On His 15th Birthday, Michael Andrew Takes Out 13-14 National Age Group Record in 100 Fly

Michael Andrew had a few more attempts at 13-14 National Age Group Records. Friday, April 18th, 2014 is his 15th birthday, but per USA Swimming rules, because he started the 2014 NASA Showcase Classic at 14, he gets to finish the meet at 14. This is the same rule we saw in effect at Worlds over the summer, where Simone Manuel broke 15-16 National Age Group Records after her 17th birthday.

On Friday evening, though, were that rule not in existence, it wouldn’t have mattered. Andrew swam a 46.95 to win the boys’ 14-year olds 100 yard fly, which is faster than both his own 13-14 record of 47.23, and also faster than the 46.99 done by Alexander Valente earlier this year that is the 15-16 record.

So whether we count this as ‘jumping an age group’ or not, it’s clear that Andrew will certainly be able to hold-his-own with his age group when he races at the Mesa Grand Prix next weekend, for the first time as an official 15-16.

So for now, Valente’s record stands among 15-16’s. It’s very rare for this to happen in the men’s pool, though we’ve seen it quite frequently in the last few years with some of the young women’s stars like Missy Franklin and Katie Ledecky.

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6 years ago


6 years ago

And we wait for the haters “but you should imagine Andrew as a 17 year old because that’s what he is physically”. Crazy fast swim. I think many of us were waiting for a 46 out of him.

Reply to  TJ
6 years ago

People that say he has physically matured early probably are not taking into account the height of his parents. His father is 6ft5 and his mother is 6ft2. I don’t think either of Grevers parents are that tall. I think MA has plenty more growing ahead of him.

6 years ago

15 year old breaking the 15/16 nag but it doesn’t count because he was 14 when the meet started? That’s a new one

Reply to  Pvdh
6 years ago

Once upon a time a swimmer could swim up and swim all events. Imagine a 12 year old winning 11/12, then 13/14, then 15/18. Event after event.

Those were the days.

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