Jiang hits 10 wins, triples for Godard, Zuchowski and Andrew close NASA Showcase

4 days of fast age group swimming closed in Clearwater, Florida tonight as the NASA Showcase Classic concluded. Highlights of the final day came from every age group.

In the 10 & unders, Joy Jiang won two more races to hit 10 wins for the week. Meanwhile Josh Zuchowski swept the 9-year-old heats and Lance Godard did the same for 10-year-olds.

In the 11-12 bracket, Vinny Marciano continued to rise, breaking another National Age Group record, this time in the 50 fly. He also won the 200 free in a quick time.

Michael Andrew took home three wins in the 13-14s, headlined by a quick 21.28 in the 50 fly.

Live results

Prelims recap


Westchester’s Joy Jiang picked up two more wins to hit double digits for the weekend. Her 9th win of the meet came in the 200 IM, where her 2:18.78 topped the field by almost 6 seconds. Jiang came back just a few events later to go 1:04.05 for the 100 fly win, #10, in another big margin of victory.

Lance Godard won a trio of events for the Kansas City Blazers. The 10-year-old went 2:16.53 to beat Johnny Bradshaw for the 200 IM, then won the 100 fly at 1:02.68, with Bradshaw again second. Finally, in the 50 free, Godard put up a 25.98 to pick up win #3.

The 9-year-old heats of all three of those races went to Joshua Zuchowski of the Jupiter Dragons. He went 2:22.75 in the IM and 1:04.17 in the fly. Zuchowski also won the 50 free for 9-year-olds, going 27.04.

For 9-year-old girls, Zoe Dixon and Allie Hathaway traded blows early. Hathaway won the opening 200 IM for the Orcas of Minnesota in 2:26.55 to Dixon’s 2:30.54. But Dixon struck back for Nova of Virginia in the 100 fly, topping Hathaway 1:06.39 to 1:07.20.

Grace Olsen of Fenton Area won the 50 free, going 27.67 to beat out Dixon. In the 10-year-old heat, Reese Thompson of Delaware Swim Team went 26.61 for the title.


Vinny Marciano won two more events as he continued to rule the 11-12s. Marciano broke yet another NAG record in the 50 fly, bringing his total to 5 for the week. His 23.63 took down Michael Andrew‘s 11-12 mark.

Marciano also won the 200 free, going a very-fast 1:46.94, just about a second and a half off another NAG.

The 11-year-olds’ 50 fly was an outstanding race. The Fish’s Leo Goldblatt came up with the victory, but had to fight off Mason Makos Anthony Grimm. The two finished in 26.32 and 26.35 respectively. (Goldblatt also took a tight race in the 200 free later on, going 1:57.43 to hold off a host of challengers).

The girls 12-year-old 50 fly was a nail-biter as well. The Virginia Gators’ Olivia Bray went 25.37 to top the Mason Makos’ Alexa Cuomo and her 25.43. In the 11-year-old heat, Gabriela Pierobon Mays continued to pile up wins, going 25.91 to run away with the heat.

Pierobon Mays also won the 100 breast, going 1:09.61. The 12-year-old heat went to Westchester’s Katherine Douglass at 1:04.44, just touching out Giovanna Cappabianca of Cuyahoga Falls and her 1:04.47.

In the 400 IM, Green Bay’s Emma Lasecki pulled off the win, going 4:30.59 to beat Cappabianca. In the 11-year-old heat, Delaware’s Chase Travis won another title at 4:38.47.

For the boys, Aquastar’s Christopher Hardt took the younger heat at 4:30.32 while Poseidon swimmer Adam Kerr won the 12-year-old heat. Both wins were substantial.

Hardt also won the 100 breast in 1:04.91. The 12-year-old heat went to Nicholas Torres in 1:03.23 with Kerr second.

400 IM winner Travis doubled up in the 200 free, going 1:56.21 for the title. In the 12-year-old heat, sprinter Christina Cianciolo won for Clearwater, holding off a late charge from distance swimmer Madelyn Donohoe of The Fish. Cianciolo was 1:52.80 to Donohoe’s 1:52.97.


Michael Andrew closed out his official 13-14 career with three wins, though he broke no NAG records on the night. Perhaps Andrew’s most impressive swim was his 21.38 win in the 50 fly, a career-best by a tenth. His butterfly has been on this weekend, especially in the sprints; he broke the 100 fly NAG earlier in the meet in a very impressive 46-second swim.

Andrew also won the 400 IM and 100 breast. That IM race was 3:55.36, a solid three seconds off his personal best. The 100 breast Andrew went 54.70, an easy win but still nearly a second behind his NAG in the event. In hindsight, it appears Andrew might have showed some fatigue towards the end of this meet after spending his last few weeks at age 14 putting together a torrid pace of meets and NAG record attempts.

Kristen Romano of Town Wrecker got another win in the 400 IM. She went 4:21.50 to top Marcella Ruppert-Gomez by two seconds.

Ruppert-Gomez struck back for Clearwater, though, in the 200 free, going 1:50.53 to overcome Romano’s 1:50.69.

The 13-year-old heat was a great race as well, with third-seeded Sara Gaston swimming by the field to win in 1:53.08. Top seed Lindsey Fanz was just behind in 1:53.12.

The 13-year-old 400 IM went to Emma Muzzy of the Virginia Gators in 4:27.44. Her teammate Caroline Kulp finished second. For the boys, the Academy Bullets’ William Kamps won the younger 400 IM heat at 4:10.01.

Second was Garrett Clasen, who won two events of his own later on. Clasen won the 13-year-olds’ 100 breast in 1:00.32 for the West Chicago Sharks and also took the 50 fly with a 24.17.

Both girls 50 fly races were nail-biters. In the 11-year-old division, Katrina Marty nipped Kasja Dymek by just .02, going 25.29 for the win. Then in the older heat, Samantha Suer of Chenango Aquatic went 25.88 to knock off Chiara Pierobon Mays‘s 25.98.

They boys 200 free was one of the craziest finishes of the night. Rising sprinter Daniel Krueger ran down top-seeded Vance Sanders and touched him out by just .01 to take the final 1:39.82 to 1:39.83.

The 13-year-old heat went to William Myhre of St. Charles, who blew out the field with a 1:47.52.

Olivia Paoletti completed her sweep of the 14-year-old breaststroke races, going 1:04.49 to win the 100 breast easily. The 13-year-old heat went to Rabea Pfaff at 1:05.96, a drop of just over two seconds from prelims for the Delaware Swim Teamer.

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8 years ago

will USRP or whatever, will that transfer into meters? I am glad he can hold yards fast, but will this translate?

Reply to  rjcid
8 years ago

It seems to have transferred well so far, since he has six or so NAGs in long course. If he moves to Florida and has more access to long course training, I assume the effect will be even greater. In training for 100’s, they use 25 y/m increments, so they might find a SC pool better suited for that. For the 200’s and the IM events they use 50’s, so I don’t think there are really too many issues there.

The only thing I can see being necessary if you only have access to a SC pool is that you may need to do more repititions just to account for all the extra above water swimming in LC races. And… Read more »

Reply to  Sven
8 years ago

ok, this is great, thanks. I think that once he ages up and plays with guys with more muscle its going to show in meters what he can raelly do. I am not denying his potential, i just know that meters doesnt translate well for age groupers as often.

8 years ago

I think Lance Godard warrants the 10&U SCY winner after this meet. He has Feyerick beat in every 100/200/500 event.

Reply to  Earl
8 years ago

Agreed – the 200 free and 200IM times that Lance Godard put up are far faster than Feyerick swam. Both swims at the NASA meet were fastest times in the nation this year.

8 years ago

Lets not forget short course season isn’t quite over with yet! California swimmers still have their high school state meet in mid May (CIF) which could change some of your rankings Bobo Gigi

bobo gigi
8 years ago

My age group 2013/2014 SCY awards
Winner and honorable mentions

10 and under. BRETT FEYERICK
11/12. VINNY MARCIANO/Destin Lasco/Winn Aung/Christopher Ardt/Ethan Dang
13/14. MICHAEL ANDREW/Reece Whitley/Andrew Trepanier
15/16. RYAN HOFFER/Townley Haas/Grant House/Aidan Burns/Alex Valente/Michael Thomas/Carsten Vissering
17/18. RYAN MURPHY/Caeleb Dressel/Andrew Seliskar/Mitch D’Arrigo/Matthew Josa

10 and under. MEGHAN LYNCH/Joy Jiang/Gretchen Walsh
11/12. ALEXANDRA WALSH/Regan Smith/Sophie Housey/Madelyn Donohue/Katie Mack
13/14. CASSIDY BAYER/Courtney Harnish/Madison Homovich/Alexis Wenger/Gabrielle Kopenski/Earin Earley
15/16. KATIE LEDECKY/Beata Nelson/Meghan Small/Amy Bilquist/Lilly King/Ella Eastin
17/18. SIMONE MANUEL/Missy Franklin/Kathleen Baker/Abbey Weitzeil/Janet Hu/Kylie Stewart/Clara Smiddy/Celina Li

Predictions about NAG record breakers in the year to come in yards and in long course.
Regan Smith and Winn Aung will be… Read more »

bobo gigi
8 years ago

I’ve just watched a few race replays and in my opinion, races of the day were probably the 200 free races. Most of them were very close with good times at the end.
Just a few examples.
Cianciolo won the girls’ 12-year-old category in 1.52.80 just ahead of distance swimmer Donohue in 1.52.97. Kruger won the boys’ 14-year-old category in 1.39.82 just ahead of Sanders in 1.39.83.

Another great day for Mr Marciano. 50 fly and 100 free NAG records. His speed was crazy this week.

Mixed feelings for Mr Andrew to close his 13/14 career.
A disappointing (for him) 400 IM in 3.55.36. Perhaps it’s too long. He has the record in yards but still has… Read more »

bobo gigi
Reply to  bobo gigi
8 years ago


Kirk H
8 years ago

To be an age grouper….the times dropped at this meet by the top 10&Under and 11-12 are fairly remarkable. Especially, the times dropped by the kids at, or near the top.

Kevin T
8 years ago

I am very pleased with that 50 fly time by MA, even though I am not a fan of him wasting his energy on events that mean nothing. I like that time though, I really do. It’s so incredibly fast.

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Jared Anderson

Jared Anderson swam for nearly twenty years. Then, Jared Anderson stopped swimming and started writing about swimming. He's not sick of swimming yet. Swimming might be sick of him, though. Jared was a YMCA and high school swimmer in northern Minnesota, and spent his college years swimming breaststroke and occasionally pretending …

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