2017 B1G Men’s Champs: Day 3 Prelims Live Recap


  • When: Wednesday, February 22th to Saturday, February 25th | Prelims 11am | Finals 6:30pm
  • Where: Ohio State University, Columbus, OH (Eastern Time Zone)
  • Defending Champion: Michigan Wolverines (results)
  • Live Results
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  • Championship Central: here


  • NCAA ‘A’ cut: 45.73
  • NCAA ‘B’ cut: 48.29
  • B1G Conference record: Chris Brady MICH 45.24 (2009)
  1. Matt McHugh OSU 45.29
  2. Vini Lanza IU 45.56
  3. Noah Lense OSU 45.71
  4. Cannon Clifton WISC 46.27
  5. Tuomas Pokkinen MINN 46.28
  6. Miles Smachlo MICH 46.30
  7. Jerzy Twarowski IOWA 46.43
  8. Evan White MICH 46.53

Home team Ohio State got off to a great start this morning, sending swimmers Matt McHugh (45.29) and Noah Lense (45.71) into the final seeded 1-3. McHugh was just hundredths off of the B1G record of 45.24, which has stood since 2009. Sandwiched in between the Buckeyes this morning was Vini Lanza at 45.56– last night Lanza split a 44.6 on the Hoosiers’ medley relay, and this showdown between the top three could be incredibly close.

Michigan had two up in this race, and more depth in the entire event, which should help them catch up a bit to IU tonight.


  • NCAA ‘A’ cut: 3:40.76
  • NCAA ‘B’ cut: 3:54.49
  • B1G Conference record: Tyler Clary MICH 3:35.98 (2009)
  1. Charlie Swanson MICH 3:44.99
  2. PJ Ransford MICH 3:46.48
  3. Ching Lim OSU 3:46.66
  4. Cameron Stitt MICH 3:47.15
  5. Jakub Maly MINN 3:47.54
  6. Adam Noens PUR 3:48.03
  7. Stephen Holmquist MICH 3:48.10
  8. Joshua Brooks PUR 3:48.39

Michigan really threw it down in the 400 IM, an event in which they have a lot of history. Led by freshman Charlie Swanson (3:44.99), the Wolverines finished 1-2-4-7 this morning, which will amount to a significant points surge tonight. 3rd went to Ching Lim of OSU at 3:46.66, with 5th going to Jakub Maly of Minnesota (3:47.54). This is a fairly compact top heat, and anyone who cruised this morning could surprise with big drops tonight.


  • NCAA ‘A’ cut: 1:32.97
  • NCAA ‘B’ cut: 1:37.99
  • B1G Conference record: Michael Wynalda MICH 1:32.14 (2014)
  1. Marwan El Kamash IU 1:33.25
  2. Mohamed Samy IU 1:33.55
  3. Joshua Fleagle OSU 1:33.63
  4. Felix Auboeck MICH 1:33.70
  5. Blake Pieroni IU 1:33.72
  6. Brett Pinfold WISC 1:34.03
  7. Jackson Miller IU 1:34.07
  8. Anze Tavcar IU 1:34.32*
  9. Matthew Hutchins WISC 1:34.32*

As advertised, the Indiana freestyle crew went off, and it paid off. They have four guys safely into the A final, with a tie between Anze Tavcar of IU and Matthew Hutchins of Wisconsin at 1:34.32 for 8th. Marwan El Kamash leads the way at 1:33.25, followed closely by Mohamed Samy (1:33.55), Josh Fleagle (1:33.63), Felix Auboeck (1:33.70) and Blake Pieroni (1:33.72).

After Pieroni’s 1:31.9 lead-off in the 800 free relay, expect him to come out firing tonight.

*UPDATE: Wisconsin’s Hutchins won the swim-off with IU’s Tavcar, leaving Hutchins in the A final and Tavcar in the B final.


  • NCAA ‘A’ cut: 51.93
  • NCAA ‘B’ cut: 55.39
  • B1G Conference record: Richard Funk MICH 51.41 (2015)
  1. Ian Finnerty IU 52.05
  2. Chris Klein MICH 52.62
  3. Jack Barone OSU 52.67
  4. Conner McHugh MINN 52.73
  5. Jacob Montague MICH 52.82
  6. Levi Brock IU 52.88
  7. Eric Sande MINN 53.03
  8. Gunther Casell PSU 53.41

Indiana, Michigan, and Minnesota each got 2 into tonight’s A final, with IU’s Ian Finnerty leading the way at 52.05. Michigan’s Chris Klein sits at #2 at 52.52, with OSU’s Jack Barone close behind at 52.67. As we’ve been seeing in many events at this meet, the top 8 is very close, and in this event, it looks like anyone’s race behind Finnerty.


  • NCAA ‘A’ cut: 45.37
  • NCAA ‘B’ cut: 48.49
  • B1G Conference record: Ben Hesen IU 44.72 (2008)
  1. Matt McHugh OSU 45.25
  2. Shane Ryan PSU 46.08
  3. Bob Glover IU 46.32
  4. Tristan Sanders MICH 46.68
  5. Thomas Trace OSU 46.72
  6. Luke Papendick MICH 47.10
  7. Mark Belanger OSU 47.11
  8. Andrew Appebly OSU 47.19

Ohio State impressed this morning, getting four into the A final including top seed Matt McHugh at 45.25. McHugh performed the 100 fly/100 back double, going nearly the same exact time in both, and earning the top seed in both. Penn State’s Shane Ryan was 2nd in 46.08, but after his 44.9 last night, expect a much closer race between him and McHugh tonight.

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B1G Poppa

Projected 100 Fly Pts
MICH 92 / 553.5
IU 39 / 601


The Hoosier came to swam this morning! Possibly 5 in the top 8 in the 200 free(Depending on the swim off).

Michigan isn’t winning this meet. They aren’t going to out swim IU first of all and second they have no divers.

IU will shut the door the tonight. The real battle if Ohio State can catch up to Michigan which I doubt it but Ohio State does have divers.



Michigan won’t take the lead tonight but IU will most likely not gain points. MI brought back too many for IU’s divers to imake a difference. Without diving: MI- 11-6-5, IU-8-3-6 (if IU replicates yesterday’s diving 11-4-6)


Tomorrow is going to be crazy. Ohio State isn’t too far off either…


First of all Michigan has and will continue to outside Indiana. If Indiana wins it will he strictly because of diving, which isn’t as impressive if you ask me



Guhday MahLady

“If Indiana wins it will be strictly because of diving, which is not impressive.”

C’mon dude. Credit to Indiana for actually thinking ahead of B1G’s and having divers in the first place. The swimming argument can be summed up with simply this… Michigan is scrapping for top 4 relay finishes while IU (barring a DQ) will continue to go 5/5


If you’re going to use quotation marks, at least get the quote right. You probably got denied from Michigan with those writing skills. I said isn’t *as* impressive. Let’s be real, swimming is what we are focused on here. Good for them if they win, but to not win the swimming part makes it less impressive. Michigan’s squad is fighting hard. Impressive considering how young they are

Body Shots

Blue, you’re more than welcome to come to IU to support a winning team


Its swimming AND diving. Just because Bottom won’t give up any scholarships for diving isn’t Indiana’s fault. It was gonna bit him in the rear at some point.


It’s not one or the other, it’s an accumulated effort. The swimmers can’t do it without the divers and the A finalists can’t do it without the C finalists. It’s about the team, and will forever be about the team. The reason Michigan has gotten to where they are today is because of their depth and reliance on each and every one of their members.

Body Shots

Indiana ended Michigan’s 15 year dual meet undefeated streak… if i were michigan id be salty tok

B1G Poppa

Projected 400 IM Pts
MICH 109 / 662.5
IU 6 / 607

Wolverine up on IU 201-45 in two events this morning to erase 100 point deficit. More amazing: Only 9 guys swam for MICH to account for those 200 200 points.


*(cough, cough) IU 200 Freestylers (cough, cough)

outside smoke

PJ Ransford looking good in that 4IM that’s a three second drop, don’t count him out against the big boys in the mile tomorrow just yet


Ransford looked solid in the 500 free yesterday as well, about a half second PR over NCAAs last year

Inside Smoke

Awesome Job PJ! You make me proud to be your boyfriend!

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