holder Cameron van der Burgh, and US Olympic champions Jason Lezak and Lenny Krayzelburg) are former athletes who are heavily involved in the formation of the ISL.

The most noticeable regional absence from the meetings were athletes from Asian nations, which is also devoid of any teams in the 12-team league or any hosting duties for the 2019 edition of the series. The explanation for the absence of Asian athletes by ISL representatives so far has been that many of the Asian federations wield greater control over their athletes (and award them much greater prize money within the traditional system). The absence of any Asian meets on the tour (or Australian) given by ISL organizers is simply their greater familiarity with the American and European legal systems.

Athletes in attendance at 2018 ISL Summit

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Mr O

Hopefully ISL will expand in the future, adding huge cities like Toky, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Shanghai, Sidney and many more.
The league could split in 3 (1.Europe, 2.America, 3.The rest of the world) and then qualify for the the quarterfinals, semifinals and finals where the the 4-8 best teams from each league swim against each other.


Everybody hopes so. So called triple in the pool. Could be. The most important thing is that IMHO ISL will get a piece of this cake. Good approach, good job and they won’t give up.


ISL wants the piece not simply of the cake but of the most creamy part of it. Now it is a business competition. And it will be me and you who will decide if ISL survives as a business enterprise. It is me and you who pays money at the end. Will you spend your money to watch World Championships (the normal one) in Budapest even if you are not living in Hungary at the time? Many Hungarians who live in USA did it making a reservations almost a year ahead. Will you pay your money (if your budget permits) to watch live Olympic competition? You will. Will you wake up in the middle of the night to watch broadcasting… Read more »


In Hungary M4 (tv) or/and m4sport.hu broadcasts nearly all of the major (national and international) swimming competitions in which we could be interested in (SC, LC, OG, WC, EC, YOG, WJC, EJC, WCup) live and free (I know that nothing is free). And as you also know most of the international finals are not in the afternoon according to CET, owing not only the to time zones, but to NBC, too… I think ISL will have a free live stream, at least at the beginning. There were some youngsters on this list: https://swimswam.com/2018-energy-for-swim-meet-cancelled-after-negotiations-break-down/ Anyway let’s look at FIA. F1, F2, F3, F-E, WRC, WRX, ERC, RRC, WTCC/WTCR, ETC, etc., etc., mostly with different promoters and they can live next to… Read more »


Lol who was the lone world champion? Stewart and Andrew both are not Olympians


I hope the missing elite Americans are on board and just had schedule conflicts.


Remember Ledecky is still in college she might have finals

Mr O

I agree! It’s sad that Dressel wasn’t there. It’s pretty strange that Cody Miller and Pieroni didn’t attend the summit. They talk positively about ISL in Cody’s Podcast.
But most of the world’s most influential swimmers was in London.

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