U.S. Masters Swimming Launches Exclusive Workout Library For Members

by SwimSwam 5

July 23rd, 2020 Masters, National, News

Courtesy: U.S. Masters Swimming

SARASOTA, Fla. — U.S. Masters Swimming has launched its Workout Library, a revamped member benefit that contains hundreds of workouts designed exclusively for its members by expert coaches, the organization announced on Thursday.

The Workout Library will allow USMS members to filter workouts by the course they’re swimming in, their desired practice distance, and types of sets they want to do.

Once members find the perfect workout for them, they can easily print it to bring with them to the pool. They can also subscribe to a specific workout and receive the upcoming week’s workouts emailed to them each Monday morning. Members can also customize their workouts via USMS’s integration with Swim.com and send those workouts to their smartwatch or log them on the Swim.com app.

“Many of our members train by themselves or aren’t able to practice with their Masters programs because of the novel coronavirus,” says Dawson Hughes, USMS’s chief executive officer. “We hope they’ll be able to use this new member benefit to train safely and stay motivated. These workouts will be in an easy-to-use format that our wide range of members will enjoy.”

USMS’s Workout Library has seven types of workouts: basic, sprint, high-volume, stroke and IM, open water, triathlon, and low-volume/limited mobility. USMS’s new Workout Library can be accessed at usms.org/workout-library.

Swimmers interested in gaining access to these workouts can join or renew their USMS memberships at usms.org/join-usms/join-or-renew for $60 through the end of 2021.

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College Swimmer
7 months ago

Honestly the back and forth discussions from the community having them posted on the forums always seemed better, but USMS seems to be phasing the forum community out (without any notice ahead of time). This announcement comes out on July 23, yet those of us who look to the forums for the workouts had to figure out on our own why there were no new posting for almost 6 weeks. Personally liked the forum style better, but that is just me. I am not against change, but the way some of the change has been implemented recently by USMS is head scratching.

Reply to  College Swimmer
7 months ago

Good riddance to the forums. USMS needs to open up their online content to comments. I’m not holding my breath (unless I’m doing a UDK).

7 months ago

USMS looks like they are stealing myswimpro cofounder Fares Ksebati’s idea.

Reply to  AfterShock
7 months ago

I’m sorry, stealing his idea of what? An online workout library? It’s your belief that Fares invented this idea and should hold it as proprietary forever and always, lest someone be accused of “stealing” it?

7 months ago

If cancel culture has targeted master bedroom and the PGA Masters, how long before U.S. Masters Swimming drops Masters from their name?

U.S. Old People Swimming? (I can say that)
U.S. Swimmers Swimming? (kind of like the Washington Football Team adopted for 2020)
U.S. Fasters Swimming? (I should copyright that)
U.S. Fins Swimming? (for those not ready to admit they are getting slower)
U.S Cramped Swimming? (which meaning of cramped did you think of?)