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The Hive powered by RITTER is the premier online resource for swim coaches. If you’re a swim coach looking to get better, continue to learn and even get mentored by other swim coaches then you need to check out The Hive.

What’s all in The Hive?
You’ll learn about the art, the science and the everything in-between of coaching.

Science of Coaching in The Hive

  • What if you could be led by an Olympic swim coach through a condensed “Swim Coaching 101” course that would give you an overview of all the fundamentals that go into being an effective coach?
  • What if you could learn how coaches are not only teaching but training their swimmers to excel at underwater kicking, the “5th stroke?”
  • What if you could see how the best coaches in the world are teaching freestyle technique, and dig into both the commonalities and differences among their approaches?

If any of these topics strike you then you’re going to enjoy joining The Hive. We bring what the best coaches in the world are doing to your computer or phone. It’s crowd-sourced swim coaching at its best.

Here’s a quick peak at the type of access you get in The Hive. We talked with Olympic Coach Jack Bauerle of the University of Georiga, on how he’s had so much success producing swimmers who excel in the IM events. This is a quick tip he gave on working on an athlete’s “weak stroke” which is crucial to success in the IM.

Art of Coaching in The Hive

  • How do you develop a great team culture?
  • How do you better connect with “this generation” of swimmers?

These are just a few topics that are covered by top coaches and outside experts in The Hive. This part of coaching is critical but often over-looked when coaches think about getting better or learning more.

One aspect of a coaching swimmers that every coach has to deal with is developing mental toughness. Long-time coach Mark Bernardino of NC State, had some great advice on this topic that he shared in The Hive. Here’s quick clip of that conversation.

Everything in-between of Coaching in The Hive

  • How do you become a college head coach?
  • What do first year head coaches “wish they knew?”
  • Are there key business principles you should know?

Once you get a “handle” on the science and the art sides of coaching there can still seem like there are other aspects to be successful as a coach that you didn’t even realize. There’s so much more to being a “successful” coach than just the art and science of working you’re your athletes.

In The Hive, you’ll hear directly from other coaches on these topics and more. Assistant Coach Paulina Ziolek of NC State, talked about being a young, female coach; and having to navigate how she need to be true to her personality but also “fit in” to the staff’s culture of the team she’s a part of. Listen to this clip of that conversation.

Search through The Hive (instantly)
The shear amount of video content that is currently in The Hive can be a little overwhelming. Where do you even start?

We’ve just unveiled a new tool that’s exclusive to The Hive to help you as a coach learn more about what you want and quicker too!

Within The Hive there’s now a search function that allows you to type in any specific key-term/topic or even phrase and it will then search not just titles of videos but THROUGH all the videos in The Hive.

You can then click to the very instance in that video where your key-term was mentioned. So, if you don’t have time to watch an hour-long video but you know there’s a topic within the video that you want to learn about you can now save time but still dive into that topic.

Mentorship in The Hive

“Growing” as a coach is a goal of most in the profession. But how is it done? Yes, you can listen to talks, watch videos or even observe other coaches run practices. However, the best growing happens when you have a group of other coaches that have the same goal as you – to get better so you can help your athletes more and then hold you accountable to that goal.

The Mentorship program within The Hive, led by Olympic Coach Paul Yetter of North Baltimore Aquatic Club, is meant to provide that exact environment. After the initial opening of the Mentorship program we now have coaches representing six different countries and all different age/ability levels. But the common thread is they all have the desire to improve as a coach.

Within the Mentorship of The Hive you’ll get the opportunity to “re-learn” as a coach. To not only be encouraged but challenged by your peers, all with the goal of helping everyone get better. It provides younger coaches a chance to learn from mistakes of the veteran coaches, as well as opportunities for all coaches to give back and support their fellow coaches.

Swimming is a hard sport. Coaching swimming is hard as well. In the Mentorship, you’ll get the support you need as a coach so you can be your best for your swimmers and to stay on the cutting edge of the sport.

Here’s what just some of the coaches who are currently in the Mentorship had to say about their experience during a group video call.

Are you ready to do something tangible, structured and get accountability in continually improving as a swim coach?

Join The Hive today for just $1.About RITTER Sports Performance

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