Watch: Todd Schmitz on 2012 “Call Me Maybe,” Culture of U.S. Team

As far as viral swimming videos go, one reigns supreme: the 2012 Olympic swim team’s music video for Carly Rae Jepson’s “Call Me Maybe.” Boasting 13 million views on Youtube, the video helped boost “Call Me Maybe” to its definitive ‘song of the summer’ status during the London Olympics. Even if you’ve seen it a million times (like we certainly have), it’s worth adding to your Omaha hype watchlist:

In the posted interview, Coach Todd Schmitz of the Colorado Stars (of the Missy Franklin fame) discusses the team culture of the American Olympic and national teams. He says that the Australian team sometimes knocks the American team for times when “Eric Shanteau would ask, ‘Can I go down the slide?”

But, he thinks they’re missing the point because the atmosphere on the American team is “…awesome. That’s what we do. We just have fun, and that’s how the team bonds.”

He adds in that the American team has an inordinate amount of national team spirit.

“In the team’s area at the Olympics, the American almost always have the most athletes sitting there because they’re truly invested in it. As kids finish the meet, you’ll listen to them walk into the next session like, ‘Alright! I’m the number one cheerleader now!'”


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Attila the Hunt

Can we have Todd paired with Rowdy to commentate at the Olympics?

Attila the Hunt

I’m surprised this only got 6 downvotes so far, because it’s the worst idea ever.

Stay Human

No wonder Missy is so bubbly; her coach is bubbly. Cute team video from 2012, sadly I should have watched it back then before I got so sick of that song. Who is the older guy next to Ariana Kukors at the very beginning of the song? A random passenger? If so, hilarious. Anyway, 2012 set a good tone and I have a feeling the team chemistry and culture will carry over into 2016.

Lane Four

I believe he is or was the National Junior Team Director. Anyone?

Keep Running

The man. The myth. The legend. Jack Roach.


Correct – Jack Roach.

Lp Man

This coach has a song resemblance to Matthew Lillard (the guy that plays Shaggy in the God-awful Scooby Doo movie)

The Screaming Viking!

Never say an unkind word about the Scooby Doo movie.

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