12 Things That Happen When You Date A Swimmer

1 – Your significant other is probably more muscular than you

Sorry. That’s just how it goes. Even if you’re a guy and she’s a girl. We can’t help being jacked. It just sort of happens. You probably can’t beat us in a sit-up contest, either. But that’s ok. You could outrun us any day.

courtesy of Funky Trunks

courtesy of Funky Trunks

2 – Your life starts smelling like chlorine

Your car will reek of it. So will your couch and your pillows. Probably your jackets, too. Especially if you let us wear them.

3 – You’ve mastered the art of massage

When you finally get sick of hearing your significant other talk about how badly their shoulders hurt, you’ll try to fix it. Odds are, this is gold to your swimmer. Once you display this talent, you’re committed for the long term.

4 – Wet hair is the norm

You’ve come to expect your significant other to have wet hair when you see them. The classic swimmer bun could be the direct result of a quick shower after practice or the just-came-from-practice look. Either way, you’ve come to like the simple, athletic look. It works for them.

5 – You find yourself having a new appreciation for the sport

If you’ve had no prior experience with swimming, you probably have learned that swimming is a lot more difficult than you expected. You view the sport a lot differently now, with a new respect for swimmers and their grind.

courtesy of Funky Trunks

courtesy of Funky Trunks

6 – Your significant other also eats more than you do

Inevitably, we’re always eating. If seconds aren’t your thing, they’re definitely ours.

7 – You hangout at the most random times

Hanging out on Sunday after practice means 11 AM. Friday nights? 9 PM. In between doubles? See you from 12-3.

8 – You start to remember their best strokes and times

When you hear someone say they’re a swimmer, you tell them your boyfriend/girlfriend is also one. You could easily have a 15 minute conversation about times and strokes because you know what’s up.

courtesy of Funky Trunks

courtesy of Funky Trunks

9 – You’re very familiar with the smell of chlorine

We are immune to the smell of it, and after being around us long enough, you probably won’t even smell it anymore.

10 – Wet hugs

You can’t resist a hug from your swimmer, even when they’re dripping wet, straight out of the pool from a race. It can be annoying at first, but you don’t hate it. It’s just one of those things.

11 – They love to relax

There’s a good chance that they’re exhausted. They probably want to lay down, watch Netflix, and eat for 5 hours, so if you want to see them, you should be prepared for sweatpants and blankets. You’ve learned that these are the best days.

12 – You are crazy about them

There’s something special about swimmers. We’re dedicated, loyal, and totally in love with our sport. And if you play your cards right, we’ll be dedicated, loyal, and totally in love with you, too.

courtesy of Funky Trunks

courtesy of Funky Trunks

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6 years ago

Number 11, so true omg

8 years ago

i love this. its so true

8 years ago

i love this

8 years ago

Don’t forget the holding-breath contests they always wan’t to make because they know exsactly that they will winn

Pa Pa
8 years ago

It is great to be a swimmer!

8 years ago

Never a dry towel to be found. Aargh!

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