Olivier Leroy

Alex Popov and the Power of Training the Way You Wanna Compete

Alexander Popov is one of the greatest swimmers of all time. Here’s what you can learn from his relentless pursuit of perfection in practice.


Why You Should Grade Your Swim Practices

How things go on race day is decided by the average of how your swim practices go. Here’s how grading your workouts will help you be more consistent.

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Caeleb Dressel: Carry a Big Kick and Bigger Goals

How absurd and ambitious are your goals? Here’s a lesson from Caeleb Dressel’s epic performance at NCAA’s to reinforce why you should always be reaching.


Jason Lezak and the Power of Competing

At the Beijing Olympics Jason Lezak swam one of the most unreal races in swimming history. Here’s how he unleashed the power of competing to make it happen.


5 Ways This Mental Training Book Will Rock Your Chlorinated Socks Off

Wanna take your swimming and your mindset to the next level this season? This mental training book for elite-minded swimmers will help you do just that.


What to Do When Tough Sets Scare the Chlorine Out of You

Tough sets and workouts will always be hard. It’s how you mentally approach them that dictates just how hard you want to make them.


How Caeleb Dressel Deals with a Frustrating Swim Practice

Bad practices happen to us all. Here’s how the fastest swimmer on the planet adjusts when things aren’t going his way at practice.


This Goal Setting Exercise Will Bring Your Goals to Life This Season

Level up your goal setting this season with this simple journaling exercise that will bring texture to your goals in the pool.

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What Swimmers Need to Know About Performance Anxiety and Pre-Race Butterflies

Performance anxiety and butterflies are a normal part of the competition experience. Here’s what swimmers need to know about being ready to rock on race day.

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Regan Smith: You Don’t Know What’s Possible (Until You Do It)

Regan Smith’s performance at Worlds was epic. Here is what the rest of us can learn from her limit-shattering performances.


Psychology of Pain: Let’s Talk About Talking About Pain

Does the way you talk about and predict pain and discomfort influence how much pain you end up experiencing? (Spoiler alert: It does.)


How to Get Psyched Up Before Your Next Race

Need to get psyched-up? Here are some ways to turn up the intensity the next time you need to get fired up before a race or practice.

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How to Bounce Back When You Swim Like a Five Alarm Dumpster Fire

We all have bad swims from time to time. Here’s a constructive way to bounce back that you can use when things don’t go your way in the pool.

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17 Things That Mental Training Will Do for Your Swimming

Not sure about how mental training can help benefit your swimming? Here are 17 ways that a better mindset will help you swim faster this season.


Pre-Race Nerves are Normal: It’s What You Do Next That Matters

Feeling those pre-race nerves? Stop worrying about being nervous. It’s the fear and worrying about being nervous that makes it a bad thing or not.

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