USA Swimming Launches “Emergency Hearing” on Rucker

  2 Braden Keith | June 18th, 2012 | Industry, News

USA Swimming has launched an emergency hearing in the case of Noah Rucker, the Virginia coach, most recently working with Curl Burke, who has been arrested on charges of inappropriate behavior with a minor swimmer. Their statement:

Upon learning of the arrest of Noah Rucker, coaches from the area immediately reported to USA Swimming’s Safe Sport officer, who has initiated the emergency hearing process. USA Swimming and Potomac Valley Swimming adhere to a comprehensive Safe Sport program which includes safeguards in each of six different areas: Polices & Guidelines, Screening & Selection, Training & Education, Monitoring & Supervision, Recognizing, Reporting, & Responding, and Engagement & Feedback.

USA Swimming, the sport’s National Governing Body, came under fire when leading news publications discovered that many abusive coaches were not detected by the protocols that were currently in place. These major news sources reported that USA Swimming and its member swimming clubs employed poor oversight. USA Swimming reacted quickly, creating an Athlete Protection program, which has since been rebranded as “Safe Sport”.

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Very Concerned

June 18, 2012 – Emergency hearing launched. July 27, 2012 – ANY NEWS ON THE OUTCOME OF THIS “EMERGENCY HEARING”. How emergent is an emergency hearing?

as i’ve grown up and stuck with swimming through college and beyond, it has always disturbed me how many of my female teammates went back and found old coaches or ran into them and had ‘relationships’ either as adults although usually not until much later, 21-30. i guess hhaving fond memories of days long past inspired this, i never quite understood this phenomena and true story, i know some marriages that started this way. where is the line between legal and illegal, ethical and unethical and where does morality factor in. it caught me as odd that USMS has highly publicized and praised stories of masters swimmers who have married their masters coach. in this case we are talking about… Read more »

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