YMCA of the Triangle Area (YOTA) Swims 6,000 Yards in 25 Seconds

  4 Braden Keith | January 21st, 2014 | News, Video

The YMCA of the Triangle Area had a little fun at their swim practice on Monday, as they managed to boil 6,000 yards of swimming into 25 seconds.

Head coach Chad Onken shared the video with us, and for those doing the math, that’s approximately a .41 second-per-100 pace, which has to be some kind of a record. Needless to say, Onken has taken Ultra Short Race Pace Training to a new extreme.

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Wowser Butterfly

Is there a link to the video?

Full credit goes to Senior Assistant Coach Jack Roney on this one. He’s a genius with the GoPro camera…..


Maresa Roney

That’s my boy!


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