Watch Michael Andrew’s 51.65 100 IM (SC) World Junior Record

While competing at the Singapore stop of this year’s World Cup series, reigning short course 100m IM world champion Michael Andrew lowered his own World Junior Record in the event. The 18-year-old crushed a new personal best of 51.65 to earn silver behind Russian Vlad Morozov, while outperforming his own previous career-fastest of 51.84 that won him the world title in Windsor.

In both his Windsor race and tonight’s event in Singapore, Andrew took out his opening 50 in identical marks of 23.57. The difference came on the back half, where the Kansas native was able to drop .19 and earn a split of 28.08 tonight compared to the 28.27 he registered last December.

Catch how the entire race unfolded in the video above, courtesy of Michael Andrew‘s YouTube channel. Winning the race in Singapore was Russia’s Vlad Morozov, who clocked 50.49 to come within .19 of his own World Record time of 50.30.

Andrew’s 51.65 checks the teen in as the 14th fastest performer in the event of all-time, tying China’s Wang Shun. When looking exclusively at Americans, however, Andrew now slides into the spot as the 2nd fastest performer ever, sitting only behind Ryan Lochte and his 50.71 from Istanbul. Andrew’s time tonight ties legendary swimmer Michael Phelps‘ mark of 51.65 from 2011 as the #2 fastest U.S. performer of all-time.

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Meh, it’s in SCM. Nice swim, but in order to be great you’ve gotta own LC.

zip fan

how much more proof do you need? he cleaned up at junior worlds this summer, broke multiple junior world records and happened to do phenomenal at a meet that happened to be SCM? the only justofied claim MA haters have left is that he doesnt excel in olympic events. despite the fact that that isnt true (4th at trials 100br, 1:59 2IM), it also isnt important. lets not assume our criteria for a great swimmer is the same criteria MA and his family are using for his goals. perhaps he wants to dominate those 50s and rack up prize money like katinka. either way, i just love seeing fast swimming and it upsets me that fans need that to look… Read more »

Swap Meet

I’m actually someone who agrees mostly with you now, but he is not racking up the prize money. I wonder how much he’s actually making with sponsors. He’s only 18 and has many more years, but at some point he needs to make six figures plus a year to justify his decision

crooked donald

He’s already excelled at one Olympic event. He was #2 in the U.S., behind Dressel and ahead of Adrian and everyone else, in the 50 LCM free this year.


Yes, he was #2 but not by a lot, especially in a year where adrian’s 50 was not on point. I would love to be wrong and see MA get down to a 21.3 and be a lock for the Olympic team but right now being #2 roughly 2-3 years out from the olympic trials means very little. Others want him to excel in other Olympic events because they see the talent and potential he has, everyone knows he was second in the US for the 50 but we also know that 21.7 will most likely not be 2nd come 2020.

crooked donald

Who gets faster with age — MA going from 18 to 21 or Adrian going from 28 to 31? Or Ervin going from 36 to 39? Cullen going from 33 to 36? None of those older guys are going 21.3 or 4 or 5 again. #3 was Chadwick at 21.99. He’s maxed out his 50 speed. Look at what speed Dressel gained going from 18 to 21. I get the whole “potential” thing, but all of the great 50 guys had potential in other events, they were just dropped. Biondi and Gary Hall, Jr. could have done millions of events, Adrian had a good 200 scy free and sprint fly, Ervin went 49 low in the 100 back and 100… Read more »


We have no idea who will get faster and who won’t, did anyone imagine david plummer going a 52.1 at 30? or ervin winning at 35? or Grevers getting back to 52 low in the 100 back at 33? MA could not drop any time in the 50 over the next few years the same way other swimmers could drop tons of time but hypotheticals are not a great way of making a point. Also Biondi and Gary Hall Jr swam the 100 as well and Biondi swam the 200 and they medaled at the Olympics in those events. Adrian also swims the 100. I’m not saying MA needs to be a 200 IM swimmer, but if there was any… Read more »

Steve Nolan

Ah well damn, let’s shut this site down until trials in 2020.

Kid’s still a dang teen. He hasn’t really had his best shots at the Olympics yet.

Coach John

this article doesn’t even touch on the olympics stop making it about that cut out the crass comments. have a friendly and healthy debate instead. His main events are also 100’s and 200IM… not just 50’s… arguably it hasn’t been a focus for a few years now.

Jerimiah Knots

I cant wait to see what he goes when he actually starts lifting weights so excited!!!!!

crooked donald

He’s actually tried it. They hired a strength and conditioning coach, but he was too fatigued from it to do legit USRPT, so they bagged it. USRPT is all about pushing and monitoring CNS fatigue. Strength training is a CNS fatigue monster. They may be incompatible. Can’t have it both ways.


Would he still be able to do bodyweight strength work or is that off the table as well? It’s definitely an interesting approach to training since I think a lot of us still believe that many of the fastest swimmers are also very strong in the weight room

crooked donald

Three things — they 100% believe that there is no evidence (from a research study) that land strength training converts to swimming speed (they ignore jumping from the blocks). They also believe that in-water resistance training doesn’t accurately mimic race pace swimming. Second, they believe that every stroke in training should be with perfect technique at race pace. He often does some warmup and warmdown out of the pool to avoid sloppy, slow swimming. The point of the training sets is to hit CNS failure repeatedly (up to 3 fails, or two in a row), when your stroke breaks down to miss the goal time. That’s akin to doing 1RMs in the weight room a bunch of time in a… Read more »


I have heard multiple times that Ervin is a beast in the weight room, especially when you consider how light he is.

Steve Swims

Hello Mr. Knots, I think that he needs to start lifting. I know that Crooked Donald said that he tried it, but he needs to actually do it. Regardless of his training, lifting is a very important part of swimming. Quick, get the barbells!

crooked donald

Pretty sure when the Andrews “try things” they actually do them. Who won the Olympic gold in the 50 free last Olympics? The guys who can lift a car with one arm (Manaudou and Adrian) or the guy who couldn’t lift a bicycle (Ervin)? The 100 fly — Phelps, who can back squat 360 lbs, or Schooling, who looks like a kid? If you look at the recent college men’s dual meets during their heavy lifting periods, with Haas and Schooling going 7 or more seconds over their PBs in a 200 free or fly, or Dressel going 1.5 sec slower or worse on a 50 free, they are not technically swimming anywhere near race pace, even in a meet.… Read more »

Coach John

I call BS on you saying Ervin is weaker (in whatever lift you were trying to explain by using a car/bicycle comparison). he is likely on par or less than 5% off of their max lifts I bet.



I call BS on Crooked Donald as well.

In swimming, what’s more important is power to weight ratio. I bet Earvin can lift the similar weight as
Adrian, proportional to their body weight.


If we want to pick and choose events and athletes that disprove a point we can do the same for the opposite. Adam peaty is a monster in the weight room and wins by crazy margians, Ryan Murphy is also really strong and won three gold medals but the general idea is that being physically strong is beneficial to swimming fast. Just because an athlete doesn’t looked “jacked” does not mean they aren’t strong. Also at the end of the season in their respective races, Haas, Schooling and Dressel (along with the other top college swimmers) will throw down monster times when they are rested. I know part of the appeal for USRPT is that a swimmer can go fast… Read more »

Kenny Jack Austin

MP can backsquat 360?!! GOAT!


While y’all are at it, check out his vlog. It’s been really cool to see his process out of the water. I have so much respect for him. Filming and editing all these videos while putting up world class times and training at only 18 years old is pretty awesome. I’m sure USRPT helps with managing life outside the pool (less fatigue, less time in water), but I think of MA as much more than a swimmer now. He is a business minded dude who definitely has a lot of growing to do, but is definitely going places, while giving a lot back to the community and the kids. He will most definitely come away with a few medals at… Read more »

ACC fan

Totally agree! Great vlog and fun to watch him make professional swimmer a real career option for some.

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