2022 World Championships: Night 1 Men’s Relay Analysis



  • World Record: 3:08.24, United States – 2008 Olympic Games
  • Championship Record: 3:09.06, United States – 2019 World Championships
  • 2021 Olympic Champion: United States, 3:08.97
  • 2019 World Champion: United States, 3:09.06
  1. United States, 3:09.34
  2. Australia, 3:10.80
  3. Italy, 3:10.95
  4. Great Britain, 3:11.14
  5. Hungary, 3:11.24
  6. Canada, 3:11.99
  7. Brazil, 3:12.21
  8. Serbia, 3:13.83

The first men’s relay occurred tonight with the men’s 4×100 freestyle relay. The United States men led from the start as Caeleb Dressel led off with the fastest flat start split of the night.

After no sub-48 flat start splits this morning, Dressel (USA), Josh Liendo (Canada), and Nandor Nemeth (Hungary) all went under the 48-second mark.

Caeleb Dressel– USA 47.67
Josh Liendo– Canada 47.87
Nandor Nemeth– Hungary 47.97
Lewis Burras- Great Britain 48.09
Alessandro Miressi- Italy 48.38
William Yang- Australia 48.41
Gabriel Silva Santos- Brazil 48.63
Velimir Stjepanovic- Serbia 48.99

The rolling start times were also much faster tonight as no one went under the 47 mark this morning, but four men were under the 47 mark tonight. Kyle Chalmers brought Australia home in the fastest flying start split of the field to help give the Australians a silver medal. Tom Dean brought Great Britain home strong on the last 100 to finish fourth, only 0.19 off of the podium. Kristof Milak brought home country Hungary home in a 46.89 to help them to a fifth-place finish.

Chalmers split for Australia also ties his second fastest relay split of all time. Chalmers went a 46.44 at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as well as a 46.60 at the 2019 World Championships. His 46.60 from tonight is now in a three way tie with Cameron McEvoy and Chalmers from 2019.

Notably, the US was very consistent having all three of their rolling start splits in the top 9 rolling start splits, and more specifically were number 4, 6, and 9.

Kyle Chalmers– Australia 46.60
Kristof Milak– Hungary 46.89
Tom Dean– Great Britain 46.95
Ryan Held- USA 46.99
Andrej Barna- Serbia 47.06
Brooks Curry- USA 47.20
Lorenzo Zazzeri- Italy 47.35
Szebasztian Szabo – Hungary 47.37
Justin Ress- USA 47.48
Thomas Ceccon- Italy 47.57
Jack Cartwright- Australia 47.62
Vinicius Tavares Assuncao- Brazil 47.63
Manuel Frigo- Italy 47.65
Marcelo Chierighini- Brazil 47.77
Jacob Whittle- Great Britain 47.91
Javier Acevedo- Canada 47.97
Ruslan Gaziev- Canada 48.02
Yuri Kisil- Canada 48.13
Matthew Temple- Australia 48.17
Felipe Ribeiro de Souza – Brazil 48.18
Matthew Richards- Great Britain 48.19
Uros Nikolic- Serbia 48.65
Richard Bohus- Hungary 49.01
Nikola Acin- Serbia 49.13

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1 month ago

The Aussies showing good signs for 4X 100 free in Paris.
Chalmers is Chalmers, Carthwright getting back after a few years of injuries, Temple can go a lot better, Southam 16 year on the rise Yang with more experience hopefully get better.
Not good enough to match the Americans, but strong medal chance.

Reply to  Robbos
1 month ago

Perhaps Kai Taylor and Dylan Andrea will breakthrough in time for Paris as well. After Paris Chalmers will probably retire leaving an enormous hole.

Reply to  Robbos
1 month ago

Will be interesting to see if they can go even faster in Birmingham, with Incerti (and Southam) back in the mix, and the others getting some more training in – particularly KK.

There's no doubt that he's tightening up
1 month ago

46.60 is the joint 7th fastest relay split in history I believe:

  • Lezak 46.06 (2008)
  • Scott 46.14 (2019)
  • Cielo 46.22 (2009)
  • Bernard 46.26 (2009)
  • Chalmers 46.44 (2021)
  • Bernard 46.46 (2009)
Fraser Thorpe

That 46.14 from Scott is just crazy

1 month ago

Was Yang wearing one of Chalmer’s caps or am I hallucinating the start of the race ?

Reply to  CasualSwimmer
1 month ago

He was

1 month ago

It looks like all the Gators are off.

1 month ago

Did anyone else see how Dressel changed up his technique? Even his breathing pattern?

Reply to  calebmontrealez
1 month ago

WC’s isn’t the time to get experimental, Dressel.

Reply to  calebmontrealez
1 month ago

This is a perfect test set up

He can stumble his way into 6 golds here and if this makes him faster in Paris you do it

1 month ago

Didn’t Kyle go 46.4 in Tokyo?

Reply to  Gheko
1 month ago

Yep! 46.44

1 month ago

Milak 46,89! That 100FL battle would be much more intense than it was thought before the meet!!!

12 plus gold in budapest
Reply to  Swimmka
1 month ago

i thought Milak was gonna win before the meet now i think he’ll win with a gap

Can the veteran chase him down?
Reply to  12 plus gold in budapest
1 month ago

Caeleb lose by a gap? If milak wins it’ll be close

1 month ago

Any word as to the status of Kibler for the 200 Free tomorrow?

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