Video: Michael Phelps Secret Weapon

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March 14th, 2017 Industry, News, Video

Courtesy of Ryan Rosenbaum

The most common piece of training equipment beyond a cap and goggles is the strength paddle. Any given day if you walked onto a pool deck you could see anyone from age groupers to masters swimmers training with them. We decided to make a video about a company that has gone above and beyond the basic design for the strength paddle. Just so happens to be Michael Phelps’ MP paddle. The MP brand has taken the idea of a strength paddle and wildly improved it to be a staple in the Phlex mesh bag.

There are three great reasons to purchase the MP strength paddle over a normal paddle. It’s designed to fit the bone structure of your hand, making it more comfortable to swim for long distances or with more power. Second, its straps go way beyond the simple paddle with one hand strap. Fully adjustable and extremely comfortable straps make for a relaxed fit that never falls off. Lastly, the vent system of the paddles makes it feel like they are an appendage to your normal hand than a normal paddle with tiny holes that aren’t hydrodynamic.

We would totally recommend checking out the MP strength paddle to replace the ones in your mesh bag.


You can purchase the MP strength paddles here:

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