2018 Pan Pacs Pick’em Day 2 Update – Upsets, Upsets, Upsets



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The evening was led off by a big win from Cate Campbell in the women’s 100 free. 35% of pick’em entries picked her correctly. She was followed by Simone Manuel – picked by 34% correctly 2nd-, Taylor Ruck in 3rd-picked by 40%, and Mallory Comerford in 4th – picked by 35%.

The next event saw the first upset of the night when big favorite Caeleb Dressel tied for 2nd – 88% had him winning. Only 3% got Kyle Chalmers win correct and 1% got Marcelo Chierighini in 4th. For the purpose of scoring the tie all entries of Dressel and Cartwright were combined into a single cell. If you’re looking at the spreadsheet they should look like “Dressel Caeleb…Cartwright…” all in a single cell.

It was finally a win for the favorites in the women’s 200 fly where Hali Flickinger (71% correct) won over Sachi Mochida (0% correct). Katie Drabot (20%) and Suzuka Hasegawa (7%) were 3rd and 4th.

It was straight back to unpredictability for the men’s 200 fly. Daiya Seto (32%) won while popular choice Nao Horomura wasn’t in the final. Only 1 person picked Leonard De Deus 2nd (well done Rafael). Zach Harting (1%, 3 people total) and David Morgan (1%, 5 people total) were nearly as big surprises in 3rd and 4th.

The women’s 100 back was again a surprise to pick’em entries when former world record holder Kylie Masse (25%) beat new world record holder Kathleen Baker (2%) who was 3rd. In between them was Emily Seebohm (9%). 4th was Regan Smith (25%).

The men’s 100 back saw the most predicted individual win of the night with Ryan Murphy’s (85%) win over Ryosuke Irie (4%). Mitch Larkin (37%) was 3rd and Matt Grevers (3%) was 4th.

The apple cart was again upset in the women’s 800 free relay where near unanimous favorites the US were beaten by Australia (1%). The US (1%) was 2nd followed by Canada (43%) and Japan (49%).

The US men (89%) delivered in the 800 free relay followed by Australia (24%), Japan (25%) and Brazil (85%).


Day 2 was won by davidsong with 97 points. They were followed by MattDB with 91, Black line with 88 and HLAaron with 87. If you’re outside the top 10, view your entry here.

Day 2 Points
1 davidsong 97
2 MattDB 91
3 Black line 88
4 HLAaron 87
5 Joiverso 85.5
6 Riley 84
7 Stephen A 81
7 one armed bandit 81
7 Jellyfish20 81
10 kevmvirn 80.5
10 pmm37 80.5
10 CoachCook 80.5
10 Aps 80.5

After day 2 Rafael has taken the overall lead with 176.5. They are closely followed by MattDB with 176, godawgs17 with 175.5 and TheJudga with 171.

Entry Total Day 1 Points Day 2 Points
1 Rafael 176.5 101 75.5
2 MattDB 176 85 91
3 godawgs17 175.5 102 73.5
4 TheJudga 171 94 77
5 Swimafreak 166 92 74
6 Ajansz 165.5 106 59.5
7 Black line 165 77 88
8 Joiverso 162.5 77 85.5
9 amyadele111 162 87 75
9 Karl Ortegon 162 101 61


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TheJudga* – sorry for being the spelling police. Judging myself (pun intended)

Love to Swim

Women’s 100m free.

Men’s 100m free.

Women’s 200m fly.

Men’s 200m fly.

Women’s 100m back.

Men’s 100m back.

Women’s 4×200 free.

Men’s 4×200 free.

Michelle the Economist

A naive question…why is Brazil in the PanPacs? As far as I know, they have no Pacific coast at all! Just curious…

Andrew Mering

Pan Pacs is basically a meet that exists for the countries that don’t go to Euros. The original founders, the US, Australia, Canada, and Japan wanted a meet to go to in off years, so they invented a meet. All those countries were all on the Pacific rim, hence the name. They then invited everyone bordering the pacific. But the true purpose was still as a championship meet for non Euro countries, so when countries not part of the made up Pacific Rim conceit asked to join they were allowed. South Africa has also participated in the past.

Andrew Mering

Other random countries that have participated: Oman, Zimbabwe, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Algeria, a bunch of Caribbean countries. Here’s a full list: https://swimswam.com/facts-and-figures-about-the-pan-pacific-swimming-championships/

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