Olivier Leroy

Psychology of Pain: Let’s Talk About Talking About Pain

Does the way you talk about and predict pain and discomfort influence how much pain you end up experiencing? (Spoiler alert: It does.)


How to Get Psyched Up Before Your Next Race

Need to get psyched-up? Here are some ways to turn up the intensity the next time you need to get fired up before a race or practice.

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How to Bounce Back When You Swim Like a Five Alarm Dumpster Fire

We all have bad swims from time to time. Here’s a constructive way to bounce back that you can use when things don’t go your way in the pool.

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17 Things That Mental Training Will Do for Your Swimming

Not sure about how mental training can help benefit your swimming? Here are 17 ways that a better mindset will help you swim faster this season.


Pre-Race Nerves are Normal: It’s What You Do Next That Matters

Feeling those pre-race nerves? Stop worrying about being nervous. It’s the fear and worrying about being nervous that makes it a bad thing or not.

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Eddie Reese’s Favorite Sets for Getting Swimmers in Shape

The man. The legend. The staggering number of titles. Here are some of legendary swim coach Eddie Reese’s favorite sets for getting swimmers in shape.


7 Olympic Swimmers Who Use Visualization

Visualization is a mental training skill that swimmers can use to boost confidence. Here’s how some of the top swimmers on the planet use it.


Mary T. Meagher: Success is Ordinary

When Mary T. Meagher decided that she was going to break a world record, she focused on doing two things every day as well as she possibly could.


Ryan Murphy: The Power of Routines (and Being Able to Roll with the Punches)

Despite our best intentions, things don’t always go according to plan. Here’s a champion’s take on rolling with the punches at the biggest meet of his life.


Katie Ledecky’s Willingness to Fail is Her Greatest Talent

When Katie Ledecky stepped up on the blocks in Rio, she had “failed” her way there. Here’s how swimmers can be more willing to chase failure in practice.


Caeleb Dressel and the Power of External Self-Talk

Here’s how external self-talk, or talking to yourself, can help you keep cool under pressure when things get tough at the pool.

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When Your Self-Confidence Drops Right Before the Big Race

A common issue swimmers experience is that last moment free-fall of confidence on race day. Here is how to manage your self-confidence so you can swim fast.

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How Swimmers Can Get Started with Visualization and Imagery

When Adam Peaty got behind the blocks at the Rio Olympics he was calm and confident. Here’s how he used visualization to crush the WR and win gold.

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Swimmers: A Letter from Your Strength Coach

Weight lifting can be a bit overwhelming for the swimmer new to the weight room. Here are tips from some of the top S&C coaches in the NCAA.


“Why is my swimmer not being moved up a group?”

Here is a breakdown for swim parents who are curious about when their little swimmer will be getting moved on up to the next group.


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