2024 U.S. Olympic Trials: Olivia Smoliga (#4) Withdraws from 1Back (Day 3 Prelims Scratches)


Day 3 Prelims Heat Sheet

Day three of the 2024 US Olympic Trials are about to to commence in a few hours. In perusing this moring’s heat sheets, a few scratches appeared to carry some more weight and bigger implication than others.

The highest ranked scratch from the moring was Olivia Smoliga. The UGA college star, who moved training bases to swim at ASU with Bob Bowman and appears to be staying at the sprint orienteated pro-group in Tempe under Herbie Behm. Smoligia appeared as the #4 seed in the psych sheets for the 100 back behind American Record Holder Regan Smith. Smoliga, who represented the US at both the Rio and Tokyo Games, has shifted away from the backstroke a little instead putting more attention on her sprint freestyle capabilities.

Smoligia was not the only top 16 seed in the 100 back to bow out of the morning swims, as 2021 Tokyo Olympian, Catie DeLoof appears to be following the same strategy as Smoliga and is putting all of her eggs into the 100 free basket and its six potential roster spots.

One other scratch that stands out is Bella Sims withdrawal from the 400 IM. Sims was initially the #10 seed in the event, but at least on paper appears to have chosen the 100 back where she is the #38 seed.

See below for a full list of scratches:

Women’s 400 IM

Women’s 100 Backstroke

Men’s 800 Freestyle

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1 month ago

Almost makes me think she should’ve hedged her bets a bit and gone 100fr and 200fr this year.

1 month ago

Murdock is racing today at Euros. Don’t know if it’s her first time representing another country internationally, but don’t know how she was able to enter.

Reply to  oxyswim
1 month ago

who is that?

Reply to  oxyswim
1 month ago

Here is an article in Lithuanian detailing this news (https://www.15min.lt/m/id/sportas/vandens-sportas/lietuvisku-saknu-justine-murdock-siekia-atstovauti-lietuvai-tikslas-olimpiada-863-2222426), basically she has Lithuanian roots from her mother side and switched this year. (LinkedIn profile showing her representing Lithuania starting April 2024)

1 month ago

Enyeart is out of the meet entirely. Really thought he had the potential to be the next distance guy after Bobby a couple years ago. Hope he can get back on track again

Aragon Son of Arathorne
1 month ago

Is she fast enough to make the relay in the 100 free?

Reply to  Aragon Son of Arathorne
1 month ago

On a good swim, yes

Olivia fan
Reply to  Braden Keith
1 month ago

Her season bests the last 4 years:

2019: :54.15
2020: n/a
2021: :53.55
2022: :54.32
2023: :53.28
2024: :54.83(12/23 US Open)

“On a good swim, yes.”

1 month ago

I’m really looking forward to see if Jack Alexy can dive in the watch straight these trials.

The unoriginal Tim
1 month ago

All in for 100 Free