2017 Big 12 Championships: Day 2 Finals Live Recap


Swimmers are gearing up for day 2 finals at the 2017 Big 12 Swimming and Diving Championships in Austin, Texas. Tonight’s action includes the 500 free, 200 IM, 50 free, 200 free relay, and women’s 1-meter diving. Several swimmers will be chasing Big 12 Records tonight, including Madisyn Cox (200 IM) and Rebecca Millard (50 free) on the women’s side.

On the men’s side, Townley Haas and Clark Smith will line up for an exciting 500 free battle. Defending NCAA champ Will Licon will take on teammate John Shebat, who had a big swim this morning, in the 200 IM. Finally, the 50 free will feature a showdown between Joseph Schooling and Jack Conger. This morning, Schooling tied Ian Crocker’s Big 12 Meet Record with a personal best 19.18, while Conger was just a nail behind in 19.20.


  • NCAA ‘A’ cut: 4:36.30
  • NCAA ‘B’ cut: 4:47.79
  • Big 12 Record: Joanna Evans (2017)- 4:36.97
  • Conference Meet Record: Joanna Evans (2017)- 4:36.97
  1. Joanna Evans, Texas, 4:36.97
  2. Lauren Case, Texas, 4:40.09
  3. Quinn Carrozza, Texas, 4:45.97

Texas’ Joanna Evans smashed the Big 12 Conference and Meet Records en route to a 4:36.97 victory. freshman teammate Lauren Case clipped her best time to take silver in 4:40.09, while Quinn Carrozza completed the Longhorn podium sweep with a 4:45.97 for 3rd.

Finishing just off the podium was West Virginia’s Emma Skelley in 4:46.76. Also coming in under 4:50 were Iowa State’s Keely Soellner (4:48.09) and Texas’ Maggie D’Innocenzo (4:49.56).


  • NCAA ‘A’ cut: 4:13.22
  • NCAA ‘B’ cut: 4:24.99
  • Big 12 Record: Clark Smith (2015)- 4:08.82
  • Conference Meet Record: Clark Smith (2017)- 4:11.11
  1. Clark Smith, Texas, 4:11.11
  2. Townley Haas, Texas, 4:12.90
  3. Jeff Newkirk, Texas, 4:15.99

Texas All-Americans Clark Smith and Townley Haas battled closely through the first half of the race, but Smith took off on the back half to win gold in 4:11.11. With that, he cleared the former Big 12 Meet Record of 4:11.41 done by Michael Klueh in 2008. Haas wound up 2nd in 4:12.90, while teammate Jeff Newkirk rounded out the podium in a personal best 4:15.99.

Finishing 4th was Texas’ Jonathan Roberts (4:24.41), followed by West Virginia’s Trayton Saladin (4:25.31) and Ryan Kelly (4:26.69).


  • NCAA ‘A’ cut: 1:55.35
  • NCAA ‘B’ cut: 2:01.59
  • Big 12 Record: Madisyn Cox (2017)- 1:52.82
  • Conference Meet Record: Madisyn Cox (2017)- 1:52.82
  1. Madisyn Cox, Texas, 1:52.82
  2. Nora McCullagh, Texas, 1:58.89
  3. Morgan Bullock, West Virginia, 2:00.80

Texas’ Madisyn Cox obliterated the field, shaving a hundredth off her own Big 12 Conference Record to win gold in 1:52.82. That took down her former Meet Record of 1:54.31 from last season by a second and a half. The only other swimmer below 2 minutes was teammate Nora McCullagh, who took silver in 1:58.81.

West Virginia freshman Morgan Bullock had a big swim, taking bronze in 2:00.80 ahead of TCU’S Devin Newton (2:01.38) and Kansas’ Pia Pavlic (2:01.38), who tied for 4th behind her.

MEN’S 200 IM

  • NCAA ‘A’ cut: 1:42.15
  • NCAA ‘B’ cut: 1:49.09
  • Big 12 Record: Will Licon (2016)- 1:40.04
  • Conference Meet Record: Will Licon (2015)- 1:41.67
  1. Will Licon, Texas, 1:42.38
  2. John Shebat, Texas, 1:42.99
  3. Sam Stewart, Texas, 1:45.16

Texas’ John Shebat had an impressive swim, giving defending NCAA champ Will Licon a run for his money in tonight’s final. Shebat had the upper hand through the 1st 100, but Licon used his breaststroke leg to bring himself even and took the lead on the free leg. Licon touched in a winning time of 1:42.38, while Shebat settled for silver in a lifetime best 1:42.99.

The Longhorns’ Sam Stewart, a sophomore transfer from Auburn, picked up the bronze with a quick 1:45.16, followed by freshman teammate Josh Artmann (1:46.58).


  • NCAA ‘A’ cut: 21.80
  • NCAA ‘B’ cut: 22.99
  • Big 12 Record: Shara Stafford (2012)- 21.79
  • Conference Meet Record: Hee-Jin Chang (2009)- 21.87
  1. Rebecca Millard, Texas, 22.03
  2. Claire Adams, Texas, 22.33
  3. Anelise Diener, Texas, 22.61

Texas sprint standout Rebecca Millard swam to a 22.03 victory in the 50 free to outswim teammate Claire Adams (22.33). Sophomore teammates Anelise Diener and Remedy Rule were separated by just a hundredth in the race for bronze, but it was Diener who got her hand to the wall first, clocking a 22.61 to Rule’s 22.62.

Iowa State’s Laura Miksch was also sub-23, clocking in at 22.78 for 5th place.


  • NCAA ‘A’ cut: 19.09
  • NCAA ‘B’ cut: 20.19
  • Big 12 Record: Jimmy Feigen (2009)- 18.84
  • Conference Meet Record: Ian Crocker (2004)/Joseph Schooling (2017)- 19.18
  1. Joseph Schooling, Texas, 18.76
  2. Jack Conger, Texas, 19.27
  3. Brett Ringgold, Texas, 19.29

Texas’ Joseph Schooling broke 19 seconds from a flat start for the first time in his career, taking down the Big 12 Conference Record and Meet Record with a blazing 18.76. Coming to the wall 2nd was teammate Jack Conger in 19.27, just 7 hundredths shy of his lifetime best from prelims.

Brett Ringgold rounded out the podium for the Longhorns in 19.29, while Tate Jackson secured a 4th place finish in 19.52 to out-touch West Virginia’s Merwane Elmerini (19.59).


  1. Meghan O’Brien (Texas)- 338.80
  2. Alison Gibson (Texas)- 327.00
  3. Julie Dickinson (Iowa State)- 300.55

Texas teammates Meghan O’Brien and Alison Gibson secured a Longhorn 1-2, taking gold and silver respectively. Rounding out the podium was Iowa State standout Julie Dickinson. Texas’ Sofia Rauzi (293.15) was just off the podium with a 4th place finish.


  • NCAA ‘A’ cut: 3:33.40
  • NCAA ‘B’ cut: 3:34.96
  • Big 12 Record: Texas (2016)- 3:29.77
  • Conference Meet Record: Texas (2016)- 3:30.43
  1. Texas- 3:31.05
  2. Kansas- 3:39.66
  3. West Virginia- 3:40.65

The Longhorns won the 400 medley relay with ease, as Tasija Karosas got them the early lead after her 52.36 backstroke split. Madisyn Cox (58.73 breast), Remedy Rule (52.50 fly), and Rebecca Millard (47.46 free) followed as the team won in 3:31.05.


  • NCAA ‘A’ cut: 3:07.75
  • NCAA ‘B’ cut: 3:09.68
  • Big 12 Record: Texas (2016)- 3:00.68
  • Conference Meet Record: Texas (2016)- 3:04.64
  1. Texas- 3:05.33
  2. West Virginia- 3:14.30
  3. TCU- 3:14.56

John Shebat got the Longhorns started with a 46.24 backstroke split to take the early lead. Breaststroker Will Licon popped a 50.84 to extend that lead, while butterflier Joseph Schooling (45.64) and freestyler Jack Conger (42.62) closed out the race. The Longhorns sealed the gold in 3:05.33.

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4 years ago

Closing 50 by smith… 23.76 is a solid way to end a 200.

Reply to  PKWater
4 years ago

That closing 50 impressed me too. Wonder if it’s the fastest ever – bodes well for his 1650 swim.

Reply to  Wahooswimfan
4 years ago

I agree… makes me wonder if he would have been faster if he would have gone faster splits throughout instead of such a blazing last 50?

X swimmmer
Reply to  Jon
4 years ago

Sammy save up?

Reply to  Jon
4 years ago

He’s been playing with it all season. Look at his splits from his slower in-season swims. He would finish in sub 23 a bunch IIRC.

David McClellan
4 years ago

Blazing swim by Madisyn Cox!

cynthia curran
Reply to  David McClellan
4 years ago

She may win NCAA’s.

Reply to  cynthia curran
4 years ago

I was ridiculed when I suggested Cox will win one event this year. Also voted down when I said there was 0 chance Conger or anyone else beats Schooling this year. We will see.

Reply to  cynthia curran
4 years ago

The race between her eastin and baker will be one of the things to watch for ncaa’s oh and then you know smogs v weitzel v manuel

4 years ago

Not to take anything away from the other teams, but it’s a waste for Texas to be in this conference. I’d like to see what the women could do with some competition right now.

4 years ago

Schooling 18:76!!!

4 years ago

18.7 that is blazing big 12 swim. Will most likely be able to flat start a 40 in the 100

4 years ago

Schooling 18.76
I don’t wanna hear anything else about Dressel
Bolles quartet scy ranking

Reply to  Swimnerd
4 years ago

Dressel Is the fastest ever in 2 events, Murphy in 2 events, Schooling in 1. How is he above the other two in scy lol

PK boo I\'m sad my name is too short now
Reply to  Pvdh
4 years ago

Schooling has both flys.


PK Boo — That’s what I wast thinking too, but I’d totally forgotten about this: https://swimswam.com/tom-shields-throws-43-8-100-fly-new-american-u-s-open-record/

Reply to  Robert Gibbs
4 years ago

Probably for only about a month more though. I think we see a 43 low 100 fly this year.

Reply to  Pvdh
4 years ago

Schooling and Murphy have broken barriers previously thought to be unbreakable (1:37.97 200 fly and Murphy’s 1:35 200 back) Dressel while the fastest to ever do it has swam times we’ve seen before. Vlads been 18.5 and 40.7 just like Dressel has been 18.2 and 40.4. The obsession with Caleb Dressel is understandable as he does the 50 and the 100, the “sexy” events of college. Once he goes 17 and 39 then the order will switch. But when Schooling goes under 44 and drops the 200 fly record even further this march and Murphy goes 19,42 and possibly 1:34 high/1:35 low backstroke in Indy we’ll see 2 men who are in a league of their own compared to their… Read more »

Reply to  Swimnerd
4 years ago

You realize you’re comparing times for vastly different distances. Dressel’s 18.2 is 1% better than anyone has ever gone. Murphy’s 1:35.73 compared to Lochte’s 1:36.81 is also 1% better. Schooling’s 1:37.97 is about 0.01% better than Conger’s 1:38.06. Usain Bolt’s 9.58 is 1% better than Asafa Powell’s 9.74 in the 100 meter dash. It isn’t about “sexy,” it’s about comparative dominance. Dressel and Murphy are Bolt-like in those events. Schooling, as great as he is, isn’t.

Reply to  Bigly
4 years ago

I think he’s saying as an overall swimmer not just one event…

Reply to  Swimnerd
4 years ago

Sorry bud, but you’ll be hearing of him come NCAAs x)

E Gamble
Reply to  Swimnerd
4 years ago

Four Olympians and 6 gold medals. ☺

Reply to  Swimnerd
4 years ago

Sorry bud, Murphy is the best out of the 4 by a LONG SHOT.
Double Oly gold in the backstrokes and relay win.
Broke a suited WR in the 100.
Fastest SCY backstroker by a LOT. 43.49 versus a 44 low by Thoman. Fastest 50 backstroke ever. Faster than Lochte’s SCY 200 back by like a second right?
Also capable of 18s, 41s in the sprint frees, and 1:40 in the 200 IM. In LCM, lets not kid eachother, he could go sub 48.5 relay split and 1:46 in the 200 LCM minimum.

Schooling has no WR’s. He has 1 Olympic Gold. In SCY he has an incredible fly, but he isn’t the fastest over 100… Read more »

Jay Kay
Reply to  PACFAN
4 years ago

Wow. Pacfan schooling fools here (pun intended). Just dropping all kinds of knowledge. Tough to argue w that.

Reply to  PACFAN
4 years ago

I agree with the ordering, but, just a small note, I’d give the edge to Schooling in the non-dominant stroke events. The guy has better 50-200 yd frees, better LCM 100-200 frees, and is arguably a hair behind in the 200IM.

You also leave out Dressel’s best events… 50/100/100fly SCY. He hasn’t achieved anything comparable in LCM yet.

Reply to  R&R
4 years ago

Well in LCM Conger is definitely the best out of them, dude has really high level backstrokes not to mention a 1:45 200

Reply to  Uberfan
4 years ago

Not a Bolles swimmer.

Reply to  PACFAN
4 years ago

I value your viewpoint, I was talking scy. The edge to Schooling for me comes from the 18.76 flat start swim today, still waiting for the day I get to see Murphy go flat start 50/100. Oh my man I think Murphy can split 47 100 free LC off a relay start, it amazes me people think he’s not capable of it. But as I mentioned down in another post Murphy could 41 a free and probably 44 a fly if he really wanted to. Head to head fly goes to schooling, backstroke obviously goes to murphy but I’d love to watch them go at it flat start 50/100/200 free. I completely understand the Murphy call though and it may… Read more »

Reply to  Swimnerd
4 years ago

I think we’ll see the full range of Murphy’s potential as soon as this year of NCAA finishes.

Reply to  Swimnerd
4 years ago

dressel changes in a bathroom stall…..and he can play the drums so he is the winnar

4 years ago

Schooling will always be in Conger’s head.

Reply to  Jake
4 years ago

Until they swim a 200 LCM fly together.

4 years ago

Schooling owns Conger again, this time in the 50 free.

Reply to  Cheatinvlad
4 years ago

Let’s stop acting like conger is in schoolings league. Schooling is just better.

Sir Swimsalot
Reply to  Pvdh
4 years ago

i still have faith in Conger. He isn’t far off Schooling in the 200 Fly. And it’s not like he is a trash swimmer either. Btw, let them race a 200 FR and Conger would whoop Schoolings butt every time.

Reply to  Sir Swimsalot
4 years ago

Exactly – many here dont remember having watched Conger’s 200 free LC last year – or didn’t watch the prelims of the Us 800 free relay . Finger did a tremendous job . Lets give him some space here – because he might well represent Team Usa this summer in at least 2 or 3 races ( relays included ) .

Sir Swimsalot
Reply to  Sir Swimsalot
4 years ago

For all the Schooling fans, I’m not downplaying his ability either. He is a fantastic swimmer and I’m looking forward to watching him swim for many years to come. 🙂

Reply to  Pvdh
4 years ago

Conger fanboys do not agree

Reply to  Pvdh
4 years ago

Depending on the event. 200 LCM fly? Any free distance above 100 yards? Backstroke?

tea rex
Reply to  Pvdh
4 years ago

Yes, Jack Conger is really bad at swimming. He should be on the intramural league, with the other kids who can barely break 1:40 in 200 fly.

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