On His 15th Birthday, Michael Andrew Takes Out 13-14 National Age Group Record in 100 Fly

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Michael Andrew had a few more attempts at 13-14 National Age Group Records. Friday, April 18th, 2014 is his 15th birthday, but per USA Swimming rules, because he started the 2014 NASA Showcase Classic at 14, he gets to finish the meet at 14. This is the same rule we saw in effect at Worlds over the summer, where Simone Manuel broke 15-16 National Age Group Records after her 17th birthday.

On Friday evening, though, were that rule not in existence, it wouldn’t have mattered. Andrew swam a 46.95 to win the boys’ 14-year olds 100 yard fly, which is faster than both his own 13-14 record of 47.23, and also faster than the 46.99 done by Alexander Valente earlier this year that is the 15-16 record.

So whether we count this as ‘jumping an age group’ or not, it’s clear that Andrew will certainly be able to hold-his-own with his age group when he races at the Mesa Grand Prix next weekend, for the first time as an official 15-16.

So for now, Valente’s record stands among 15-16’s. It’s very rare for this to happen in the men’s pool, though we’ve seen it quite frequently in the last few years with some of the young women’s stars like Missy Franklin and Katie Ledecky.

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The other day I remarked that MA, with his hair going backwards, looked more and more like Gary Hall Junior.
But on that butterfly picture above, he looks like Mark Spitz. Without the mustache. 🙂


He has defenetly something from Spitz with the stache on the picture . Well observed

comment image

Hopefully we can get MA to race a fly without goggles. Then perhaps we can see if he was actually of Spitz blood somewhere along the lines.

I think you might be on to something, Bobo… I’m piecing it together and my theory is that MA was created in a lab like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Twins… A little Gary Hall, Jr and a little Mark Spitz, a little Matt Biondi, a little Lenny Krazylberg, and finally a little Mark Barrowman.



Little correction my dear HULK : It’s lenny Krayzelburg . Thanks for mentioning of the great names from 88′ and 92′ Olympics .

Like all my grade school teachers would tell you- I rushed my work.

As I was typing the names out, I got the idea for the mustache picture so I just got sloppy.

😆 😆 😆 😆

We have our 46!
Congrats to Mr Andrew!
He has again read me! 🙂
Scratch the 200 breast to focus on the 100 fly if you want to swim a 46.
He did it!
Great accomplishment!

Kirk Nelson

This kid is something else and his ability to swim fast meet after meet is simply amazing.

Mark Savage

He really is extraordinary. It will be interesting to watch him develop in the next few years.

Thinking back many, many years, I can’t recall an age-grouper(maybe Caulkins or Jesse Vassallo) who broke records at this rate and with this kind of versatility.


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