USA Swimming Open Water National Team Rosters

2013/2014 National Team Rosters feature a lot of talent in the open water swimming category.  Each year it seems the quality of the national team crew continues to improve.  Notably absent is 2012 Olympic Medalist and current 5K World Champion Haley Anderson who finished 8th in the 10K at the 2013 nationals (the selection criteria states the top 6 finishers in the 10K are added to the team).  With Anderson’s absence from the list it will be interesting to see if there are amendments to the selection criteria that are proposed at the upcoming United States Aquatic Sports convention next month.

Of course the talent represented on these rosters will likely mean a lot of stiff competition and improvement as we move closer to Rio in the current Olympic quad.

Women’s National Team:

Tristin Baxter 
Emily Brunemann 
Eva Fabian 
Christine Jennings 
Becca Mann 
Ashley Twichell

Men’s National Team:

Andrew Gemmell
Alex Meyer
Joey Pedraza 
Chip Peterson 
Sean Ryan
Jordan Wilimovsky 

Women’s Junior National Team

Lauren Abruzzo 
Jessie Arnold 
Liliana Casso 
Lindsey Clary 
Brooke Lorentzen 
Rachel Zilinskas 

Men’s Junior National Team

Janardan Burns
Scott Clausen 
Nicholas DeVito 
Chris Grimmett-Norris 
David Heron 
Scott Simmer 


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they really need to change these selection criteria…it’s ridiculous that Haley who MEDALED at the olympics…and won the 5k…is not on the team. That’s critical now that she’s graduated…and was financially dependent on that stipend…

Everyone can have an off-race some day…but performance on the international level should be of priority (i know i know…the 5k isn’t an olympic distance race…but still…)

did Haley qualify for national team from any of the pool events? hopefully she did…I’d look it up…except i’m too lazy lol


nm… haley qualified in the 800

wonder if allison schmitt made the roster…she won the B final of the 200m free which would have been 6th in the A final. that should be just enough … right?

can’t wait for her to bounce back. 🙂


Yea, Allison is in but not high enough for APA funding.
Do you remember last year when Alyssa Anderson who swam in the 4×200 relay in London did not make the national team because she was bumped by Romano’s swim at the Open?


YES! There were actually quite a few in that position, I believe. (Can’t remember off the top of my head…but I recall there were definitely discrepancies between olympic and national team rosters).

What do you mean Allison doesn’t qualify for APA funding? Doesn’t being on the national team automatically means you get a stipend? It’s not much, but it’ll definitely help with housing/food/travel.


nm…just looked it up. you have to be top 16 in the world…i think she’s currently top 30 🙁

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