2024 U.S. Olympic Trials: 2021 Olympian #3 Michael Brinegar Scratches 1500 (Day 8 Scratches)


Day 8 Prelims Heat Sheet

It’s the last day of prelims and, therefore, our last prelims scratches article. Y’all have been great, and I appreciate each and every one of you for starting your day with these reports.

We wouldn’t wish to have the last one be inconsequential and waste your time, and fate has decided to have a few highly important scratches in the men’s 1500

The number three seed and a 2021 Tokyo Olympian in this event, Michael Brinegar, has scratched out of the event. Brinegar was just one of three entrants under the 15-minute barrier and his withdrawal leaves just Bobby Finke and Charlie Clark with sub-15 entries.

Brinegar placed 17th in the 800 and 1500 meters in Tokyo but did not advance to the finals in either event. Earlier in the week, Brinegar placed 17th in the 400 free (3:51.53) and 12th in the 800 free (8:00.15).

Also withdrawing from the event were 9th-seeded Alec Enyeart and 18th-seed Owen Lloyd, who was controversially DQed in the 1650 at the ACC Championships this past February.

The women’s 50 sees no real surprises. With the withdrawal of Torri Huske from the 200 IM, Beata Nelson is now the 3rd seed in the 200 IM. Nelson was the 20th seed in the 50 free and would have had to scratch out of 50 before Huske had scratched the 200 IM, so would have done so regardless to best prepare for the 200 IM.

Alex Shackell and Katharine Berkoff also dropped the 50 free, but both have already been named to the team.

See below for a full list of scratches:

Women’s 50 Free

Men’s 1500 Free

  • #3 Michael Brinegar – 14:59.54
  • #9 Alec Enyeart – 15:12.71
  • #18 Owen Lloyd – 15:21.60
  • #35 Nick Caruso – 15:35.47
  • #50 Connor Lamastra – 15:39.23

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28 days ago

Schubert had been named as a coach for China at the Olympics. It will be interested to see if this (along with McMahon’s doping suspension) changes anything.
And frankly, it would make me question the other TST athletes. I realize that being guilty simply by association sucks, but Schubert’s ties to China and some of their athletes that tested positive is just too coincidental.
To shut down another rumor, Luke Whitlock never trained at TST. Isaac Fleig VERY BRIEFLY was in California before trusting his gut and switching his training to Fishers Area Swimming Tigers to train with Joe Keller and Luke.

28 days ago

well, we now know why Brinegar scratched–he just posted on Insta. Positive tests in 2022, arbitrator ruled in his favor Nov 2023, USADA appealed the decision, and just yesterday CAD ruled in favor of USADA so Brinegar is banned

28 days ago

Out for being accused of blood doping apparently

28 days ago


Reply to  RealCrocker5040
28 days ago


Andy McIntosh
28 days ago

Quick question … based on my calculations and expectations, there will be 24 spots filled on the women’s roster after Sunday including 6 qualifiers in the 100 & 200 free. How are the other 2 selection made if that’s the case?

Reply to  Andy McIntosh
28 days ago

They aren’t. They don’t fill the roster with random people. They just stop at 24.

Reply to  Andy McIntosh
28 days ago

They just don’t fill the team up and take just 24. They only go up to priority 4 (6th place in 100/200 free) and there’s no discretionary selection to fill up to 26.

Andy McIntosh
28 days ago

Luke Whitlock with a better chance in the 1500. Does anyone know the status of Bella Sims? Is it an illness? Extremely disappointing meet and then scratches her last 3 events.

28 days ago

Blake P all ready with his “I ❤️ LW” t-shirt and “Go Luke” foam finger.

Not Andrew
28 days ago

Should’ve stayed at IU. Like many other distance folk

Reply to  Not Andrew
28 days ago

Ahmed not built for the rigorous 30 minute a week course load of sports management