Summer McIntosh and Maggie MacNeil Win On Night 1 Of Canadian Trials, Qualify For Paris 2024


The first night of competition at the 2024 Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Trials has wrapped up. Already, we’ve seen multiple swimmers sign their name to the oversized boarding pass on deck that denotes they’ve qualified to be nominated to Canada’s Olympic team. The full roster will be officially announced at the end of the meet.

Canadian Olympic Selection Priorities:

Note: For a full description of each priority category, click on the selection criteria link above. (Updated April 15, 2024)

  • Priority One: The first and second placed swimmers in the ‘A’ final who earn the Olympic Qualifying Time (OQT)
  • Priority Two – Relay Nominations: The relay time add-up of the top four-placed swimmers in the 100 and 200 freestyles. For the medley relays, the relay add-up will be reached with the times of the top qualifiers from the 100 back, 100 breast, 100 fly, and 100 free. If a swimmer wins multiple 100s, then the times of second-place swimmer in those events will be considered.
  • Priority Three: If no swimmer or only one swimmer at the 2024 Canadian Trials earns an OQT in an event, then a swimmer who’s achieved an OQT within the qualifying period and finished top two at Trials will be nominated.
  • Priority Four: In an event that does not have any nominations through Priorities 1-3, then an event winner who has achieved on Olympic Consideration Time and swims within 1% of their fastest time in the qualification window at Trials will be provisionally nominated. World Aquatics sent out a memo that Olympic “B” cut swimmers may not qualify because of the athlete quotas. An athlete who hits a “B” cut here but who has an “A” cut from another Olympic qualifying meet in the qualification period, though, wouldn’t be subject to those World Aquatics limits.
  • Priority Five: The selection committee has the discretion to nominate eligible swimmers to improve relays at the advice of the High Performance Director

17-year-old Summer McIntosh became the first swimmer to earn a nomination status for Paris. McIntosh–the former 400 freestyle world record holder–won the event in a world-leading 3:59.06. Despite telling CBC she was ‘not happy’ with the time, it was more than enough to earn a nomination to her second Olympic team.

Later in the session, Maggie MacNeil and Mary-Sophie Harvey qualified for Paris in the 100 butterfly. MacNeil improved on her prelims time by three-hundredths, earning the win in 56.61 which ties her for eighth in the world this season. Not only did MacNeil qualify for her second Olympics, she also secured the chance to defend her Olympic gold medal.

Harvey finished second behind MacNeil, coming from behind  to get the better of Rebecca Smith, who led at the halfway point. She swam a lifetime best 57.32, extending her season trend of posting personal bests. The swim was her first sub-58 outing and a .73 second drop from the 58.05 lifetime best she swam at April’s Canadian Open.

In her post-race interview, Harvey said in French that it was a “surprise” to qualify for the Games in this event. Like McIntosh and MacNeil, this will be her second Olympic appearance. In Tokyo, she swam in the heats of the 4×200 freestyle relay. Her nomination in the 100 fly marks her first time qualifying individually for the Games.

Smith was also under the Olympic Qualifying Time, finishing third in 57.89. Despite missing the Olympic team in the event, it’s the fastest she’s swum since 2019 Worlds.

On the men’s side, Finlay Knox put himself in position to be nominated to the men’s 4×100 medley relay. Though he missed the Olympic Qualifying and Consideration times in the 100 breast–which means he won’t swim the event individually–Knox did win the 100 breast. In keeping with the Priority 2 criteria, that means that he will likely be nominated to the medley relay at the end of the meet. Knox put together a lifetime best to collect the win. He swam 1:00.66, bettering the 1:00.91 PB he swam at the Canadian Open.

Priority 1 Swims Thru Day 1 (Olympic A cuts, top 2):

Priority 2 Swims Thru Day 1 (Free Relay top 4s):

  • None

Priority 3 Swims Thru Day 1 (Medley Relay swimmers):

Priority 4 Swims Thru Day 1 (Extra Relay swimmers):

  • To be announced

Priority 5 Swims Thru Day 1: (Olympic “A” Cuts at other meets + Top 2 at Trials):

  • None

Priority 6 Swims Thru Day 1: (Olympic “B” Times – Unlikely to be invited):

  • None

Swimmers with Olympic A/B Cuts Who Didn’t Place High Enough:

A cuts:

  • Rebecca Smith – women’s 100 fly (57.89) (3rd place finisher)

B cuts:

  • Julie Brousseau — women’s 400 freestyle (4:08.12) (Winner under the A cut)


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Follow my bubbles
1 month ago

So is there a path for the men’s 400 free winner? I suppose he’s in if he can time trial a cut, but seems absurd a Canadian trials winner might not make the olympics because they didn’t meet the standard. Brutal!

Reply to  Follow my bubbles
1 month ago

Why? US is the only country that enters every event. Dozens of trials winners around the world don’t make the Olympics

Reply to  Follow my bubbles
1 month ago

This is an extremely common occurrence

1 month ago

Will MSH swim the 100 fly in Paris? I think it’d be best for her to conserve energy for her primary events. (I want Rebecca Smith to go to Paris)

1 month ago

How about an article about Jeremy Bagshaw? The announcer said he is Dr. Bagshaw!?!? I know he swam at Cal but not easy swimming and going to med school unless she swim the 50….which he doesn’t!

1 month ago

Priority four is a bit tricky. It’s not up to Swimming Canada. Take Julie Brousseau for example. She never reached the OQT before, but got the OCT here (a massive drop btw, kudos to her). They will have to wait for the IOC and WA admission up to the last minute (WA has already warned countries not to create expectations for OCT times).

Reply to  Luis
1 month ago

Here’s the AQUA warning for anyone who missed it:

Of course if a swimmer (not in Brousseau’s case) hit the “A” cut in another meet, but the “B” cut here, they wouldn’t be hit by that athlete quota cap from the AQUA end and so could still rely on the Swimming Canada priority 4 to be chosen. Then again, those swimmers probably get scooped up in Priority 3.

Reply to  Braden Keith
1 month ago

I thought that if a country had a swimmer with an A cut entered then the second swimmer must be under the A cut as well?

Reply to  JimSwim22
1 month ago

That’s correct

Reply to  Luis
1 month ago

She isn’t eligible with the OCT anyway unless McIntosh withdraws. She needs the A cut for Canada to have two entries.

1 month ago

Very impressed with MSH and Rebecca Smith’s swims. Looking forward to see how they perform in their upcoming races.


SO happy for MSH. Was sad for Kat though. It must be tough to see a teammate (and I know they were good friends at least at one point) surpass you in your pet event. I wonder if that influenced her move back to QC.

Reply to  ScovaNotiaSwimmer
1 month ago

I’m sure it is a tough pill to swallow for Kat. She seems like a true professional and a wonderful teammate as well.

1 month ago

Why does the ‘live results’ link not work for me?

This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.

Last edited 1 month ago by Oceanian
Reply to  Oceanian
1 month ago

There have been issues with it since yesterday. Hopefully they can get the kinks worked out.

1 month ago

Boring day lol. Knox/MSH will likely be qualifying in other individual events or (in MacNeil/McIntosh’s case) pretty much a lock.

Greg P
Reply to  phelpsfan
1 month ago

Canadians thanking lucky star every single day they have McIntosh.

Reply to  Greg P
1 month ago

Same can be said for effectively EVERY country; even USA !

Your major star(s) fire = significant gold tally.

Major stars misfire/close results don’t fall your way = back amongst the relative also rans/knives come out

McIntosh fires in Paris = CAN likely to be top 4-5 on medal tally, maybe as high as 3rd. She doesn’t …. ?

Reply to  commonwombat
1 month ago

Perfect mcintosh can win 4 races.. that would give them 4th place probably. 3rd would need also a big slip by the other 3 because CAN lacks any relay power

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