RACE VIDEO: Caeleb Dressel 18.94 50 free, 4×50 Free Relay Leadoff

Video is courtesy of USA Swimming:

 Caeleb Dressel feature report by SwimSwam / Braden Keith - 2013 US Winter Junior National

When Caeleb Dressel went a supposed 19.0 in practice a few months ago, even for those who didn’t necessarily believe the watch 100%, there was some salivation going on.

The record board speaks for itself. #18.94 Photo: Tim Binning/TheSwimPictures.com

The record board speaks for itself. #18.94 Photo: Tim Binning/TheSwimPictures.com

Now, it’s time to drool. The 17-year old Caeleb Dressel has destroyed the 17-18 National Age Group Record in the 50 yard freestyle, swimming an 18.94 at just 17 years old. He’s now the first 18 & under swimmer (American or not) to go under 19 seconds in this race. This swim broke the 19.29 that he’s done twice: once at the Florida High School 2A State Championship meet in November, and once in prelims in the individual 50 yard free.

It’s not entirely uncommon to see 17-year old girls enter the ranks of ‘all-time greats’. Missy, Ledecky, Hoff…there’s been a few in that rare air in the past few years. But for a 17-year old male, especially a sprinter, to have a spot in any sort of ageless ranking is unbelievable.

That time by Dressel would have placed 2nd at last year’s NCAA Championship meet.

Now, Dressel now ranks 15th on the all-time, any-age list in the 50 yard freestyle. He becomes just the 19th person to break 19 seconds in that race – a ‘golden celebration’ of sorts. With another tenth-of-a-second drop (he’ll have one more shot at this race int he 50 free final later in the session), he’d move up to a tie for 8th with Jimmy Feigen.

Vlad Morozov is the second-fastest junior swimmer in the history of this event at 19.06; Seth Stubblefield is the second-fastest junior meeting the criteria for a NAG Record with a 19.41.

50 FREE FINAL – Race Video - 2013 US Winter Junior Nationals – DRESSEL – 19.10 (courtesy of USA Swimming):


  1. Joel Lin says:

    That is the face of the future US Swimming, and we should all feel good about that. A very modest, sportsmanlike and mature kid for his age. Very impressive.

    • Totally agree with u . This new generation is just impressive . Dressel is the Flag of the new Us sprint face and attitude . Lovely to see growing . Just excited to see him Swim at a Big meet in meters next year ( pan pacs / Us trials ) . When he will have the physical trianing a Adrian has , he will be very challenging to all the sprinters on the planet ; A major relay player for the 400 free most probably too. Way to go Caeleb . We love you .

    • Flyin' says:

      Definitely part of, but I don’t know that you can say the face of, don’t forget about Murphy, Conger, Condorelli, Seliskar, and others like them! :)

      • ERVINFORTHEWIN says:

        You are totally right . I didn’t forget those other great talents in the making … at all . he comes as a fantastic new swimmer to complete a allready talented field . That’s great news for planetary sprint races and for Team Usa .

  2. bobo gigi says:

    Thank you Mel Stewart.
    It was hard to find a video of the race.

  3. PAC12BACKER says:

    With these young guys doing these uber fast sprint times I believe we will see a sub 40 SCY 100 free in the near future. 19.2 going out, 20.7 coming back for a 39.9. I think Adrian should have been already close to this by now with his power and stamina.

    • DDias says:

      I agree with you.
      It should exist a NCAA Seniors Champs(4 to 4 years, like Olympics) where we could see Adrian X Bousquet X Cielo X Morozov fighting each other.I bet we could see some amazing times like a sub-18 in 50 yard free with everyone in a full taper.

  4. Steve Nolan says:

    27-30s on the first video is goddamn gorgeous. Goddamn.

  5. Luigi says:

    Hoffer had, it seems to me, a poor start. Which is quite interesting.

  6. Paul says:

    How tall is Caleb?

  7. mikeh says:

    This is a staggering achievement, on the order of Phelps breaking a world record at 15. To have that kind of power at 17 is simply unbelievable. If I were his coach I would be scared…scared I would mess something up with this young man and jeopardize such a ferocious God-given gift.

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