10 things you’ll find in a swimmer’s bag

If you’ve ever made the mistake of opening a swimmer’s backpack, chances are you were treated to a nice, sweet smell of chlorine twisted with a harsh blend of mildew, goldfish and moisturizer. If, despite the warning signs, you continued to scavenge for loot, you most likely found these treasures hidden amongst a bath towel and a textbook or two:

 1. Goggles on goggles

One pair just isn’t enough.

2. Inhaler

For all those moments when your lungs need some help.

3. Rotten banana

Hopefully you find this one before it’s too late. A rotten banana is a friend of no one, except for banana bread.

4. Secret stash of candy

Sometimes, a delicious chocolate bar is what you need after practice. (Disclaimer: don’t make it a habit).

5. Empty Water Bottle

The empty water bottle is always there, begging to be refilled…or it’s slightly rank with faint hints of mold ringing the bottom.

6. Lotion

Lotion is almost as necessary for a swimmer as the water they swim in. The small, hotel bottles can almost always be found in those outer pockets.

7. Spare change

That incessant jingling isn’t coming from your friend’s purse. Spare change is essential for when you can’t justify breaking a twenty on a vending machine.

8. Hair ties

I’ve never had long hair in my life, but somehow they make an appearance at the bottom of my bag.

9. Sharpie

You don’t have to be ashamed, it’s still cool to write your events on the back of your hand.

10. Miscellaneous

A swimmer’s bag is the quintessential storage device that goes wherever you go. It can survive winter storms, tumbles and scrapes, and ginormous puddles on the pool deck. But most importantly, it holds everything that your school backpack cannot.

Comment below and tell us what you have in your bag!

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5 years ago

Seriously, swim spray, this an ad?…….. 😉

For forgot that wretched towel funk. No matter how many times you wash your towels or even the inside of the bag, once it’s there, the stink never goes away.

To expand on number 1, that forgotten pair of melted Swedish goggles.

5 years ago

extra swim caps
Shampoo with a ginormous bottle of conditioner XD

5 years ago

The wet towel and swimsuit you left bundled up, and forgot about over the weekend in your hot car.

Reply to  James
5 years ago

Or the frozen suit and towel you left overnight in the car in the winter. And still crunched into it for practice, ice chips and all.

Oh, and usually a single sock as well.

Doug Garcia
Reply to  KM
5 years ago

Love this one, so true!

Reply to  KM
4 years ago

OMG the single sock! Where is the other one? Its just as mysterious as the washing machine haha!