2017 M. NCAAs: NC State Leads Day 1 Scoring with 800 Free Relay Win


Following day 1 finals at the 2017 Men’s NCAA Championships, the NC State Wolfpack leads the way after pulling off the upset in the 800 free relay. Ryan Held, Andreas Vazaios, Justin Ress, and Soeren Dahl successfully defeated defending champion Texas, taking down the NCAA and U.S. Open Record in the process with their 6:06.53. Held led off in a blistering best time of 1:31.37, while Dahl anchored in 1:30.67.

The Longhorns sit at #2 in the day 1 standings after Jack Conger, Jeff Newkirk, Clark Smith, and Townley Haas set a new American Record time in 6:08.61. Haas put up a 1:30.42 on the anchor leg, marking the fastest 800 free relay split of all time. That was a tenth faster than his 1:30.52 split from last season.

Several teams broke school records to earn their place in the standings, including Florida (#3), Cal (#4), Stanford (#7), Auburn (#12), and Harvard (#14).


  1. NC State                           40   2. Texas                              34
  3. Florida                            32   4. California                         30
  5. Southern Cali                      28   6. Univ of Georgia                    26
  7. Stanford                           24   8. Louisville                         22
  9. Indiana                            18  10. Wisconsin                          14
 11. Michigan                           12  12. Auburn                             10
 13. South Carolina                      8  14. Harvard                             6
 15. Arizona State                       4  16. Missouri                            2

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4 years ago


4 years ago

As a total newbie, can someone please help me to understand. It seems like today’s relay is just one of many races, with most of the remaining races having Texas or Cal swimmers favored to win per the SwimSwam predictions. Yet in the comments on the first day recap, it seemed as though many thought that due to today’s relay performance, that NC State may have a chance to win overall.

It seems from the predictions Texas and Cal would still be the favorites, or am I missing something around correlation for early team performance with overall meet performance?

m augeri
Reply to  Neophyte
4 years ago

NC State has recently come into the NCAAs seeded high, but does not perform well. With these performances, it may indicate that NC State is bringing it this time and could challenge Texas.

Reply to  m augeri
4 years ago

NCstate had a good 200 last year they got second, people are just amazed Texas lost its Texas’s own fault for not going with last years line up

Ex Quaker
Reply to  Neophyte
4 years ago

You can never discount the power of momentum. Just ask the Georgia ladies from last year’s NCAAs.

NYC Unicorn
4 years ago

Points wise Texas had the biggest jump up from their seeding. NC State stayed where they were seeded and Cal moved down a spot.

Bay City Tex
Reply to  NYC Unicorn
4 years ago

Plus, Horns will have a net gain by not swimming Schooling in the relay. Relay might have scored 40 with Schooling, but he will score more than 6 points in the 50. If he swims to his seed, Horns will
score 50 instead of 40, +10 gained. Horn divers will decide this thing, imho.

4 years ago

Held with that 1:31.37 and he’s not even swimming the 200…. Just off the crazy Burnett and Berens times.

4 years ago

Not putting Schooling in is going to pay off for Texas. Brilliant decision for Reese to not put him in.

Peter Davis
4 years ago

Congrats NC State. Here are last year’s relay times, this year’s times, way too early analysis that we can try to squeeze out of the first event of the meet, and how tonight’s results may change expectations for the team race heading into the first full day of swimming tomorrow:

2016(place) 2017(place)(2017 entry time)
[analysis and way too early expectations based on the 800fr]

6:09.58(2nd) 6:06.53(1st)(6:09.82)
Bilis 1:32.02 Held 1:31.37
Held 1:32.06 Vazaios 1:32.23
Ress 1:33.64 Ress 1:32.26
Dahl 1:31.86 Dahl 1:30.67
[Held -0.69, Ress -1.38, Dahl -1.19. Relay -3.29 total from last year. Held was also about -1.40 than ACCs, Vazaios about -1.10, Ress +0.20, and Dahl -1.00.… Read more »

Reply to  Peter Davis
4 years ago

That was an awesome analysis! Really informative and interesting. Thanks!

4 years ago

Very Impressive; however one relay makes not a championship. Sit back and let the individual swims and dives decide each teams fate!

Reply to  swimfanII
4 years ago

Yes, but breaking an NCAA record by almost 2 seconds on the first night holds more value than the winning “one relay”…

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