2017 SEC Championships: Day 4 Prelims Live Recap


Day 4 prelims at the 2017 SEC Swimming and Diving Championships in Knoxville, Tennessee bring competition in the 200 fly, 100 back, 100 breast, and women’s platform diving. Texas A&M’s Sarah Gibson and Georgia’s Chelsea Britt will headline the women’s 200 fly, while Georgia’s Chase Kalisz and Pace Clark are featured in the men’s version. Missouri’s Hannah Stevens and Georgia’s Olivia Smoliga are slated to swim the women’s 100 back. On the men’s side, Alabama’s Luke Kaliszak and Connor Oslin are among the top contenders. The Missouri men will field All-Americans Michael Chadwick and defending NCAA champ Fabian Schwingenschlogl in the 100 breast, but Auburn’s defending SEC champ Michael Duderstadt will be there to challenge.


  1. Chelsea Britt, Georgia, 1:53.90
  2. Sarah Gibson, Texas A&M, 1:54.43
  3. Megan Kingsley, Georgia, 1:54.94
  4. Kara Kopcso, LSU, 1:56.86
  5. Bailey Nero, Auburn, 1:56.96
  6. Sharli Brady, Missouri, 1:57.02
  7. Alyssa Yambor-Maul, Florida, 1:57.34
  8. Michelle Cefal, Tennessee, 1:57.62

Georgia’s Chelsea Britt, a junior transfer from Florida State, swam a season-best 1:53.90 to lead 200 fly prelims, followed by Texas A&M’s Sarah Gibson (1:54.43). That puts them right next to each other in tonight’s final after their close 1-2 finish in the 100 fly. Britt probably has the best front half speed ofthe field, but Gibson will try to run her down on the back half.

Georgi’s Megan Kingsley was the only other swimmer to break 1:56 this morning, turning in a 1:54.94 for 3rd seed. Florida’s Alyssa Yambor-Maul will give the Gators their first championship final swim of the meet after qualifying 7th in 1:57.34.


  1. Chase Kalisz, Georgia, 1:42.37
  2. Jan Switkowski, Florida, 1:43.04
  3. Fynn Minuth, South Carolina, 1:43.09
  4. Gunnar Bentz, Georgia, 1:43.16
  5. Mark Szaranek, Florida, 1:43.49
  6. Pace Clark, Georgia, 1:43.52
  7. Mick Litherland, Georgia, 1:43.71
  8. Hugo Morris, Auburn, 1:43.82

Georgia’s Chase Kalisz and Florida’s Mark Szaranek will get on last showdown in tonight’s 200 fly final, as Kalisz led the way in 1:42.37 and Szaranek earned 5th seed for finals. The Bulldogs will make up half of the final, as Kalisz will be joined by Gunnar Bentz, Mick Litherland, and Pace Clark. Florida will also have multiple swimmers, with Jan Switkowski taking 2nd this morning.

Also in the medal hunt will be South Carolina’s Fynn Minuth, who qualified 3rd, and Auburn’s defending SEC champion Hugo Morris, who snuck in at 8th ahead of Kentucky’s Kyle Higgins (1:43.84).


  1. Olivia Smoliga, Georgia, 51.10
  2. Hannah Stevens, Missouri, 51.13
  3. Kira Toussaint, Tennessee, 51.56
  4. Asia Seidt, Kentucky, 51.66
  5. Nadine Laemmler, Missouri, 51.98
  6. Danielle Galyer, Kentucky, 52.02
  7. Emma Ball, Florida, 52.49
  8. Chelsea Britt, Georgia, 52.54

Georgia’s Olivia Smoliga and Missouri’s Hannah Stevens were separated by just 3 hundredths this morning, turning in a pair of 51.1s. The Bulldogs have 2 in the final, with Chelsea Britt taking on a double this morning to squeak in at 8th. Stevens’ teammate Nadine Laemmler picked up another A-final slot for the Tigers at 5th.

Florida has another championship finalist tonight with freshman Emma Ball taking 7th this morning. The Kentucky women put 2 up, with freshman Asia Seidt taking 4th behind Tennessee All-American Kira Toussaint, and regining NCAA 200 back champ Danielle Galyer taking 6th.


  1. Connor Oslin, Alabama, 45.29
  2. Luke Kaliszak, Alabama, 45.64
  3. Taylor Dale, Georgia, 45.67
  4. Logan Rysemus, LSU, 46.27
  5. Karl Luht, LSU, 46.38
  6. Christopher Reid, Alabama, 46.43
  7. Brock Bonetti, Texas A&M, 46.62
  8. Daniel Hein, Missouri, 46.65

Alabama’s backstroke group came up huge for the Crimson Tide this morning, with Connor Oslin and Luke Kaliszak taking the top 2 seeds and Christopher Reid making it in at 6th. Georgia’s Taylor Dale posted a sub-46 to take 3rd seed, followed by LSU teammates Logan Rysemus and Karl Luht.

Georgia freshman Javier Acevedo just missed the final by hundredths, taking 9th in 46.66 behind Texas A&M’s Brock Bonetti and Missouri’s Daniel Hein.


  1. Jorie Caneta, Texas A&M, 59.78
  2. Bridget Blood, Alabama, 59.83
  3. Madison Winstead, Kentucky, 1:00.09
  4. Colleen Callahan, Tennessee, 1:00.20
  5. Ashley McGregor, Texas A&M, 1:00.28
  6. Natasha Lloyd, Auburn. 1:00.30
  7. Franko Jonker, Texas A&M, 1:00.44
  8. Colleen O’Neil, LSU, 1:00.66

Texas A&M’s Jorie Caneta and Alabama’s Bridget Blood were the only 2 swimmers to break the minute barrier this morning. Kentucky’s Madison Winstead nearly accomplished that as well, turning in a minute flat for 3rd seed. The next 3 swimmers in were Tennessee’s Colleen Callahan, Texas A&M’s Ashley McGregor, and Auburn’s Natasha Lloyd, all turning in 1:00-lows.


  1. Nils Wich-Glasen, South Carolina, 51.58
  2. Fabian Schwingenschlogl, Missouri, 52.08
  3. Anton McKee, Alabama, 52.33
  4. Michael Duderstadt, Auburn, 52.46
  5. Michael Chadwick, Missouri, 52.76
  6. Peter Stevens, Tennessee, 52.81
  7. Chandler Bray, Florida, 53.03
  8. Pavel Romanov, Alabama, 53.06

South Carolina’s Nils Wich-Glasen turned in an NCAA ‘A’ cut time of 51.58 to lead prelims, making him the 2nd fastest swimmer in the nation this year. Defending NCAA champion Fabian Schwingenschlogl picked up 2nd seed, while defending SEC champ Michael Duderstadt took 4th seed behind Alabama’s Anton McKee. Missouri’s Michael Chadwick will challenge for a medal after taking 5th, and Tennessee’s Peter Stevens looks for redemption as the 6th seed after taking a DQ in this race last season.

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4 years ago

Ralph Peterson looking for another SEC title today

Reply to  John
4 years ago

Huge Ralph fan! Go Ralph!

4 years ago

Georgia women on the comeback after strong 200 fly and 100 back

Reply to  Dcrabbe6
4 years ago

Except not because of the breaststroke

Reply to  Dcrabbe6
4 years ago

Unfortunately for the Bulldogs, whatever points they gain from those two events will only be lost in the 100 Breast where the Aggies have 3 in the A Final. Georgia would need to build a 100+point lead by tomorrow’s 200 Breast to have a shot at re-claiming the title… the Aggies have 6 of the top 8 seeds in that event. This cake is all but baked.

Reply to  Dcrabbe6
4 years ago

Aggies add an A Finalist on tower. Georgia gets 5 points for 20th place. A&M also has 18 total swims left tomorrow versus 16 for Georgia. Gibson will be done individually for the Aggies, Britt, Casazza, and Kingsley are done tonight for the Bulldogs.

4 years ago

Anyone think dressel in the future would drop an event to add 200IM or 100 back/breast? Seems like a 1:41 200 IM, 44 high 100 back, or a 50 high 100 breast wouldn’t be out of the question, and could be a better shot at a title with schooling focusing on the 100 fly

Reply to  Ragnar
4 years ago

I don’t think we’ll ever see him do it at SEC’s or NCAA’s. His points in the 50 free, 100 free, and 100 fly are too important for his team in these meets. Now, I could see him doing those events at a meet like Winter Nationals or maybe at LC Nationals.

Reply to  completelyconquered
4 years ago

I want to see him swim on there 8 free relay at ncaas. They could be formidable

JP input too short
Reply to  Cmon
4 years ago

As if D’Arrigo/Switkowski/Baqlah/Rooney isn’t formidable enough 😛

Reply to  JP input too short
4 years ago

I think he could go 131 lead off. They could place higher than some of there other relays.

bobo gigi
Reply to  completelyconquered
4 years ago

I will never understand why so many of you want to see Caeleb Dressel in other events than his sprint freestyle races?
He still has so much to do at the international level in the 50 free and the 100 free. Winning world and olympic golds in individual for example.
I don’t want to see him become an IMer, a breaststroker or a backstroker. 😆 I want to see him improve his long course and make big things against the other international sprint stars.
That’s really a mystery to me. 🙂

Jan Michael Vincent
Reply to  Ragnar
4 years ago

1:41 200IM will get 4th
44 high 100 back will be behind 1st place by over a second
50 high 100 breast could win but his best relay split is 51
If he goes just a lil faster in 100 fly he can win the title

4 years ago

Interesting decision for South Carolina to put Minuth in the 200 fly rather than the mile. Swimoff for 16th in the 100 back between sophomores Bayley Main of Florida and Joey Reilman of Tennessee. Main ends up winning in 46.57 which would have put him in the A final if he’d have done it the first time. Kalisz has another epic battle ahead tonight, but this time, I think it’s Switkowski, not Szaranek, that will give him the most problems, especially after that 45.5 100 fly last night.

Reply to  Aquajosh
4 years ago

Minuth was/is originally a flyer if that explains it better for you

Reply to  Aquajosh
4 years ago

Agreed with Switowski being the real threat in that 2Fly. Its probably Jan’s best event

Reply to  Paul
4 years ago

Seeing as he’s a world championship medalist in the event, best may be an understatement

4 years ago

No way Auburn beats Georgia now

Reply to  Uberfan
4 years ago

Does AUburn have to worry about being caught from behind?

Reply to  korn
4 years ago

UF GOLD, UGA SILVER, AU BRONZE, BAMA 4th but 5th-9th is an interesting scramble for tidbits on the Men’s side. On the Women’s side it is good to see AU bouncing back after a tough year and great to see Kentucky continue to progress.

Parka 59
4 years ago

Mitch has been looking better everyday, with the added warmth of his parka. Seen him wearing 3 today to stay extra warm incase he needs to swim the fly on Florida medley relay. Switkowski looks good but D’riggo is unbeatable when in parka form

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