United States, Host Nation Greece Beef Up Rosters For 2023 World Cup In Athens


Entries for the second stop of the 2023 World Aquatics Swimming World Cup have been published, giving us insight into the matchups we’ll see in Athens beginning on Friday, October 13th.

Some nations such as China and Australia have kept their rosters intact, carrying over the likes of Qin Haiyang, Zhang Yufei and the Campbell sisters from the first stop in Berlin. But others have added to their arsenals for this weekend.

For instance, South Africa will see both Ryan Coetzee and Pieter Coetze join the party. 19-year-old Coetze in particular will bring his speed to the backstroke events where he’ll battle against Ryosuke Irie of Japan and Thomas Ceccon of Italy.

Denmark’s Thea Blomsterberg is also expected to compete, adding spice to the breaststroke events. Joining her will be Sophie Hansson of Sweden, while sister Louis Hansson is entered in the sprint freestyle and butterfly races.

The host nation of Greece will have a strong presence this time around, with its lineup spearheaded by Kristian Gkolomeev, Anna Ntountounaki and newly-minted U23 Championships gold medalist Stergios-Marios Bilas.

Canada’s weapon Maggie MacNeil and teammate Rebecca Smith are added as well.

The United States’ roster has also grown, with the following swimmers added for this Athens stop:

  • Gabe Anagnoson
  • Cole Ballard
  • Joel Chen
  • Tran Doan
  • Emma Gyorkos
  • Eugene Hsieh
  • Romy Kirby
  • Llew Ladomirak
  • Gabe Manteufel
  • Taylor McCoy
  • Kevin Raghunathan
  • Trent Stegina

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7 months ago

The US did not beef up those rosters. More like ‘beefing down’.

Seriously, none of these swimmers are heard of. And none of them even made finals.

dan the swim fan
Reply to  JamezzzzzzzL
7 months ago

Check again.

Vavavavavavavav vavavavava
7 months ago

Cole Ballard saved me from a burning building once. He’s a pretty cool guy in my opinion.

Fartnite mattle royale
7 months ago

Eugene Hsieh is extremely silly!

7 months ago

I’ve never heard of any of those US swimmers .. but free trip to Athens sounds awesome

I miss the ISL
7 months ago

Ok so I looked it up – all of the US swimmers that all of us have never heard of are high schoolers from Palo Alto Aquatics right by Stanford. I don’t know who their coach is and I don’t know who any of them are, but I guess they all wanted to go to Greece!

Reply to  I miss the ISL
7 months ago

Makes a pretty good field trip ngl

James Richards
Reply to  I miss the ISL
7 months ago

Lucky kids!

I miss the ISL
7 months ago

Go USA, but literally who are these new swimmers?? I have never heard of a single one.

Reply to  I miss the ISL
7 months ago

🤣 😂😆 I literally was thinking the same thing

7 months ago

Never heard of any of those names from the US….

7 months ago

Having an enhanced US presence will certainly increase the interest factor on my part. i watched all the races at Berlin and was hoping to see more Americans in prelims/finals. Voila! This is great. My question: does anyone care to do an assessment on the likelihood of more medals coming from these folk in individual events? Clearly, with the dearth of relays in Berlin, this should be a HUGE help in this area, too!

7 months ago

I don’t mean this disrespectfully but I have literally never heard of a single one of the swimmers on that list. So my guess is the individual medal additions will be minimal

Reply to  Sub13
7 months ago

Agreed, always happy to see more swimmers, but what’s the story with those additional US swimmers? Are they a club team?

Reply to  ScovaNotiaSwimmer
7 months ago

If your parents have the money, seems like it would be a really fun trip!

Reply to  ScovaNotiaSwimmer
7 months ago

from a quick search, looks like they’re all from the same club

Reply to  Sub13
7 months ago

I heard from an article that they are from Palo Alto highschool known as Paly it said that they won state finals.

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