Ten Italians, Including Detti, Quadarella, Burdisso, Test COVID Positive

World champions Gabriele Detti and Simona Quadarella are among ten top Italian swimmers who tested positive for the coronavirus this week.

The Italian Swimming Federation (Federnuoto) announced the results of the test today. The ten athletes were at a high-altitude training camp in Livigno when they were tested for COVID-19. So far, Federnuoto says, all ten have asymptomatic cases. But the positive tests has forced the federation to suspend the camp, and the athletes remain in quarantine.

Here are the athletes who tested positive, per the Italian federation’s announcement:

  1. Gabriele Detti
  2. Simona Quadarella
  3. Federico Burdisso
  4. Martina Caramignoli
  5. Marco de Tullio
  6. Stefano di Cola
  7. Sara Gailli
  8. Edoardo Giorgetti
  9. Matteo Lamberti
  10. Alessio Proietti Colonna

Italy has been hit especially hard by coronavirus tests lately. Federica Pellegrini and Stefania Pirozzi both tested positive before departing for the ISL’s 2020 season. And national teamers Simone Sabbioni and Alice Mizzau both announced positive COVID tests via social media.

The altitude training camp began on October 11. It was originally scheduled to run through November 5, according to the Italian federation, but those plans are now scrapped amid the COVID cluster.

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted training for athletes across the globe. For a number of Italy’s top athletes, pandemic restrictions were one factor that forced a mass withdrawal from the International Swimming League’s 2020 season in Budapest. This altitude camp was another factor, as it would have overlapped with the entirety of the ISL season.

Detti and Quadarella are both former world champions – Detti won the 800 free in 2017 and Quadarella the 1500 free in 2019.

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7 months ago

I think you are likely to see something similar happen in the U.S. with college teams when training really ramps up. Elite athletes tend to get less sick or are asymptomatic, so controlling the spread is impossible unless there are very small training groups.

Reply to  Flynn
7 months ago

Training has been “ramped up” for quite a while at quite a few colleges

7 months ago

Remember when Italy was a hotspot alllll the way back in January? Guess people forgot how serious it still is 9 months later…

tea rex
7 months ago

This probably makes me a bad person, but when I see “Ten Italian Swimmers Test Positive” I’m glad it’s just for covid.
Honestly, speedy recovery.

Corn Pop
Reply to  tea rex
7 months ago

Be like the Austrians & hide the tubing up to a tree outside their hotel window.

Is it snowing yet because the spread in the US & Europe began in the snowfields in early 2020 .

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