VIDEO: Louisville men’s swimming and diving wins school talent show

The Louisville Cardinals are finding plenty of success in the pool this season, and now that dominance appears to extend to the stage as well.

The men’s swimmers and divers won the Louisville talent show this week by getting in touch with their animal natures for a sketch that ranged from Lion King tributes to a zoo animal overthrow.

The opening bit of the sketch is a reference to the team’s 2013 talent show sketch, very popular with the crowd but apparently disqualified for being a bit too provocative. We dug up some old video of last year’s sketch, and you can probably spot where the disqualification happened.

The Cardinal men apparently learned from it though, as this year’s sketch seemed instantly destined for gold medal status. The acting is spot on, the choreography well-done and the storyline entertaining. Oh, and being a group of speedo-clad college swimmers probably didn’t hurt their chances with the audience either.

Thanks to Louisville women’s senior Gisselle Kohoyda for the video footage.

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7 years ago

That’s an instant classic!

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