SwimMom Musings: Best Holiday Gifts

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December 17th, 2019 Swim Mom

Courtesy: Donna Hale

If you are like me your swimmer has suits, T-shirts and gear to last for years.  So what do you get your swimmer this season.  I asked for suggestions on Parents of College Athletes.

Here are my favorite picks.

1. Bombas. These are the softest socks on the planet. And for every pair you buy they donate a pair to a homeless shelter. A win win.

2. Love Your Melon.  These cozy hats keep your swimmer’s head warm on those cold morning practice runs.  They donate 50% of all profits to fighting pediatric cancer. Another winner.

3. Food gift cards.  Can your swimmer ever get enough to eat?  These are a big, big hit with college athletes. But make them to nutrition rich places.

4. Small blenders like the Bullet to make nutrient rich smoothies for before and after practices. Yummy treats and so practical.

5. Warm blankets or cover-ups.  These are great for waiting on deck or long bus rides. And the more unique the better.

6. Really good Airpods to get your swimmer geared up for a big race.  Throw in some downloadable music gift cards so they can fill their heads with race worthy tunes.

7. Hybervolt.  This one is courtesy of my college swimmer.  Google it.  They are great for pampering those muscles.

8. Weighted blankets. These treasures not only keep your swimmer warm but promote great sleep. Sleep is often undervalued.

9. Great running shoes.  Yes, cross training is great for all athletes.   This is not the place to skimp. Protect those feet!

10. Donations to nonprofits that offer free or reduced swim lessons to kids who cannot afford them. Most drowning can be prevented. Your gift might save a life.

11. A chest to store their memories.  Ribbons.  Medals. Trophies. One day they will treasure these memories.

12. A T-shirt quilt – an idea courtesy of my daughter’s college coach. If your swimmer is like my swimmer they probably have hundreds of shirts and sweatshirts. You can have these made into a quilt.  A swim memory that can last a lifetime.

Donna Hale has been a swim mom for 16 years. Her daughter swims for the University of Lynchburg Hornets.

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