Swim Podcasts Are Taking Off: Here Are 6 of the Hottest

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October 29th, 2020 Industry, News

Swimming podcast feature is courtesy of Champion’s Mojo, a SwimSwam partner. 

If you’re like most swim fans, you just can’t get enough of the sport. Whether it’s streaming the ISL, reading SwimSwam, or watching Jason Lezak run down Alain Bernard at the 2008 Olympics on repeat via YouTube, you’re always looking for ways to consume your favorite sport.

Recently, swim podcasts have taken off, with some, such as the weekly Champion’s Mojo, finishing in the top five at the 2020 Webby Awards for Best Podcast Sports Episode and just recently winning a 2020 w3 Award for Best Single Episode Podcast. The SwimSwam podcast and Brett Hawk’s podcast have blasted out over 100 episodes in under a year (with massive popularity), often publishing more frequently than weekly. Others in the top 6 are USA Swimming’s Podcast and Josh Davis’s, which are both monthly and rounding out the count is the weekly Swim Coaches Base Podcast. There’s something for everyone!

Below we’ve ranked the top-6 swimming podcasts right now, based on Apple’s iTunes highest number of reviews and ratings on a 5-star basis, (scores based on number of reviews times the number of stars). So all the more reason to check out these podcasts and leave your reviews and ratings :

1) Inside with Brett Hawke (100+ episodes, weekly+, 52 reviews, 4.9 star avg.) – Former Olympic swimmer and University of Auburn head coach, Fitter and Faster’s Brett Hawke shares in-depth interviews with some of the top members of the swimming community, both past and present. Click here to listen.

2) Champion’s Mojo (80+ episodes, weekly, 42 reviews, 4.9 star avg.) – Hosted by two World Record holding Masters Athletes, Kelly Palace (former D1 Head Swim Coach) and Maria Parker (RAAM Champion) bring you conversations with champions from all walks of life. They interview A-List swimmers and Swim coaches and do shows on how to perform at peak. Some of the show’s guests have included Bob Bowman, Nathan Adrian, Ryan Murphy. Lilly King and Mel Stewart. Click here to listen.

3) SwimSwam Podcast (100+ episodes, weekly+, 42 reviews, 4.8 star avg.) – SwimSwam’s very own podcast, Coleman Hodges sits down with both guests and guest co-hosts to talk about all aspects of the swimming world. Hodges talks with current and past swimmers and coaches on topics that can range from how they train and what they use to help to succeed, to what athletes’ lives are like post swimming and what swimming taught them. Click here to listen.

4) Ultimate Swimmer (29 episodes, monthly, 32 reviews, 5 star avg.) – Hosted by three time Olympic gold Medalist and current head coach of Oklahoma Christian’s swim team Josh Davis, Ultimate Swimmer dives into what it takes to perform at peak performance, whether as an age-group, college, or masters swimmer. Click here to listen.

5) Kick Set (29 episodes, monthly, 67 reviews, 4.1 stars avg.) – Hosted by USA Swimming, the Kick Set podcast features the top coaches, athletes, and staff members from USA Swimming all offering their perspectives on topics surrounding the swimming world. Click here to listen.

6) Swim Coaches Base (98 Episodes, weekly, 42 reviews, 4.6 star avg.) – Powered by the RITTER Sports Network and hosted by Chris Ritter, Swim Coaches base talks to swim coaches from all levels. With each coach Ritter draws on that coach’s strengths and background, helping spread coaching wisdom to coaches around the world. Click here to listen.

About Champion’s Mojo: Kelly Palace and Maria Parker are the hosts of the award winning podcast, Champion’s Mojo, where they talk with champion guests, including over 25 Olympic Champion Swimmers and Olympic Coaches.  The Champion’s Mojo podcast discovers techniques, mindsets and new wisdom for growth and success. Not only are Kelly and Maria both world-record holding athletes, they are certified Health and Life Coaches, sisters-in-law and best friends. They are passionate about helping others achieve their goals and overcome life’s adversities. More information on them and their podcast can be found at www.ChampionsMojo.com. Champion’s Mojo is part of the CG Sports Company.

Subscribe to the Champions’ Mojo Podcast today and don’t miss an episode. Hosted by Kelly Palace and Maria Parker, you can learn more about the Hosts here.

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Brett hawks is elite

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Off the Blocks Swimming Podcast is a really good Australian one . Has internationals on it too.