University of Wisconsin Commits To Full Academic Award Plan

by SwimSwam 5

July 28th, 2022 Big Ten, College, News

Courtesy: Wisconsin Athletics

MADISON, Wis. – The University of Wisconsin Athletic Department is proud to provide its student-athletes a full commitment to academic-based financial awards, as announced by director of athletics Chris McIntosh on Thursday. Starting with the 2022-23 school year, all Badger scholarship and non-scholarship student-athletes will have the opportunity to receive the maximum allowable academic award.

Following a Supreme Court ruling (the Alston case) in June of 2021, NCAA institutions are allowed to provide student-athletes with academic awards up to $5,980 per year.

“As soon as the Supreme Court ruling was determined, we knew we wanted to commit the full allotment to our student-athletes,” McIntosh said. “I’m really proud of the fact that we can provide our athletes with a significant amount of money to start their post-graduate lives.

“Providing this academic award aligns directly within the larger framework of Student-Athlete Opportunity at Wisconsin, which encompasses Athletic Performance, Academic Achievement, Personal Development and Financial Advancement.

“Our approach is weighted heavily toward graduation because that is ultimately what we are here for. We want student-athletes to leave Wisconsin with a college degree. I want our approach to reinforce that becoming a UW graduate sets our student-athletes apart and is something they can leverage into a prosperous future.”

Academically eligible Wisconsin student-athletes will receive $980 per year until their athletic eligibility has expired and, upon graduation, will receive the additional $5,000 for each year, up to $25,000.

“This is significant for our players, all of our players,” football head coach Paul Chryst said. “Being able to set our guys up for their future is important to us as a program and athletic department. This follows through on the things we prioritize at Wisconsin. Supporting our players on and off the field is central to what we do and this is another example of providing them a foundation for success.”

“This is a game-changer for Wisconsin,” women’s soccer head coach Paula Wilkins said. “For me to be able to offer every athlete, including walk-ons, this award money can’t be understated. I think about this from my own personal perspective as a former student-athlete and the impact $20,000 upon graduation would have had for setting up my future. I’m thrilled for our players.”

Wisconsin’s commitment to the full allowable academic awards amounts to more than $3.8 million dollars per year.

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3 months ago

$3.8 million/year is a very manageable amount for the athletic department with their TV contract money, but 25k for SAs will be huge.

Shaquil Ohniel
3 months ago

so will a ‘23 senior walk away with 25,000 + 980 dollars if they met criteria all 4 years? or receive 5,000 + 980 dollars. very generous either way just curious

Reply to  Shaquil Ohniel
3 months ago

They walk away with up to $29,990 total. Up to $980 annually, plus up to $25,000 at graduation. That’s if they go 5 years.

For a more traditional 4 year graduate, the max is $23,920.

3 months ago

Still won’t perform well at B1G

Reply to  swimyack
3 months ago

wdym? both teams have been performing well