2018 TYR Pro Swim Series – Austin: Day 3 Prelims Live Recap


The initial run-through of the new-look TYR Pro Swim Series, with a different format and different schedule, will come to a head today, as Team Coughlin leads the way in the SwimSquad point totals.

The last prelims session will include the 400 free, 50 free, 50 back, 50 breast, and 50 fly, with extra excitement coming from the shoot-out-style stroke 50s. Those events don’t contribute to point totals for the Pro Swim Series’s high-point competition for a $10,000 bonus, but they are a chance for swimmers to make some cash. The overall winner will take home $1200. Second place will earn $600. Both semifinalists will make $200. Prelims will swim this morning, with semifinals and finals tonight.

This morning, we’ll see big names in action, including Clark Smith, Dana Vollmer, Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace, Nathan Adrian, Olivia Smoliga, Regan Smith, Jacob Pebley, Li Bingjie, Katie Meili, Nic Fink, Michael Andrew, Reece Whitleyand Jack Conger

Men’s 400 Free

  1. Shogo Takeda, Japan: 3:53.22
  2. Anton Ipsen, NC State: 3:53.38
  3. Zane Grothe, Unattached Mission Viejo: 3:53.53
  4. Clark Smith, Longhorn: 3:54.50
  5. Jeremy Bagshaw, Island: 3:54.76
  6. Marcelo Acosta, UofL: 3:56.11
  7. Trey Freeman, Baylor: 3:57.25
  8. Kohei Yamamoto, Japan: 3:57.37

Japan’s Shogo Takeda and NC State’s Anton Ipsen battled throughout the penultimate heat of the men’s 400 free, with Takeda just taking it at the touch. He will be the top qualifier for this evening.

Zane Grothe, who has been shattering records up and down this season and is now repping Mission Viejo put up the third-fastest time of the morning with 3:53.53. Longhorn’s Clark Smith was fourth with 3:54.50.

Women’s 50 free

  1. Margo Geer, Unattached Mission Viejo: 24.83
  2. Taylor Ruck, HPCO: 25.03
  3. Zhang Yufei, China: 25.38
  4. Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace, Wolfpack: 25.50
  5. Amanda Kendall, Unattached Mission Viejo: 25.52
  6. Rebecca Millard, Texas: 25.65
  7. Ky-lee Perry, NC State: 25.97
  8. Kayla Sanchez, HPCO: 25.71

Margo Geer, an Indiana post-grad who is newly repping Mission Viejo, was the top seed this morning in the women’s 50 free, as the only swimmer under 25 with 24.83. 17-year-old Canadian Olympian Taylor Ruck put up the second-fastest time with 25.03.

China’s Zhang Yufei was third with 25.38, followed by Bahamian Olympian Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace, who is now training with the Wolfpack Elite with 25.50.

Also sneaking into the final was 16-year-old Kayla Sanchez with 25.71.

Men’s 50 free

  1. Michael Andrew, Race Pace: 22.04
  2. Nathan Adrian, Cal Aquatics: 22.62
  3. Ryan Held, NC State: 22.78
  4. Justin Ress, NC State: 22.87
  5. Andrej Barna, UofL: 22.89
  6. Oleksandr Logiov, Swim Ontario: 23.02
  7. Matias Koski, Athens Bulldogs: 23.04
  8. Kyle Robrock, Unattached: 23.08

Michael Andrew of Race Pace put up the fastest time of the morning by over a half-second with 22.04. Cal’s Olympic gold medalist Nathan Adrian was second with 22.62, followed by his fellow Olympian Ryan Held of NC State in 22.78.

Rounding out the final are Held’s NC State teammate Justin RessAndrej Barna, Oleksandr Loginov, Matias Koski, and Kyle Robrok. 

Women’s 50 back

  1. Regan Smith, Riptide: 28.32
  2. Kayla Sanchez, HPCO: 28.39
  3. Olivia Smoliga, Athens Bulldogs: 28.49
  4. Jade Hannah, ISC: 28.93
  5. Taylor Ruck, HPCO: 28.99
  6. Claire Adams, Texas: 29.00
  7. Isabelle Stadden, Aquajets: 29.08
  8. ***Xuwei Peng, China / Rebecca Smith, HPCO** 29.10

Riptide’s fifteen-year-old LC Worlds team member Regan Smith put up the fastest time of the morning with 28.32, followed closely by 16-year-old Kayla Sanchez in 28.39.

Olympian Olivia Smoliga was third in 28.49, followed by Jade Hannah in 28.93. Canadian Olympian Taylor Ruck bounced back fast after her 50 free with 28.99 to qualify fifth, followed by Texas’s Claire Adams and the Aquajets’ Isabelle Stadden. 

There will be a swim-off for the eighth slot between Xuwei Peng of China and Rebecca Smith of HPCO.

As a reminder, tonight, the 50 stroke events will go through three shoot-out style rounds, with the top 8 swimming first, then the top 4 finishers of that race, and then the top 2 swimmers.

Men’s 50 back

  1. Justin Ress, NC State: 25.42
  2. Matt Grevers, Tucson Ford: 25.61
  3. Nicholas Pyle, Great Britain: 25.79
  4. Taylor Dale, Athens Bulldogs: 25.80
  5. Bryce Bohman, Longhorn Aquatics: 25.86
  6. Jacob Pebley, Cal: 25.98
  7. Hennessey Stuart, NC State: 26.28
  8. Xavier Castelli, SW: 26.32

Justin Ress of NC State put up the fastest time of the morning with 25.42, followed by Olympic gold medalist Matt Grevers in 25.61. Great Britain’s Nicholas Pyle was third in 25.79, followed by Taylor Dale in 25.80.

Keep in mind that whichever two swimmers make it through to the top still have three 50 back swims to go tonight.

Women’s 400 free

  1. Bingjie Li, China: 4:13.38
  2. Hannah Moore, NC State: 4:14.16
  3. Sophie Cattermole, UofL: 4:15.43
  4. Kristel Kobrich, CHI: 4:16.33
  5. Joanna Evans, Texas: 4:16.67
  6. Ashley Neidigh, Unattached Mission Viejo: 4:16.98
  7. Tamila Hryhorivna Holub, NC State: 4:17.29
  8. Kaitlynn Sims, MAC: 4:17.36

15-year-old kid-wonder Li Bingjie of China was the fastest 400 free swimmer of this morning with 4:13.38, followed by #TeamCoughlin scorer Hannah Moore of NC State in 4:14.16.

Louisville’s Sophie Cattermole was next in 4:15.43, followed by Bahamian Olympian Joanna Evans of Texas in 4:16.67 and Indiana post-grade Ashley Neidigh in 4:16.98.

Women’s 50 breast

  1. Molly Hannis, Unattached: 30.55
  2. Katie Meili, NYAC: 30.98
  3. Breeja Larson, NYAC: 31.48
  4. Rachel Nichol, UCSC: 31.50
  5. Kennedy Lohman, Texas: 31.50
  6. Faith Knelson, ISC: 31.84
  7. Peyton Kondis, Houston: 31.86
  8. Melanie Margalis, St. Petersburg: 31.95

The women’s 50 breast shoot-out tonight will be packed with American Olympians as Molly Hannis, Katie Meili, Breeja Larson, and Melanie Margalis take the stage.

Hannis of #CoughlinSquad was the top qualifier this morning in 30.55, and she has been looking incredible this season, after becoming the 2nd-fastest 100y breaststroker all-time at the Tennessee Invite in December. Meili of #SandenoSquad, who has a superhuman amount of work on her plate this year, training, attending law school at Georgetown, and assistant coaching at Georgetown, was second with 30.98. Fellow Olympians Larson (3rd- 31.48) and Margalis (8th-31.95) were also in the mix.

Men’s 50 breast

  1. Yan Zibei, China: 27.81
  2. Andrew Wilson, Texas: 28.19
  3. Nic Fink, Athens Bulldogs: 28.19
  4. Alexander Milanovich: 28.67
  5. Nick Zito, WEST-IL: 28.74
  6. Gabe Gastromatteo, SO: 28.79
  7. Jake Foster, Mason Manta Rays: 28.90
  8. Carlos Claverie, UofL: 28.91

Yan Zibei of China was the top qualifier in this morning’s men’s 50 breast, followed by Texas’s Andrew Wilson in 28.19. #KrayzelburgSquad’s Nic Fink was third in 28.19, followed by fifteen-year-old Alexander Milanovich in 28.67.

Nick Zito, fifteen-year-old Gabe Gastromatto, seventeen-year-old Carson Foster, and Carlos Claverie were also in the mix.

Women’s 50 fly

  1. Amanda Kendall, Unattached: 26.49
  2. Yufei Zhang, China: 26.62
  3. Hellen Moffitt, Unattached: 26.67
  4. Rebecca Smith, HPCO: 26.91
  5. Yui Yamane, Japan: 26.97
  6. Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace: 27.07
  7. Nastja Govejsek, UofL: 27.11
  8. Emma Carlton, BBST: 27.21

Amanda Kendall put up the top time in the women’s 50 fly with 26.49. China’s Yufei Zhang was second with 26.62, followed by Hellen Moffitt in 26.67.

Also in the mix tonight will be Rebecca Smith, Japan’s Yui Yamane, Bahamian Olympian Arianna Vanderpool-WallaceNastja Govejsek, and Emma Carlton. 

Men’s 50 fly

  1. Michael Andrew, Race Pace: 23.55
  2. Jack Conger, NCAP: 23.99
  3. Tim Phillips, Unattached: 24.25
  4. Lewis Fraser, SW: 24.30
  5. Ryan Held, NC State: 24.34
  6. Paul Le, MSU: 24.52
  7. Jacob Peters, Great Britain: 24.63
  8. Tripp Cooper, Longhorn Aquatics: 24.69

#SandenoSquad’s Michael Andrew was the top qualifier in the men’s 50 fly this morning with 23.55, followed by Olympian and Andrew’s #SandenoSquad teammate Jack Conger

Tim Phillips of #LezakSquad was third in 24.25, followed by Lewis Fraser in 24.30. Ryan Held of #KrayzelburgSquad was fifth in 24.34.

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5 years ago

50’s just aren’t that interesting

Reply to  Hambone
5 years ago

How dare you speak like that.

Joel Lin
5 years ago

Little shocked those new Mission Viejo Natadores don’t have SoCal suntans yet.

5 years ago

Impressive 50 swim by Andrew.

5 years ago

Well-deserved photo for Michael Andrew in the day of 50s.
He is a huge 50s specialist, the best ever seen considering all the strokes, and to remind where he was at the end of last season vs World champion and medalists and his chances for Worlds2019, a brief summary.
50 back: Andrew PB 24.63; gold at Worlds2017 24.35, bronze 24.56.
50 free: Andrew PB 21.75; gold at Worlds2017 21.15, bronze 21.43
50 fly: Andrew PB 23.22; gold at Worlds2017 22.75, bronze 22.84
50 breast: Andrew PB 27.39; gold at Worlds2017 25.99, bronze 26.60

So, Andrew is already in medalist area in the 50 back (and World Champion Camille Lacourt doesn’t swim any more), not far… Read more »

Reply to  nuotofan
5 years ago

Very accurate.

Reply to  nuotofan
5 years ago

Don’t see how you could say he is the best 50 Specialist ever. I would definitely put Morozov ahead of him, for one.

Reply to  CraigH
5 years ago

Good choice.
Anyway, I wrote “considering all the strokes” and I pondered the age of Andrew in my assertion (obviously contestable).

Reply to  nuotofan
5 years ago

Morozov definitely has a claim to be better than Andrew – and I think Florent Manaudou hands down was better as an all-round sprinter in each stroke than MA

5 years ago

Other good choice, but in LC Manaudou, at least in back and breast, is (or was?) “all dive”.
In SCM, considering also the turn, Manaudou definitely the best (not the beast lol).
Anyway, I wrote the initial post to remind Andrew’s times in the four 50s vs last Worlds medalists.
That assertion “the best 50s ever considering all the strokes”, so discussed, wasn’t so important…

Reply to  nuotofan
5 years ago

Roland Schoeman was a 50 beast too.

das swimmer
5 years ago

Those NC State times are really impressive considering they are not fully rested.

Reply to  das swimmer
5 years ago

The Wolfpack have taken over the Longhorn pool.

Reply to  Swimmer
5 years ago

NC St has a history of swimming fast in season and not going much faster(relative to teams like Texas) at NCAAs

Reply to  Anon
5 years ago

Texas always swims faster at NCAAs because they totally bomb their in season meets. Just look at their dual meet record. NC State put the mercy rule on them this year.

OG \"swimmer\" This guy stole my name
Reply to  Swimmer
5 years ago

Yeah okay. Historically there’s been a big difference between NC state saying they’re not rested and Texas saying they’re not rested. Just saying


I don’t see how you could ever compare NC state to Texas. NC state has done some AMAZING things in the past few years. But they are nowhere near Texas…

Reply to  das swimmer
5 years ago

Nobody is rested at this meet….

tammy touchpad error
5 years ago

22.04 for MA. Considering his other swims this week, that is super encouraging. I could see him under 21.5 in August for sure after seeing that.

das swimmer
Reply to  tammy touchpad error
5 years ago

I don’t know that he could get down that far by August but I think with 2 years left he could be nearing 21.3 range. That could definitely have him in contention for an Olympic spot. Once he’s at the Olympics anything would be possible.

5 years ago

22.04 for MA this morning, I didnt believe he could drop such a time watching his other races so far
Can you imagine him making the US team this summer?

Justin Thompson
Reply to  Mclovin96
5 years ago

I wasn’t too surprised because it’s consistent with what we saw this past year. He’s emerging as a great 50s swimmer and that’s his best chance at success.

Reply to  Justin Thompson
5 years ago

you misspelled ‘only’

samuel huntington
Reply to  Mclovin96
5 years ago

50 free is definitely his best event now

Tom from Chicago
Reply to  Mclovin96
5 years ago

Very impressed with his 50s. His 100 breast at :59 is solid too, not sure if he can get other 100s.

Tammy Touchpad Error
Reply to  Mclovin96
5 years ago

I can’t imagine him not making the US team at this point. I still say 50 back might be a better shot than the 50 Free cause of Caeleb and Nathan, but he’s right there with em or will be.

Reply to  Tammy Touchpad Error
5 years ago

depends on how much Nathan can push his 50 back down, it will be very tight but they take 3 swimmers per event for pan-pacs don’t they? We could see Caeleb, Nathan and MA on the team this summer

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