Watch NC State Demolish US Open Record in 800 Free Relay


Video courtesy of Packswimanddive.

Originally reported by Lauren Nedeigh:


  • NCAA record: 6:08.03, Texas, 2016
  • American record: 6:10.16, Texas, 2009
  • U.S. Open record: 6:08.03, Texas, 2016
  • 2016 NCAA Champion: 6:08.03, Texas, 2016
  1. NC State- 6:06.53
  2. Texas- 6:08.61
  3. Florida- 6:09.30

NC State exceeded all expectations tonight, pulling off the upset by a landslide with a new NCAA and U.S. Open Record of 6:06.53. Ryan Held led them off in 1:31.37, followed by teammates Andreas Vazaios (1:32.23), Justin Ress (1:32.26), and Soeren Dahl (1:30.67).

Texas followed, finishing just half a second shy of their former NCAA Record. The team of Jack Conger (1:31.54), Jeff Newkirk (1:33.25), Clark Smith (1:33.49), and Townley Haas (1:30.42) set a new American Record, breaking the former mark of 6:10.16 set by Texas in 2009.

Florida’s Mark Szaranek put up a 1:31.46 anchor split to help the Gators take 3rd, running down Cal’s Ryan Murphy (1:32.06). Andrew Seliskar had the fastest split for the Bears, turning in a 1:31.58 on the 2nd leg.

Harvard’s Dean Farris (1:31.31) and Stanford’s Tom Kremer (1:31.75) were also in the 1:31-range from a rolling start.


  1. NC State                           40   2. Texas                              34
  3. Florida                            32   4. California                         30
  5. Southern Cali                      28   6. Univ of Georgia                    26
  7. Stanford                           24   8. Louisville                         22
  9. Indiana                            18  10. Wisconsin                          14
 11. Michigan                           12  12. Auburn                             10
 13. South Carolina                      8  14. Harvard                             6
 15. Arizona State                       4  16. Missouri                            2

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Amazing race. Dahl turned on the kick at the 100 and just left the scene. Impressive.


Well done NC State. Texas got the best four they could on the relay, but NC State were better tonight. The commenters here the past year regarding NC State have been very annoying, but they truly are a good and improving team. This weekend is gonna be a real battle out in Indy. Hook Em Horns! m/

Steve Nolan

I am rooting against NC State solely because of the commenters. Which is bad! NC State doing well makes for a great story! But jeez.

The music on the video also made me think this is the most Twi$teD and #deranged swim team in all the land. nu-metal 4 lyfe, brahs.


Too much crying!
The biggest factor in the relay was how much time all 4 NCState guys dropped

Joel Lin

I think many of us underestimated how far and fast NCS has come to the top of the tables. I still think it will be Texas’ meet to lose, but NCS is going to be right there. NCS guys who didn’t swim on that relay and have their first events today must be feeling like Superman this morning going into their first prelim swim. The echo of last night has to be a shot of confidence and adrenaline for the NCS guys for their first session this morning. That’s a factor…if NCS can crush prelims today and get the ups and the downs swims tonite, look out. They could gain the momentum and become swimming’s Amazing Mets of ’69. After… Read more »

Steve Nolan

Oh, I wouldn’t be surprised if NC State takes the dang thing! Texas is a big “Olympic year” team, so a bit of a letdown there and NC State swimming well, sure.


Ummm the best four?? Schooling didn’t swim. Clark Smith didn’t swim ?‍♂️ ?‍♂️


Clark’s 200 free looked shaky in that. I also don’t know if Joe could’ve gone much faster than Jeff, to be honest. He seems to be focusing more on speed this year.


Schooling was 1:32.34 on the relay last year

Newkirk was 1:32.63 at big 12 championships, but 1:33.25 here.. and smith was 1:33.4 (he was 1:33.28 last year and 1:33.61 at big 12s)


Smith swam was kinda hard to tell since he went slower than his flat start pr, I’m sorry but Clark Smith is sooo overhyped. Also lets admire the fact that Texas lost a relay with 3 Olympic gold medalists in the 800 free relay should have put Olympic trials finalist Jonathan Roberts in


Lets not forget that several teams included foreign Olympians on their teams, including, NC State, Florida, USC and others. If UT had used Schooling on the relay, they most likely still would not have beat NC State, it could have been closer, bur the math does not support a UT win. If anyone should have been chafed out, it should have been Smith, he had the slowest split; he may be focusing on winning the 500 and miles and targeting the record in both events. It’s time for Peter V’s mark to fall. Watch for Clark or several other of the top seeds, including Smith’s team mate Haas to be at or under that mask in finals tomorrow evening! Obviously… Read more »

Check all time rankings for the 1000 and 500 Free

Clark Smith “overhyped”? Yeah, I mean, American record holders are a dime a dozen, totally agree.

Steve Nolan

where’d cuddly, teary-eyed held go?!

our sweet boy has turned into the hulk.

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