17 Hungarian Swimmers Own Olympic Qualifying Times As June 23rd Deadline Looms

The Hungarian Swimming Federation confirmed that there have been 17 swimmers who have notched at least one Olympic qualifying time for this summer’s Game in Paris, France.

Per the nation’s Olympic selection policy, swimmers still have through the World Aquatics-dictated deadline of June 23rd in which to establish additional qualifications.

As a deviation from past Hungarian Olympic selection criteria, no swimmer is protected at this point in time. If anyone swims a faster time than those below by June 23rd, he/she can overtake an already-qualified competitor’s slot.

This is important to note with a 33-strong Hungarian roster headed to the European Championships beginning on June 17th in Belgrade, Serbia.

Hubert Kos leads the charge with 4 events on his qualifying list while Kristof Milak an Kristof Rasovszky are next with 3 events currently in their portfolios.

Ajna Kesely is the sole woman qualifier thus far with more than one event on her lineup.

New mom Katinka Hosszu is still gunning for a possible 6th Olympic Games appearance but needs to attain her first qualification time.

Men (10 competitors)

Qualified in 4 Events

  • Kós Hubert (100m backstroke, 53.08; 200m backstroke, 1:54.14; 100m butterfly, 50.84; 200m medley, 1:57.88)

Qualified in 3 Events

  • Kristóf Milák (50m freestyle, 21.89;  100m butterfly, 50.80; 200m butterfly, 1:52.58)
  • Kristóf Rasovszky (400m frestyle, 3:46.56; 800m freestyle 7:44.42; 1500m freestyle, 14:51.46)

Qualified in 2 Events

  • Dávid Betlehem (800m freestyle, 7:47.02 • 1500m freestyle, 14:46.47)

Qualified in 1 Event

  • Ádám Jászó (100m backstroke, 53.35)
  • Richárd Márton (200m butterfly, 1:54.54)
  • Nándor Németh (100m freestyle, 47.62)
  • Sebasztián Szabó (50m freestyle, 21.67)
  • Ádám Telegdy (200m backstroke, 1:55.57)
  • Gábor Zombori (200m IM, 1:57.88)

Competitors with Qualifying Time but Ranked 3rd

  • Sárkány Zalán (1500m freesetyle, 14:53.19)
  • Benedek Kovács (100m backstroke, 53.67; 200m backstroke, 1:55.85)

Women (7 competitors)

Qualified in 2 Events

  • Ajna Késely (400m freestyle, 4:06.35; 800m freestyle, 8:26.04)

Qualified in 1 Event

  • Jackl Vivien (400m IM, 4:34.98)
  • Boglárka Kapás (200m butterfly, 2:08.15)
  • Dóra Molnár (200m backstroke, 2:09.82)
  • Nikolett Pádár (200m freestyle, 1:56.17)
  • Dalma Sebestyén (200m IM, 2:10.87)
  • Eszter Szabó-Feltóthy (200m backstroke, 2:08.85)

Competitors with Qualifying Time but Ranked 3rd

  • Katalin Burián (200m backstroke, 2:10.19)

Qualified Relays

  • Men’s 4x100m freestyle relay
  • Women’s 4x100m freestyle relay
  • Women’s 4x200m freestyle relay

Open water swimming, 10km (3 competitors)

  • Kristóf Rasovszky
  • Dávid Betlehem
  • Bettina Fábián

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2 months ago

Kristóf Rasovszky will not race in pool, only in open water (per weekend news).

Go Hubi.
Reply to  MZ/X
2 months ago

That would certainly speak well for Sarkany in the 1500.

2 months ago

From recent European Championships countries have been able to swim 4 per event with the 2 fastest prelim swimmers advancing to the semifinals (or finals). In non-Olympic years at least in the past, there have been several countries taking advantage of this 4 swimmers per event rule, so someone who finishes 20-24 can actually makes it to the semifinals.

2 months ago

According to news out of Hungary, Hubert Kos will be swimming at the Euros next month – Bowman has decided to send him to Belgrade for some competition practice, despite not being in top shape, interesting.

Go Hubi.
Reply to  Kim
2 months ago

With the training he had done through the NCAA season and being on the Olympic train since then, includnig extensive altitude training in that interim, unless ill or injured (neither of which I heard of) Kos is clearly in great shape. He may not be rested for top performance at Europeans but it would only be because he’s not gone through his taper protocols as yet. Don’t spread any “he’s not in shape” panic ala Milak.

Hubi is in shape. And will perform well in Paris.

Reply to  Go Hubi.
2 months ago

Read the other article.

Reply to  Go Hubi.
2 months ago

It’s what he himself said, but he probably meant he just isn’t going to be tapered for it.

Go Hubi.
Reply to  Kim
2 months ago

I spoke to Hubi’s Mom in Indianapolis and she spoke of his huge desire to be on the only qualified Hungarian men’s relay team in Paris, 4×100 Free.

Mikak :47.47
Nemeth :47.62
Szabo :48.19

Other options:

Kos :48.87
Szabados :49.13
Meszaros :49.18
Jaszo :49.25

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