Olivier Leroy

The Pool Belongs to Those Who Show Up

You can’t always control how other swimmers do, but there is something you can control about your swimming, and it still counts for quite a bit.


How Swim Coaches Can Help Develop Highly Motivated Swimmers

Hey coaches–Here are some long-term strategies that you can use to help motivate your swimmers so that they maximize their time in the water.

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20 Swimmer Stereotypes We Love and Hate

Swimmers are a breed apart. Here are some of the characters we share the lane and the pool with at practice and in competition.


7 Things Your Swim Coach Wants You to Know

Your swim coach will be teacher, counselor and friend to you over the course of your career in the pool. Here are 7 things they would like you to remember.


Mark Tewksbury: How Visualization Will Help You Achieve Your Goals

When Mark Tewksbury got into the water for the final of 100m backstroke at the 1992 Olympics, he felt like he’d already been there a thousand times.


Want to Be Mentally Tougher This Season? Sleep More

Mental toughness isn’t just about being more gritty than the next swimmer; it’s about taking care of yourself between practices. 


Jon Sieben and the Power of Rocking the Underdog Mindset

17-year old Jon Sieben pulled off one of the greatest upsets in swimming history at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. Here’s how it went down.


5 Things to Track in Your Log Book (Besides Your Swim Practices)

A logbook is much more than workouts and intervals. The pages of your logbook contain the story of your journey in the pool.

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How Swimmers Can Learn to Be More Present in the Pool

When swimmers are present in the water they work harder, have more fun, and practice goes by faster. Here’s how to be more present.


Tired of Choking on Race Day? This Book Can Help

You’ve worked hard in practice all season. Here’s how to maximize your hard work and commitment on race day when the pressure is on.

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8 Reasons a Swim Log Will Help You Swim Faster

One of the best and under-utilized tools you can unleash on your swimming is keeping a swim log. Here are 8 reasons to start using one today.

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Missy Franklin’s Strategy for Building Self-Confidence Before Competition

Missy Franklin captivated the world during her reign as one of the best swimmers on the planet. Here’s one way she built her confidence before competition.


Surprise: Hard Workouts Make Us Grouchy (and What We Can Do About It)

Breaking news you already knew–tough bouts of training make you cranky. Here’s how to cope during hard stretches of training.


7 Misconceptions About Mental Training for Swimmers

There’s a lot of confusion around mental training for swimmers. Here’s what it can and can’t do for you and your swimming.


3 Things Swimmers Can Do Daily to Build Self-Confidence

Struggling to consistently be confident? Here are three things you can do each day at the pool to keep your self-confidence high.


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