2020 Men’s B1G Championships: Day 3 Prelims Live Recap


**Friday Prelims Heat Sheet**


  1. Michigan 555
  2. Ohio State 401
  3. Indiana 397
  4. Wisconsin 274.5
  5. Purdue 263
  6. Penn State 237
  7. Minnesota 227
  8. Northwestern 206.5
  9. Iowa 205
  10. Michigan State 146

Michigan holds a strong lead heading into the 3rd day of competition. Day 3 consists of the 100 fly, 400 IM, 200 free, 100 breast, 100 back, and 3 meter diving. Tonight, the 200 free relay will also be swum at the end of the session.

IU’s Brendan Burns enters the meet as the top seed in the 100 fly, with defending Big Ten Champion Miles Smachlo (Michigan) seeded right behind Burns. The Wolverines also hold the top 3 seeds in the 400 IM , with Tommy Cope, Charlie Swanson, and Will Roberts respectively. Charlie Swanson is the defending champion in the event.

Ohio State’s Andrew Loy, the 200 IM champion from last night, is back in action in the 200 free today. Loy is seeded with a 1:37.00, but led off the OSU 800 free relay in 1:32.37 on Wednesday night. The top seed heading into the event is Michigan’s Patrick Callan, who enters the meet with a 1:32.91.

Minnesota is chasing their first title of the meet. Sophomore Max McHugh is the top seed in the 100 breast by nearly a full second. IU’s Jacob Steele is the top seed in the 100 back, with fellow Hoosier Gabriel Fantoni coming in as the 2nd seed. Fantoni is the defending Big Ten Champion in the event.


  • B1G Record: Vini Lanza (IU) – 44.37
  • Meet Record: Vini Lanza (IU) – 44.79
  • Pool Record: Coleman Stewart (NC State) – 45.45
  • Defending Champion: Miles Smachlo (MICH) – 44.82
  • NCAA ‘A’ Cut: 45.05

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. Bruno Blaskovic (IU) – 45.29
  2. Miles Smachlo (MICH) – 45.56
  3. Brendan Burns (IU) – 45.97
  4. Van Mathias (IU) – 46.02
  5. Noah Lense (OSU)/Jian Mao (WISC) – 46.08
  6. Matthew Thomas (MINN) – 46.26
  7. Wesley Jekel (WISC) – 46.29

It was IU’s turn to show their strength, taking 3 of the A final spots. After a breathrough 50 free yesterday, Hoosier junior Bruno Blaskovic swam another lifetime best this this morning. Blaskovic’s time of 45.29 comes in just under his personal best of 45.33, which he swam at Big Tens last year. IU freshman Brendan Burns also swam a lifetime best, touching in 45.97 to mark the first time he’s broken 46 seconds flat start. Hoosier sophomore Van Mathias was just off his personal best of 45.90, touching in 46.02 for 4th this morning.

Defending champion Miles Smachlo (Michigan) swam a season best 45.56 for 2nd this morning. Smachlo swam a 44.82 to dethrone IU’s Vini Lanza in finals last year. Michigan freshman River Wright finished just outside the A final, clocking a 46.41 for 9th. Wright’s time was a lifetime best, coming in well under his previous mark of 47.05.

Wisconsin had their strongest showing yet, picking up 2 A finalists. Jian Mao tied for 6th this morning, swimming a personal best of 46.08. The time marks a .40 second drop for Mao, whose personal best was 46.48. He swam the time out of the first heat, since he was entered as a “No Time”. Wisconsin freshman Wesley Jekel took the 8th spot this this morning with a 46.29. The swim marked a huge drop for Jekel, whose personal best stood at 47.67.


  • B1G Record: Tyler Clary (MICH) – 3:35.98
  • Meet Record: Tyler Clary (MICH) – 3:38.03
  • Pool Record: Michael Weiss – 3:39.17
  • Defending Champion: Charlie Swanson (MICH) – 3:39.87
  • NCAA ‘A’ Cut: 3:39.16

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. Charlie Swanson (MICH) – 3:42.07
  2. Tommy Cope (MICH) – 3:43.00
  3. Ricardo Vargas (MICH) – 3:43.09
  4. Caleb Aman (WISC) – 3:43.32
  5. Michael Daly (PSU) – 3:44.06
  6. Joeseph Milinovich (WISC) – 3:45.70
  7. Daniel Berlitz (MICH) – 3:46.34
  8. Wll Roberts (MICH) – 3:46.52

Michigan was dominant in the 400 IM this morning, taking 5 of the A final spots. Charlie Swanson, the defending champion, led the way this morning with a 3:42.07, followed by Tommy Cope, who was the top seed coming into the event. Ricardo Vargas swam in the first heat, earning the 3rd spot for tonight with a 3:43.09. The Wolverines also picked up the 7th and 8th spots for tonight, with freshman Daniel Berlitz and junior Will Roberts respectively.

Wisconsin managed to pick up 2 more A finalists, with senior Joseph Milinovich and sophomore Caleb Aman. Aman also swam in the first heat and made it through to the A final. Penn State picked up an A finalost with Michael Daly, who gave Tommy Cope a race in the final heat.


  • B1G Record: Blake Pieroni (IU) – 1:29.63
  • Meet Record: Blake Pieroni (IU) – 1:31.14
  • Pool Record: Andrew Loy (OSU) – 1:32.37
  • Defending Champion: Zach Apple (IU) – 1:32.68
  • NCAA ‘A’ Cut: 1:32.05

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. Patrick Callan (MICH) – 1:33.00
  2. Paul DeLakis (OSU) – 1:33.25
  3. Andrew Loy (OSU) – 1:33.29
  4. Felix Auboeck (MICH) – 1:33.63
  5. Gus Borges (MICH) – 1:34.44
  6. Mohamed Samy (IU) – 1:34.97
  7. Aidan Farley (MSU) – 1:35.35
  8. Nick Saulnier (MINN) – 1:35.56

Michigan’s Patrick Callan won a thrilling race with Ohio State’s Paul DeLakis to take the top time of the morning. Callan used a stellar last 50 of 23.42 to catch DeLakis, and get his had on the wall a quarter of a second ahead of DeLakis. Ohio State’s Andrew Loy took the first of the circle seeded heats, swimming a 1:33.29. Loy led the Ohio State 800 free relay off in 1:32.37 on Wednesday night.

Michigan picked up 2 other A finalists, with Felix Auboeck and Gus Borges taking 4th and 5th repsectively. Auboeck won his 4th consecutive Big ten title in the 500 free last night, and Borges came in 2nd in the 50 free.

Michigan State picked up an A finalist in Aidan Farley, who swam a best time 1:35.35.



  • B1G Record: Ian Finnerty (IU) – 49.69
  • Meet Record: Ian Finnerty (IU) – 50.60
  • Pool Record: Ian Finnerty (IU) – 51.22
  • Defending Champion: Ian Finnerty (IU) – 50.77
  • NCAA ‘A’ Cut: 51.67

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. Max McHugh (MINN) – 50.77
  2. Zane Backes (IU) – 51.07
  3. Jeremy Babinet (MICH) – 51.75
  4. Trent Pellini (PUR) – 52.01
  5. Jason Mathews (OSU) – 52.08
  6. Jian Mao (WISC) – 52.37
  7. Will Chan (MICH) – 52.38
  8. Hudson McDaniel (OSU) – 52.44

Max McHugh lived up to his top seed in the event, breaking the pool record with his 50.77. McHugh was just off his season best of 50.74, and wasn’t far off his personal best of 50.30. Zane Backes (IU) swam a lifetime best 51.07 to take the 2nd seed for tonight. Backes had a previous best time of 51.35, which he swam at NCAAs last year.

Michigan picked up 2 more A finalists, with Jeremy Babinet and Will Chan. Ohio State had another strong showing with Jason Mathews taking 5th and Hudson McDaniel taking 8th. Both swimmers are sophomores, and both swam lifetime bests this morning. McDaniel had a huge swim, as he came into the meet with a personal best of 54.08.

Wisconsin’s Jian Mao made his 2nd A final of the day after making it through in the 100 fly earlier in the session.


  • B1G Record: Shane Ryan (PSU) – 44.65
  • Meet Record: Shane Ryan (PSU) – 44.65
  • Pool Record: James Wells – 45.52
  • Defending Champion: Gabriel Fantoni (IU) – 44.91
  • NCAA ‘A’ Cut: 44.95

Top 8 Qualifiers:

  1. Gabriel Fantoni (IU) – 45.78
  2. Brendan Burns (IU) – 46.04
  3. Cameron Tysoe (WISC) – 46.20
  4. Jacob Steele (IU) – 46.45
  5. Wesley Jekel (WISC) – 46.48
  6. Jonah Cooper (OSU) – 46.55
  7. Colin McDermott (OSU) – 46.68
  8. Ryan Gridley (NU) – 46.70

IU took the top 2 spots for tonight, with defending champion Gabriel Fantoni leading the way in 45.78. IU freshman Brendan Burns pulled off the 100 fly/100 back double, swimming lifetime bests in both. Burns was just under his previous best of 46.24, clocking a 46.04 this morning. IU picked up a 4th place finish from Jacob Steele, who entered the meet as the top seed.

Wisconsin had another 2 swimmers make it through to the A final. Cameron Tysoe swam a lifetime best 46.20 to pick up the 3rd seed for tonight. Wesley Jekel was another 100 fly/100 back double, making the A final in both.

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Wildcat Swim Fan
4 years ago

Congratulations to Ryan Gridley, who dropped over a second in his 100 back and made the A final!

4 years ago

When was the last time Michigan had a solid, dependable backstroker?

Reply to  swimz14
4 years ago

Next year – Wyatt Davis

Reply to  swimz14
4 years ago

I always wondered what happened with Aaron Whitaker, Jason Chen, … a few years ago.

Looking forward to Wyatt Davis’ arrival in the Fall!

Reply to  #MFan
4 years ago

For Whittaker it was academics

Gopher grit
4 years ago

Nick Saulnier with an A final after getting shot

4 years ago

Shame on BTN for letting these guys commentate. It’s clear that they have no knowledge at all about the sport of swimming. They literally don’t know breast from fly

Reply to  Leroy
4 years ago

It’s Student U… these guys are IU’s j school broadcast team. At least when B1Gs were at Purdue and Michigan in previous years, their commentators were educated and actually wanted to be there. These guys made me mute the broadcast.

Reply to  Leroy
4 years ago

This ridiculous commentary on BTN really is embarrassing for the conference. Subscribers are paying for this, and it’s clear that these guys don’t know anything about swimming.

4 years ago

NW was getting lots of hype about moving up this year, but Wisconsin seems to be stealing their thunder with some great morning swims.

Reply to  dan
4 years ago

Totally agree re Wisconsin. This session alone has been super impressive. Interested to see point projections through tonight’s finals….. do they have a shot at 3rd???

Reply to  SwimFan49
4 years ago

Yeah, not even close as I see the up/downs for tonight. Badgers a lock for 4th though, it would seem.

Reply to  SwimFan49
4 years ago

Wes Jekel for Freshman of the Meet

Phil McDade
Reply to  hookem91
4 years ago

Brendan Burns would like a word 🙂

Reply to  Phil McDade
4 years ago

Jekel came out of nowhere though. Everybody knows how good Burns is

mr fast guy
4 years ago

These commentators have no sympathy for MSU

Reply to  mr fast guy
4 years ago

It’s just mean to wonder why they’re bothering to cheer for their teammates just because they’re in last place as a team

IU Swammer
4 years ago

IU is going to have to come up big in the 100 back to stay in this.

Reply to  IU Swammer
4 years ago

Realistically, though, Michigan has put this meet away in this session, no?

Reply to  SwimFan49
4 years ago

Yes, at the end of the 200 free, this meet basically became a runaway after 9 up in the 400 IM and 200 free combined.

It’s not mathematically unattainable, because relay DQs can be killers, but short of that or a sweeping norovirus outbreak, Michigan will win.

Carol Glover
Reply to  Braden Keith
4 years ago

Especially if Michigan diving can have as great a day in 3 meter as they did in 1 meter.

Reply to  Braden Keith
4 years ago

Losing Lanza and Finnety does that..

IU Swammer
Reply to  SwimFan49
4 years ago

Yeah. I made the comment after before the 200 free. The 200 free pretty much ended it. Now, the battle is for second.

4 years ago

Bruno Blaskovic with the one fly tho