Vinny Marciano clips .02 off of Michael Andrew’s 50 fly NAG at NASA Showcase

12-year-old Vinny Marciano just keeps charging at the NASA Showcase Classic. On the final night, Marciano took down his fifth National Age Group record of the meet, going 23.63 to just barely sneak under the NAG record for 11-12s held by Michael Andrew.

After breaking Andrew’s 100 free mark in a time trial, Marciano geared up for the 50 fly, cutting a full 1.2 seconds from prelims to eclipse the mark. This is the third of Andrew’s NAGs that Marciano has taken down this week and the second one today.

The past two records for Marciano have each been by very close margins. Andrew’s old record here was 23.65, and Marciano got under it by just .02 – he’s been making the fingernails count so far today, and he still has the 200 free to swim later on in the session.

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9 years ago

He swims for MCSC (Morris County Swim Club) probably the best team around and the best team to join today and any other day! If you want your swimmer to improve week after week join MCSC it will show.

bobo gigi
9 years ago
bobo gigi
9 years ago
bobo gigi
9 years ago

Mr Marciano is far from being a pure sprinter.
He shines on freestyle, on backstroke and on butterfly.
And as Lane 0 said, in that SCY season, he swam fast times from the 50 to the 1650.

And Kevin T, you didn’t think MA’s 11/12 records would be broken.
Now Vinny Marciano breaks them.
And look at Winn Aung in the next months. He turns 12 only at the end of July and already swims crazy fast times on freestyle and on butterfly. He will crush some records of this age category in yards and in long course.

lane 0
9 years ago

Label him a “pure sprinter” if you want. But he’s in the top 5 in the country for his age in every single scy freestyle event from the 50 to 1650. No, I don’t think he is a pure sprinter but his 50s and 100s have been really good this week

His 100 back record seems untouchable, it’s FASTER than Chas Morton’s legendary 100 fly record.

Kevin T
9 years ago

Ok, Marciano is getting ridiculous now! I mean that in a good way, of course. I never thought MA’s 11-12 records would be broken. Especially the 50 fly. Never thought another 12 year old would go 23 in the 50 fly, I just didn’t think it would ever happen again.

Marciano though, is truly a sprinter and only a sprinter (not that there is anything wrong with that) isn’t he?

Reply to  Kevin T
9 years ago

That is completely untrue. His 500 is a 4:50 and his mile a 16:54 so to say that is pure ignorance. do your research

lane 0
9 years ago

The volume vs velocity arguments have always seemed strange to me because you need BOTH.
the fastest swimmer is the one with the highest VELOCITY for the entire VOLUME of the race

Vinny has both Speed and endurance. He is the first and only 11-12 to swim the 50 under 22 seconds AND the 1650 under 17 minutes.

Reply to  lane 0
9 years ago

That’s Christian Quintero range!

I agree that both are needed. Very few are on the pure race pace side. Rushall is one of them, and Michael Andrew is popularizing the idea of pure race pace, but even then, the majority of race pace advocates use it as one tool in a box of many. I definitely lean more toward the intensity end of the spectrum, but I do see value in some aerobic swimming, some drills, and some dryland/weights.

9 years ago

Tough to say for long distance. Almost all latest unbeatable long distance were trained by cotterel himself.

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