USA Water Polo National League Week 2 Heads To Northern California

The USA Water Polo Men’s National League returns to action this Saturday and Sunday at Miramonte High School in Orinda, CA. All the action begins on Saturday morning at 9am with free admission offered to all games this weekend. After one week of action, the Olympic Club is in first place with a 3-0 record. Ahead of this weekend’s action, each team has set their roster for the competition, see below for each of the seven squads competing. If you can’t make it out to the games, live stats will be provided for all matches courtesy of the FOSH. To view the Week 2 schedule and access the live stats click here. For complete National League information, click here.

National League Week 2 Rosters

USA Red (Hometown/College or HS/USAWP Club)
Head Coach: Alex Rodriguez
1 G Alex Wolf (Huntington Beach, CA/Huntington Beach HS/HBWPC)
2 C Ben Hallock (Studio City, CA/Harvard Westlake HS/Bruin)
3 C Nick Bisconti (Atherton, CA/Sacred Heart Prep/Stanford)
4 D Alex Roelse (Los Angeles, CA/UCLA/Bruin)
5 D Matt Maier (Rancho Cucamonga, CA/Damien HS/Foothill)
6 D Ben Stevenson (Reno, NV/Pacific/Team Vegas)
7 A Ash Molten (L) (Buena Park, CA/Orange Lutheran HS/North Irvine WP)
8 A Conor Neumann (L) (Danville, CA/California/Lamorinda)
9 A Nick Bell (Upland, CA/USC/Foothill)
10 A Nic Carniglia (Lodi, CA/California/Davis)
11 A Jake Ehrhardt (Camarillo, CA/Rio Mesa HS/Santa Barbara WPF)
12 A Evan Rosenfeld (Thousand Oaks, CA/Harvard Westlake HS/LA Premier)
13 G Andrew Chun (La Jolla, CA/Bishop’s School/SD Shores)
14 A Thomas Dunstan (New Canaan, CT/Mater Dei HS/Greenwich Aquatics)
15 A Bryce Hoerman (San Diego, CA/USC/Del Mar)
16 A Jacob Cavano (Huntington Beach, CA/Huntington Beach HS/Vanguard)
17 A Marko Vavic (Palos Verdes, CA/Loyola HS)

USA White (Hometown/College or HS/USAWP Club)
Head Coach: Jack Kocur
1 G Drew Holland (Orinda, CA/Stanford/stanford)
2 C Alex Obert (Loomis, CA/Pacific/Sac Polo)
3 C Jeff Hagen (West Chester, PA/Bucknell/Tiger Aquatics)
4 C Marco Stanchi (Bellevue, WA/Bellevue HS/Rain City)
5 D Kyle Trush (Corona del Mar, CA/Corona del Mar HS/Newport WPF)
6 D Thomas Carroll (Berkeley, CA/California/Lamorinda)
7 A Nolan McConnell (L) (Laguna Beach, CA/Long Beach St./SET)
8 A Danny McClintick (Agoura Hills, CA/UCLA/LA Water Polo)
9 D Anthony Daboub (Glendora, CA/Damien HS/Foothill)
10 A Kent Inoue (Huntington Beach, CA/UCLA/Regency)
11 A Bret Bonanni (Huntington Beach, CA/Stanford/Stanford)
12 A Farrel South (Newport Beach, CA/California/CORE)
13 G Duncan Creed (Walnut Creek, CA/Miramonte HS/Lamorinda)
14 A Thomas Agramonte (Half Moon Bay, CA/California/CORE)
15 A Dennis Blyashov (Carlsbad, CA/Cathedral Catholic HS/Del Mar)
16 A Chase Travisano (L) (Glendora, CA/Damien HS/Foothill)
17 A Hannes Daube (Long Beach, CA/Newport Harbor HS)

USA Blue (Hometown/College or HS/USAWP Club)
Head Coach: Brett Ormsby
1 G McQuin Baron (North Tustin, CA/USC/Regency)
2 C James Sarmento (Discovery Bay, CA/Pacific/680)
3 C/D Nick Jordan (Sacramento, CA/UC-Santa Barbara/Santa Barbara WPF)
4 C/D Will Klein (Pasadena, CA/Brown/Rose Bowl)
5 D Chancellor Ramirez (Pasadena, CA/UCLA/Rose Bowl)
6 D Jackson Kimbell (Long Beach, CA/Stanford/Stanford)
7 C/D Garrett Fisk (Davis, CA/Air Force/Davis)
8 A Ryder Roberts (L) (Vista, CA/UCLA/Del Mar)
9 A Grant Stein (L) (Palm Desert, CA/USC/CHAWP)
10 A Shane Hauschild (Santa Barbara, CA/UC-Santa Barbara/Santa Barbara WPF)
11 A Luca Cupido (Newport Beach, CA/California/Newport Beach)
12 A Colin Mulcahy (Los Altos, CA/California/CORE)
13 G Patrick Saunders (Huntington Beach, CA/Huntington Beach HS/Vanguard)
14 A Connor Stapleton (Davis, CA/Stanford/Stanford)
15 A Chandler Jarrels-Stickney (Seal Beach, CA/California/CORE)
16 A Jackson Seybold (Corona del Mar, CA/Mater Dei HS/Regency)
17 A Sawyer Rhodes (Santa Barbara, CA/Santa Barbara HS)

Alumni Water Polo Club (Hometown/College or HS)
Coaching Staff: Steve Doten, Drew Clute, Ernie Campbell and Eric Sturgeon
1 Brandon Brooks (Honolulu, HI/UCLA)
2 Grant Hollis (Redlands, CA/Pacific)
3 Kevin Witt (Glendale, CA/LMU)
4 Nick Fadden (Stockton, CA/Fresno Pacific)
5 Forest Monroe (Arcadia, CA/USC)
6 Andrew Reego (Granite Bay, CA/USC)
7 Lance Morrison (Fairfield, CA/Pacific)
8 Jake Young (Saratoga, CA/Pepperdine)
9 Pat Morrison (Sacramento, CA/UCLA)
10 Griffin Lerman (Monte Sereno, CA/UC-Irvine)
11 James Perry (Orinda, CA/Pepperdine)
12 Gabor Sarusi (Csongrad, Hungary/USC)
13 Joey Frantz (Chicago, IL, Pacific)
14 Raphael Krempp (Strasbourg, France/West Valley)
15 Clint Freeman (Brentwood, CA/Redlands)
The Olympic Club (Hometown/College or HS)
Coaching Staff: Andy Burke and Peter Varellas
1 Jack Curley (San Francisco, CA/Pepperdine)
2 Cullen Hennessy (Fairfax, CA/UCLA)
3 Conner Cleary (Goleta, CA/Stanford)
4 Zac Monsees (San Jose, CA/California)
5 Nick Hoversten (Lafayette, CA/Stanford)
6 Jordan Hoover (Orinda, CA/Miramonte HS)
7 Tommy Corcoran (Coronado, CA/USC)
8 Brian Dudley (Johannesburg, South Africa/California)
9 Marin Balarin (Berkeley, CA/California)
10 Paul Reynolds (Tustin, CA/UCLA)
11 Drac Wigo (Ft. Lauderdale, FL/Stanford)
12 Matt Golden (Danville, CA/California)
13 Travis Bickham (Half Moon Bay, CA/California)
14 David Kessler (Walnut Creek, CA/Las Lomas HS)
15 Brian Alexander (La Jolla, CA/UCSB)

International Water Polo Club (Hometown/College or HS)
Coaching Staff: Bahram Hojreh, and Justin Koeppen
1 Derek Wiebe-Bailey (Irvine, CA/Long Beach State)
2 Brandon Picone (Morgan Hill, CA/Pepperdine)
3 Chase McColl (Long Beach, CA/Long Beach State)
4 Wes Kading (Menlo Park, CA/LMU)
5 Brian Schiefer (Newport Beach, CA/Long Beach State)
6 Caleb Hamilton (Irvine, CA/Concordia)
7 Spencer White (Mission Viejo, CA/Long Beach State)
8 Jeff Greenwood (Whittier, CA/Long Beach State)
9 Yoshinori Shiota (Tokyo, Japan/Nippon Sport Science)
10 Tim Brown (Honolulu, HI/Pomona-Pitzer)
11 Dragan Dincic (Belgrade, Serbia/Concordia)
12 Greg Enloe (Hanford, CA/UC-Irvine)
13 Casey Regher (Visalia, CA/Whittier)
14 Brandon Child (Atherton, CA/USC)
15 Duje Grubisic (Split, Croatia/Concordia)

New York Athletic Club (Hometown/College or HS)
Coaching Staff: Layne Beaubien
1 Merrill Moses (Palos Verdes, CA/Pepperdine)
2 Jeff Tyrrell (Granite Bay, CA/California)
3 Jesse Smith (Coronado, CA/Pepperdine)
4 Alex Bowen (Santee, CA/Stanford)
5 Kostas Genidounias (Athens, Greece/USC)
6 Ricardo Guimaeras (Sa Paulo, Brazil/Long Beach State)
7 Jeffrey Schwimer (Beverly Hills, CA/Stanford)
8 Richie Hyden (Melbourne, Australia/Bucknell)
9 Griffin White (Mission Viejo, CA/UCLA)
10 Marc Vonderweidt (Santa Monica, CA/USC)
11 Bojan Hrlec (Rijeka, Croatia/UC-Irvine)
12 Tim Simenc (Dallas, TX/St. Mark’s HS)
13 Max Staresinic (Pittsburgh, PA/North Allegheny HS)

Water polo news is courtesy of USA Water Polo.

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