Vinny Marciano Breaks His 3rd National Age Group Record at Showcase Classic

  22 Braden Keith | April 18th, 2014 | Club, National, News

12-year old Vinny Marciano has taken a page out of Michael Andrew’s playbook and broken his 3rd National Age Group Record of the week at the 2014 NASA Showcase Classic.

Marciano swam a 51.40 to take the National Age Group Record back from Destin Lasco by nine-tenths of a second. Lasco was a 52.32 in March on a weekend where he and Marciano, at different meets, traded records back and forth for a few days.

After that weekend, it looked like Lasco was going to come out ahead on this budding rivalry (they live in the same state, but unfortunately are not in the same LSC). After this weekend, however, Marciano has wrested back firm control of at least the two shorter backstroke records. He broke the 50 backstroke record for 11-12’s on Thursday, and also took down the 50 free record on Wednesday.

Marciano’s best time coming into this meet was a 52.47. Marciano swims for the Morris County Swim Club in New Jersey.

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samuel huntington

3.47 seconds faster than Michael Andrew at the same age, good grief

Lennart van Haaften

Michael Andrew peaked late. 😉



Winter junior national cut is 50.99, would he have been the first 11-12 male swimmer to qualify for that meet this season? Or ever, for that matter?


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