Swimming’s TopTenTweets of the Week: #2 Missy & Katie’s 1st OLY. Golds


Happy birthday indeed to Mr. Dwyer, who turned 27 today.


So… were you singing or screaming?


Training trip or paradise…?


Push through! Taper is only so far away.


We’re moving right on through January, which means Rio is that much closer, and the best swimmers everywhere will be fine tuning their racing in the coming months. French freestyler Yannick Agnel, who’s been off the grid for awhile, has two gold medals to defend from 2012.


If you don’t flop out on the deck after a main set, you aren’t training hard enough.


Let’s hope you got some actual yardage in, too.


Two great coaches with years of swimming under their belts. The Georgia women earned the W over the Texas women, while the Longhorn men topped the UGA men this weekend.


Can they repeat? This Olympics, they could be going head to head in the same race.


C’mon Ryan… No complaining now.

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