Vinny Marciano clips .02 off of Michael Andrew’s 50 fly NAG at NASA Showcase

12-year-old Vinny Marciano just keeps charging at the NASA Showcase Classic. On the final night, Marciano took down his fifth National Age Group record of the meet, going 23.63 to just barely sneak under the NAG record for 11-12s held by Michael Andrew.

After breaking Andrew’s 100 free mark in a time trial, Marciano geared up for the 50 fly, cutting a full 1.2 seconds from prelims to eclipse the mark. This is the third of Andrew’s NAGs that Marciano has taken down this week and the second one today.

The past two records for Marciano have each been by very close margins. Andrew’s old record here was 23.65, and Marciano got under it by just .02 – he’s been making the fingernails count so far today, and he still has the 200 free to swim later on in the session.

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fifth NAG record in 4 days, 50 and 100 free, 50 and 100 back, now the 50 fly

great job Vinny!

Mikal W. Grass


Does he train the same way as MA or is that type of training not appropriate for a 12 yr old? How do these kids, including MA, improve week after week?

Please correct me if I am wrong, but MA’s training doesn’t seem to be too well suited for a 500 or 1650.

He swims for MCSC (Morris County Swim Club) probably the best team around and the best team to join today and any other day! If you want your swimmer to improve week after week join MCSC it will show.

This is a really interesting point to me. It’s been made before, but I think that there is a factor at play here that would be a detriment to MA in longer events that the race specific conditioning of USRPT can’t overcome. I’ll get to that below, though. I think that USRPT would be well suited for a 500. If my memory serves (seriously, correct me if I’m wrong– I swear I’ve seen this trend, but I’m not pausing to check actual sources so either take my word for it or prove me wrong), the way that the best swimmers in this event are splitting the race these days suggest that, for the most part, the 500 is swam like… Read more »

Stupid question… why not train the hip driven stroke usrpt style? My understanding was never that the two (technique and usrpt) were handcuffed. And as I’ve said, while I like a lot about usrpt, I’m by no means a strict applier… I break a lot of the rules 🙂

And trust me, I’m far from a USRPT purist. I consider myself a proponent of race pace as a base to build a program around, and USRPT comes close enough to that that I generally find myself defending it. As I’ve said before, Dr. Rushall is a very smart man, but he’s a smart man with an agenda, and so I try to take his words with a grain of salt.

Exactly. I was trying to say that USRPT will be a a sprinters-only tool for exactly as long as people use the sprint technique Rushall prescribes. I just find it a bit strange that one of the tenets of USRPT is that stroke technique changes at different velocities, and yet the creator advocates one technique for all speeds of freestyle.

doh- nevermind, Hackett faded at the end of his 1500m world record, I’m not sure where I saw comparisons that were similar.. maybe a different race of his, I have no idea. Take that part with a grain of salt.

I think Ian Thorpe is a better comparison. He was known for his “finishing kick”

And I’m with you on the fact that the freestyle kick IS propulsive when Sun Yang is powering home in his races the only this he’s doing different is that he is kicking really fast

I don’t know what Marciano does, but I know MA has done USRPT for a very long time (his whole career, I believe), so apparently it works fine no matter the age. So far, no distance swimmer has utilized it and it seems speculation is that it won’t work as well. However, I can see it being adapted for longer racing. Although I think that would negate the “ultra-short” part. The general premise could be the same though, just swimming long distances at race-pace in practice.

It can be good up to the 500 in my opinion… In theory, Rushall says 800m… I just don’t think the Andrews give a hoot about the 500. His freestyle is probably his weakest stroke, where weak is a relative term… and they’ve been working up from the sprints this last year… so a 500 isn’t out of the realm of possibilities, but I’d say they’ve got bigger fish to fry going forward.

Tough to say for long distance. Almost all latest unbeatable long distance were trained by cotterel himself.

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